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• Alahna Ly is an internet personality and social media star with 1.2 million followers on Instagram
• She covers popular songs on YouTube and has also written three of her own songs
• She is 18 years old and is currently still in high school
• She has a net worth of less than $100,000 and earns from YouTube, donations and SoundCloud
• She is active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Yooying, and has a dedicated Reddit community with 15,000 people


It is astonishing what a person can do online nowadays. You can make yourself a career out of your Instagram account, you can gather millions of followers on Twitch for example and earn yourself some nice money. We’ve seen teenagers playing games such as Fortnite who earn millions and successful models who started working for modelling agencies only thanks to their Instagram accounts. Alahna Ly is one of those people who became popular thanks to the Internet.

Alahna Ly

Who is Alahna Ly?

Alahna Ly is someone you would call an Internet personality (or social media personality), being quite active on her social media accounts such as Instagram and YouTube. You have probably already seen at least one of her cover videos on YouTube, you just don’t remember it.

Alahna was born and raised in Royal Oak, Michigan USA on 11 March 2000, under the zodiac sign of Pisces – -he has one sister and belongs to Asian ethnicity. Alahna is currently attending high school and is supposed to matriculate this year, but it’s unknown whether or not she is going to attend university.


It might be strange for someone to call this a career. but it’s totally true that you can make yourself a career out of your YouTube and Instagram accounts, and that’s exactly what Alahna has done, uploading her music videos to her YouTube channel and on SoundCloud as well. She is mostly focused on covering other people’s songs, but has also written three of her own – “Erase Me Out Of Your Phone”, “So What’s Up” and “The Gold”, which you can check out on those sites. When she decides to do a cover of a song, she always chooses a very popular one from a very popular artist, which have included Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Adele and Ella Henderson.

Personal life

We wish there was more we could tell you about her personal life but Alahna is never sharing it online – all that she gives to her fans are her pictures and nothing more. We don’t have any info regarding her parents as she never mentions them. She once wrote how she wanted a boyfriend but again wasn’t sure about it. At her age and still in school she is still single, and has never been seen with a guy either in the street or online.

Appearance and net worth

Alahna is a reputedly gorgeous girl with a long black and brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5ft 4ins (162cm) tall and weighs around 110lbs (50kgs). Her body measurements are 32-23-34 and she has a bra size of 32B.

According to authoritative sources, her net worth is estimated to be less than $100,000. She mostly earns from her YouTube subscribers and views on her videos while she also gets some money from donations and from SoundCloud.

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Internet presence

Her first appearance on the Internet was when she created her Twitter account in June, 2012. She doesn’t seem to be using it since 2017 but has focused on her YouTube and her Instagram account.

This beautiful young girl is posting her attractive and sexy pictures on her Instagram account and has gathered an amazing amount of followers – 1.2 million to be precise. She is only 18 so the numbers are just starting to grow. She is very likely to become a model if she continues this way.

It seems that something happened to Alahna’s original YouTube channel. She made a new one although she hasn’t been active on it at all, she has uploaded only one video to mark her return to YouTube. Even though there is only one video there, she still has 1,500 subscribers who are waiting for her return. The rumors say that she had some issues with her family who were not proud of her online appearance and she therefore had to refrain herself from uploading stuff on YouTube. If you are want to check out her songs, you can still find them on SoundCloud.

There is an entire community for Alahna’s fans on reddit. The “Alahna community” has an amazing number of 15,000 people. On the page, they are focused mainly on uploading Alahna’s pictures and her music. There are about 100 people active on her page at all times.

What about her account on yooying? It seems that Alahna has acquired a lot of followers around the Internet. Even though she is only 18 (19 in 20 days), she has more fans and followers than some of us can only dream of. Her account on yooying has about 1.25 million followers. She posted about 240 pictures in which she looks really hot, you can check it out for yourself.


According to Asian horoscope, Alahna was born in the year of the dragon. Alahna exercises just enough to keep her body in shape but plans to train even harder in order to look even better for her fans. She often asks her fans to rate her pictures on yooying from 1-10 and guess what? She got all A’s! She loves to twerk for her fans in her videos.

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