Adventures with Jules Ari: The Life of a TikTok and Instagram Star

Jules Ari has established a significant presence on social media, since she posted a video demonstrating her extraordinary flexibility during her stretching routine. Self-described as a “Pretzel Girl,” she’s amassed a substantial following on various social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Her online influence extends further with her presence on OnlyFans, and her podcast, “Cute Girls Only” provides exclusive insights into the world of adult entertainment.

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Early Life,  Family, Education

Jules Ari, born in 1989, hails from Portland, Oregon, where she spent her formative years. Her parents divorced, and her mom has since remarried.

She attended a community college, and obtained her certified nursing assistant license; later, she pursued a degree in Environmental Science. In April 2022, she made a life-changing decision to relocate to Southern California for a fresh start. Her primary motivation was to become more independent. By 2023, she’d moved to Los Angeles where she can engage more fully in her podcasting career as it is showing a promising start.

“Pretzel Girl”

Jules often describes herself as a ‘silly sweet pretzel girl,’ a characterization that’s readily apparent in her online content, on which she prominently showcases her impressive flexibility. In the past, she regularly practiced hot yoga, a style renowned for enhancing one’s flexibility. However, she eventually discontinued it after noticing that it led to a decrease in the size of her bust.

Moreover, Jules firmly believes that she doesn’t necessarily require yoga to maintain her suppleness, as she attributes her remarkable flexibility to her genetic makeup. She’s openly shared that her mother, even at the age of 55, can effortlessly perform impressive feats including the vertical split, in which she extends her foot all the way up to her head. Jules herself is also capable of executing splits, with the most challenging one being the middle split. This advanced flexibility exercise involves extending one’s legs outward in opposite directions until the inner thighs and groin area are parallel to the ground, forming a straight line. However, she acknowledges that performing the middle split can be uncomfortable for her pelvic area.

Not Inherently Sexual

Despite her choice of a career in the adult entertainment industry, many were surprised to discover that Jules doesn’t consider herself an inherently sexual person. When she first ventured into OnlyFans, she was a full-time student, primarily motivated by the desire to earn an income. As she delved deeper into her work on OnlyFans, Jules began to explore her own sexuality, and gradually became more comfortable expressing it.

From Childcare to Farming Adventures

Jules characterizes herself as an adventurous and spirited young woman who follows her own path. Nevertheless, she also understands the importance of responsibility, especially when it comes to sustaining her livelihood. She held various jobs before she ended up as a sex worker.

Between the ages of 15 and 18, she worked at a daycare, an experience that significantly shaped her character; she was tasked with supervising over 20 school-age children on her own. At 15, it seemed like a daunting challenge, but she found enjoyment in building strong connections with many of the girls. During this time, she also worked as a nanny, further enriching her experience in childcare. In addition, Jules also had a position at an adult day center, in which she engaged in activities with elderly individuals. She found this work to not only be enjoyable, but also a source of wholesome and enriching experiences.

For one summer, she took on the role of a nursing assistant, an experience that she regards as her least favorite job. This period was one of the most emotionally draining of her life, as the work environment didn’t suit her well. It was also physically demanding, requiring her to be on her feet for eight hours a day, often assisting patients by moving them.

She also interned at a hop farm, an opportunity she genuinely enjoyed. The outdoor work allowed her to be surrounded by nature all day, riding a four-wheeler through the sun-soaked fields, tending to the hop plants, inspecting leaves, and searching for bugs. Working on a farm left a lasting impression, and it’s an experience she aspires to return to in the future.


Jules is relatively new to OnlyFans, having only joined the site in December 2021. Her curiosity was piqued when she heard about people achieving substantial financial success on the platform. Having struggled with financial hardships throughout her life, the prospect of earning money through OnlyFans seemed appealing to her.

The pivotal moment came when she encountered a financial challenge. One day, she made a purchase that significantly impacted her bank balance. She bought a pair of eyeglasses, which cost her $70, leaving her with just $35 in her bank account. This situation forced her to confront the practicalities of her life as a student and began to worry about how she could sustain herself financially. Her desire to maintain her independence as an adult led her to consider exploring the OnlyFans platform to secure her future. She was determined not to rely on her parents for additional financial support.

