Cris Collinsworth’s son, Austin dating Sara Cardona (ESPN)? Wiki Bio

• Sara Cardona is an up-and-coming reporter based in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
• She is a native of Columbia and an alum of the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, enrolling at the university in 2012 and finishing it in 2016.
• She made her debut on ESPN as a sideline reporter for college football in October 2016.
• She is currently dating Atlanta Falcons’ rookie tight-end Eric Saubert.
• She has a following of almost 90,000 followers on Instagram and over 3,000 on Twitter, and appeared in a Kid Rock music video.

Who is Sara Cardona?

In the words of ‘America’s Hottest Sportscaster’, Sara Cordona is an up-and-coming reporter, based in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. This ‘blond bombshell’ has been covering basketball and football as ESPN’s sideline reporter. Seeing as this drop-dead-gorgeous blonde beauty is bound to turn some heads in an all-male arena, it is no wonder the rumor mill have been churning ever since she appeared on the small screens, linking her to some of sport’s industry’s biggest hunks.

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Sara Cardona: Early Life

As is reported by multiple other outlets, Cardona was born on 6 October 1994, and is a native of Columbia, more specifically the city of Medellin (once known as the ‘most dangerous city in the world’), who now calls Nashville, Tennessee her home, having relocated to the US. Not much is available for public access about her time back in Columbia, but judging from her Instagram description, Cardona proudly flaunts her roots. The Fox17 reporter is an alum of the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, enrolling at the university in 2012 and finishing it in 2016, all the while being active on the University’s student TV station.

Career beginnings, Miss USA pageants

Back in 2015, while still a student at University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, Cardona created quite a stir in the sports world by dating Austin Collinsworth, a former University of Notre Dame team captain and the son of Chris Collinsworth, a fellow sports broadcaster, currently with ESPN, and a former NFL superstar, playing as a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals for eight seasons back in his day. Some predictions had her pegged as the ‘next Erin Andrews’.

Sara Cardona

The publicity she received from her stint with golden boy Collinsworth gave her a boost in the right direction in regards to her aspirations to become a hard-hitting sportscaster, and in October 2016 she made her debut on ESPN as a sideline reporter for college football. Showing a stellar performance, ESPN decided to welcome her on board, with Cardona officially joining as a reporter in February 2017. Before her time at ESPN, Cardona called Fox17 station in Nashville her home. Kick-starting her career as a reporter in 2016, this year also had her walking the runway in front of the judges for the 2016 Miss Tennessee USA pageant, trying her luck again the following year.

Personal life

As mentioned, Cardona has a keen eye on football players, dating Austin Collinsworth and more recently Atlanta Falcons’ tight-end, Eric Saubert. According to a source online, Austin and Cardona crossed paths at a New Year’s party, which they were both attending, with Collinsworth being a bit down on his luck, having just been forced to finish his tenure as the captain of Notre Dame’s football team because of the shoulder injury he received playing against USC (University of California). Not much else is known about the timeline of their relationship, with the pair keeping it on the down-low, and eventually calling it quits. The latest gossip on Cardona is that she is dating Atlanta Falcons’ rookie tight-end Eric Saubert, and seeing as her Instagram posts never fail to picture and mention her hunky beau, we would say they are going pretty steady.

Saubert was selected by the Atlanta Falcons (known to their fans as the ‘dirty birds’) during the fifth round of the 2017 NFL Draft, making him the 174th overall pick, but being the third-string tight-end he doesn’t get to see much action on the field. That didn’t stop him from enjoying the 2017 holiday season, cuddling up with his better half in front of the Christmas tree, dressed in pajamas with him donning a Mr. Claus and Cardona donning a Mrs Claus hat. Cardona captioned this picture on her Instagram with ‘¡Feliz Navidad!’. Even before they made their romance official, Cardona dropped a couple of hints on social media as to who she is cheering for, with one caption reading ‘Dirty birds get the W @tekavec_chels @megsjimenez’. Couple of weeks down the road, she made fans’ heads spin with speculation by sporting a jacket with Saubert’s number 85 proudly written on the back. Seeing as these guys make for a beautiful couple, we sure hope they won’t part ways any time soon, and will keep delighting us with their subtle PDA (public display of affection) on social media and in person.

Social media following and Kid Rock music video appearance

The blonde bombshell boasts a cool figure of almost 90,000 followers on Instagram and over 3,000 on Twitter. These numbers won’t come as a surprise to anyone who checks out her Instagram feed, picturing Cardona in a wide variety of girly dresses, high heels and bikinis, with Eric Saubert making an appearance from time to time. Cardona’s pearly white smile, bombshell bod and long blonde hair, even landed her in a Kid Rock music video for his “First kiss” number from his tenth studio album released in 2015, and also entitled “First Kiss”. In the video Cardona plays the All-American girl-next-door who Rock called his girl a long time ago.

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