Amy Louise Pemberton (Legends of Tomorrow) Wiki Bio, family, net worth

• Amy Pemberton was born on 23 August 1988
• As of 2019, she has a net worth of $700,000
• She is of Caucasian ethnicity with brown hair and blue eyes
• Her most successful projects include "Legends of Tomorrow" and "Fortnite"
• Her latest projects include "Sisters", "The Laundromat" and "If Only You Were Free"

Amy Louise Pemberton (Legends of Tomorrow) Wiki, Bio

Amy Pemberton was born on 23 August 1988 in England, which means that she is 30 years old, her zodiac sign is Leo, and nationality British. Amy is perhaps best known as the actress who worked on projects such as “Legends of Tomorrow”,“Fortnite” and “Scorpion”, but in addition Amy is also a producer.

Net Worth

So just how rich is Amy Pemberton as of early 2019? According to authoritative sources, this actress has a net worth of $700,000, accumulated from her career in the previously mentioned field. However, she hasn’t revealed anything about her assets, such as houses and vehicles, deciding to remain humble. She is nonetheless seemingly able to financially support herself.

Ethnicity and Background

Speaking about Amy’s ethnicity, she is Caucasian and has brown hair and blue eyes, which suits her complexion perfectly. Judging from the photos available on the internet, Pemberton has a fit figure and looks well put together at events she attends, indicating that she invests time and money into her looks. Pemberton hasn’t talked much about her early life and upbringing.

Amy Pemberton

Relationship Status

Speaking about Amy’s relationship status, she prefers keeping that information behind closed doors, remaining secretive about it, leading many to believe that she’s single. We know that she has never been married and doesn’t have children, but who knows what the future holds for her?

Social Media

Being in the entertainment field means that Pemberton is naturally active on social media, which she uses to promote her work, as well as to keep in touch with her fans. She is followed by over 7,000 people on Twitter, and some of her latest posts include a tweet with the caption reading “Gotta love a proper English Country pub with my lovely Mama Pembs. So many memories at this beautiful place! If you’re ever in the UK, visit the Four Horseshoes pub in Suffolk!”. Besides that, she often tweets about “Fortnite”, a worldwide beloved video game, as she provides voice recordings for one of its characters.


Amy is active on Instagram, having over 21,500 followers and on which she posts photos from her private life, allowing her fans to take a closer look at what’s going on behind the scenes. Some of her latest posts include a photo of herself taken on the set of one of her projects. Her fans seem to have loved the it and went on to compliment her and leave sweet messages. Besides that, she has recently shared a video of herself, taken after she had her wisdom teeth removed. Her followers thought the clip was hilarious, and one fan left a comment reading “This has cheered me up massively actually laughing out loud!!!”.


Amy made her acting debut in 2004, when she joined the cast of “The Mysti Show”, and in the same year played Bonnie in “Woolamaloo”. In the following year, she made a brief appearance in “My Parents Are Aliens”, collaborating with actors such as Tony Gardner, Carla Mendonça, Patrick Niknejad and Alex Kew, then began working on the short movie entitled “Anomaly”. In 2011 she had a small role in “Odd One In”, and as of 2012 played Lucy in “Storage 24”. Continuing to have a lot on her plate, Amy worked on several projects, including “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End”, “Tom & Jerry: Back to Oz”, “Titanfall 2” and “Azure”, prior to landing a role in “Fortnite”. In 2016, Amy began working on the prominent TV series, “Suspense”, which revives a radio series from the 1940s and ‘50s, and presents mystery stories each week. In addition she joined the cast of “Legends of Tomorrow”, playing Gideon, one of its main characters. The previously mentioned series received a generally positive response from the audience, and allowed Amy to gain more attention and exposure in the media.

Latest Projects

When it comes to Pemberton’s latest projects, those include “Sisters”, “The Laundromat” and “If Only You Were Free”, with the latter two being in post-production. Overall, the actress has had more than 30 acting gigs, which has allowed her to make a name for herself and gain a reputation in the acting world.

Legends of Tomorrow

One of Pemberton’s most successful projects certainly is “Legends of Tomorrow”, made by DC. The mentioned superhero TV series, developed by Greg Berlanti, follows the story of several DC superheroes that were originally included in series such as “Arrow” and “The Flash”. “Legends of Tomorrow” had its premiere in 2016, and has been renewed for the fifth season in 2019, meaning that fans will be able to keep up with Pemberton in it.

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