Jules embarked on her career in the world of online content creation with anonymous posts on Reddit, intentionally avoiding showing her face. As she saw her online presence grow, her fascination with the platform deepened, compelling her to explore how far she could push her own boundaries and expand her digital footprint. Her competitive nature motivated her to emerge from anonymity and start sharing her content on TikTok.

The transition to a full-time career on OnlyFans marked a significant turning point that required her to make the difficult decision of leaving school behind. The allure of what she could achieve with her newfound income became a driving force, sparking her excitement and dedication to this line of work. It’s worth noting that Jules never initially intended to turn her OnlyFans endeavor into a full-time career. It started as a way to support herself while pursuing her education. She reveled in the freedom and independence of being her own boss, effectively managing her online business. Her journey on OnlyFans was rewarding, but it was not without its share of challenges. Her determination to sustain and ideally grow her income each month sometimes led to periods of stress, especially after experiencing her best-performing month in March 2022, which was followed by income fluctuations and a gradual decline.

As a fledgling content creator, Jules struggled to address questions about her profession, attempting to avoid the topic whenever possible. It’s important to note that her reluctance doesn’t stem from shame but rather from the personal discomfort the subject elicits. When interacting with peers or individuals she is comfortable with, she is more likely to openly acknowledge OnlyFans as her primary source of income. She is selective about whom she shares this information with, choosing not to disclose the specifics of her work to strangers or family members with whom she lacks a close relationship. In such situations, she typically describes her profession as modeling or content creation on social media.

When it comes to the prospect of entering mainstream porn, Jules made it clear that she wouldn’t pursue it. She feels a strong sense of security and contentment with her work on OnlyFans and social media. As most of her content is sexual in nature, she has one male partner that she is comfortable working with. She is also enthusiastic about collaborating with other girls for content. This, she emphasized, is something she’s genuinely excited about and keen to explore. It appears that she has already begun this journey, evident from the photos and videos that were leaked from her OnlyFans account.

Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube

Jules’s initial experience with viral content revealed her natural ability to capture viewers’ attention. In this specific video, she shared her stretching routine while standing before a mirror and expressed her aspirations to audition for Cirque du Soleil. This video achieved an impressive three million views on TikTok.

However, it remains unclear when this viral video was originally posted, as it seems to have vanished from her TikTok account. Jules explained that her TikTok had amassed 100,000 followers before she encountered an unexpected ban from the platform, which left her disheartened. She fully recognized the challenge of maintaining viewer engagement while adhering to TikTok’s strict content guidelines. Currently, her TikTok account features public posts dating back to February 2022, with her most recent video being uploaded in June 2023.

On a side note, Jules shared in her podcast that the American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth had reached out to her on Instagram after her aforementioned video gained popularity. Despite this initial contact, their interaction didn’t lead to any significant developments. It’s worth noting that Jules maintains a substantial online presence with over 130,000 followers on her primary Instagram account, which she established in February 2022. Perhaps concerned about the possibility of facing another platform ban, Jules took precautions by creating a backup Instagram account just a couple of months later. Surprisingly, her backup account has garnered an even larger following, with over 180,000 followers.

Many of her videos from Instagram and TikTok can also be found on her YouTube channel, on which she’s accumulated an impressive following of over 800,000 subscribers; her videos collectively have garnered over 360 million views. Notably, videos such as “My Stretching Routine” posted in October 2022 and “Bedroom Stretches” uploaded in December of the same year, have gained much popularity, with the former amassing four million views and the latter two million.

“Cute Girls Only” Podcast

On her podcast, Jules provides insights into her life while interviewing women and gaining a deeper understanding of their experiences. The podcast episodes are filled with engaging conversations, games, and often conclude with a playful twist, such as sharing a kiss.

Viewers are advised that the discussions can get rather steamy given the intimate topics being covered. As many of her guests are involved in the adult entertainment industry, including OnlyFans and mainstream pornography, such as Susie Stellar, Jane Wilde and Lumi Ray, the podcast dives into their lives as sex workers and into candid discussions about various aspects of sexuality.

In her first podcast episode entitled “I’m Not Smarter Than A Fifth Grader,” which aired in September 2022, Jules admitted to feeling quite nervous throughout. Some fans found the title fitting, as there was a common perception that she might not be the most academically inclined. When they reached the game portion of the episode, Jules correctly answered 10 out of 15 first-grade-level questions. Despite her performance, she shared that one of the most challenging aspects of having her own podcast is re-watching the episodes. She often cringed at herself numerous times during these viewings.

As for the future of her podcast, many of her fans were curious why she’d stopped after only producing six episodes. Jules clarified that she wanted to continue, but had encountered difficulties in securing guests for future episodes.

Personal Life

As she was growing up, Jules often questioned her sexual orientation, pondering whether she was a lesbian or bisexual. At one point, she and her closest female friend decided to explore a physical relationship, hoping to clarify their true feelings toward girls. She initially believed she was straight due to this experience,  but later coming to understand that she was attracted to girls, but not to her friend specifically. Her growing apprehension about exploring her own sexuality further made it challenging for her to express her interest in a girl she was attracted to. In contrast, she had no trouble asking men out, feeling more at ease in that aspect.

Eventually, Jules had the opportunity to share a kiss with a girl, thanks to the format of her podcast. Her first such experience was with April Olsen – it’s worth noting that although Susie Stellar was the first guest on her podcast, they didn’t have a chance to share a kiss during the recording, as Jules wasn’t feeling her best due to a minor illness at the time.

In the first episode of her 2022 podcast, Jules openly confessed to having a boyfriend. She’d been contemplating whether or not to reveal this because she didn’t want to upset any of her fans. Her affection for her fans runs deep, and she values them all as if they were her lovers. It was eventually disclosed in the succeeding episode “Susie Stellar is An Alien” that her boyfriend is the stand-up comedian Ari Mannis, who is 10 years older than her.

Jules and Ari collaborate on their podcast, in which Ari handles technical aspects and co-hosting duties. Interestingly, her boyfriend’s first name matches Jules’ last name, even though they hadn’t met when she adopted the name “Jules Ari.” He also hosts “Unlicensed Therapy with Ari Mannis” and runs the comedy news and podcast network StandUpTalk.

They first connected online in 2022 when Ari initiated contact by sliding into Jules’ DMs, and they hit it off. Although their relationship developed rapidly, they weren’t living together at the time. They took turns visiting each other when Jules lived in San Diego, while Ari resided in West Hollywood. She moved to L.A. but has her own place, which she featured in her vlog posted in February 2023.

Jules shared that she struggled with jealousy in her current relationship with Ari, which was more intense than with her exes. This jealousy flared up, as Ari mentioned, when he interacted with a waitress. He attributed it to his social media activity, reaching out to various girls via DMs. Jules speculated that her heightened jealousy was linked to the unique bond she shares with her current boyfriend, a level of attachment she hadn’t felt with anyone else.

Interesting Facts

  • Jules admits to being tone-deaf, but in the past enjoyed singing in an opera style around the house
  • She doesn’t like shaking hands with people, because her hands are always sweaty.
  • She doesn’t use perfume.
  • Her pet peeves are people wiping their boogers on the wall, and people invading her personal space.
  • The biggest thing that she has splurged on was her Tesla.
  • The first sex tape she watched was that of Kim Kardashian.
  • She made it to the front page of wikiFeet, a photo-sharing website specifically designed for those with a foot fetish, featuring celebrities’ feet. She found it amusing and cool. Jules receives requests to show her feet at least ten times a day, which used to confuse and even hurt her, as she thought people only liked her for her feet.
  • Her favorite activities include hiking, swimming, and sexual intercourse. She chuckled at her own words when she shared this, but assured her audience that she was being sincere.
  • Her craziest sexual experience was having sex on the floor of an empty movie theater.
  • She once said via X (formerly Twitter) how she was more comfortable posting videos of her giving oral sex to men than posting nudes.


She stands at 5ft 8ins (177cms), a height that some have noted as taller than average for a woman. Jules remembered a time when she felt envious of shorter girls, believing that men preferred them. However, she later came to appreciate the allure of being tall, as it makes her feel powerful and exudes confidence. Additionally, she has a 32B bust size, brown hair and brown eyes.

Net Worth

Her net worth according to authoritative sources, is estimated at $1 million as of November 2023.

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