Daithi De Nogla (youtuber) Wiki Bio, real name, girlfriend, height, net worth

• Daithi De Nogla is an Irish YouTuber who has gained over five million subscribers
• He is known for his unique style of video game reviewing and humor
• He is also a singer with three released songs in 2015
• His net worth is estimated to be $10 million
• He is active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Every celebrity has a style that serves as a signature to their calling; Daithi De Nogla is a YouTuber noted for being noisy and weird, doing what many celebrities would hate, and when you see him in a rage, his fans know this is his identity. He is a compulsive humorist, and this interesting personality is popular with a large audience who get their chill from his jokes and entertaining rants. While most social media young artists are from the US, Nogla is from Ireland and is versatile in using the internet and social media to promote works. His forte in entertainment is criticizing favorite videos, and running commentaries to air his opinions about other people’s work. As a result of his rants, he has over 400 videos with more than 500 million views in his credit. As is often the case, fans want to know more about a celebrity beyond their work, so who is Daithi the YouTuber? What is his real name, his personal life? In this incisive expose, we seek more information about him to bring you lesser known information, about his love life, his hobbies, body statistics, and how much he is worth financially!

Who is Daithi De Nogla?

He is an Irish by nationality, born David Nagle as a twin on 6 July 1992, and raised in Ireland with his siblings by their parents. His childhood dream was to become a media personality, but his growing up activities shaped what he would later become. raised him in Ireland and his love for video games developed as a result of parental care. His parents bought him video games, and this helped him to establish a strong affinity for electronic gaming.


Information about Daithi’s early education is unknown, as this celebrity seems to keep some parts of his life a secret. However, available records show that he attended the County Kerry Institute of Technology, Tralee in Ireland, but didn’t complete his education because of his desire to spend time on his video channels, one of which is called “GMOD”.

Daithi De Nogla


His career started on 16 January 2012, since when he has attracted over five million subscribers, released more than 800,000 videos with nearly a billion views. Let us look at his career milestones.

16 January 2012 – commenced gaming commentary postings

After he left school, his mission was to build his online business in gaming video commentary. He started “GMod” on which he posts funny and sometimes controversial videos. He started getting comments from his friends who made fun of him for his wide eyes and apprehensive facial expression. One of the early videos he made was “Zoidberg’s death,” then in April 2014 he met Lui Calibre and Jonna Mae when he published a video blog of the San Diego Zoo. One thing that characterizes his work is change and a flexible approach, particularly involving “Zoidberg” and GTA 5 characters. His first round works lasted until November 2016.

1 December 2016 – YouTube Model

At this time in his career, he started YouTube modeling for his channel. His content comprises of “GMond,” “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe,” “GTA A” and many other games.

He is not the only YouTuber, but his style differentiates him from others – his video commentary is entertaining unlike some others who have strict officious presentation. His style attracts more followers as people not only find his style entertaining, they also identify with his way of presenting his commentaries. He injects Irish gibberish into his presentations, which stands him apart from the pack compared to regular US presenters. His unique video game commentary has earned him a special place in the hearts of many viewers, and he built a large following by the end of 2016, since when he has been ranked consistently among world’s 100 leading gaming reviewers.


David is also a singer, which successfully combines with his gaming commentary to attract more followers and establish an unequaled presence among his competitors.

His career has been quite eventful, thanks to his unique style of video game reviewing, but he has somehow managed to stay off controversies, and has maintained a friendly relationship with his stakeholders to date; this is not unmindful of occasional criticism of his uncomplimentary rants in his videos, which is mostly work-based.

Apart from his vlog activities, Nogla uses ingenious ways to make money, one of which is his licensing of makers of branded apparel and merchandisers to use his name. Thus, he has several T-shirts and footwear that bear his name, for which he’s paid.

This YouTuber also writes songs, with three released in 2015 to his credit, entitled “Unloved Loving,” “The Others,” and “Your Love,” all of which are on YouTube for viewers listening pleasure. However, he has not released any other music since then.

Daithi is a reputable entrepreneur who finds every reasonable way to make extra income, and remain in the public eyes with a large following.

Daithi De Nogla shows

  • He hosts the Machinima show named “Nogla Annoys,” said to be a show stolen from one Kevin;
  • He appeared on DZ2K16 where he took a minor role in the “Battle of Cheng Cang.”
  • He was in DZ2K18, a game story mode, featuring as the wielder of the “Blade of Love.” This episode has his female version named “Down Nagle.”
  • He featured as a playable character in DZ2KCross Evolution Climax, with “Zhou Tai” from Dynasty Warrior as rival
  • He also featured as a member of Team 6, with characters like Vanoss, Delirious, Basically, Wildcat and Terroriser

Personal life

One thing about this artist is that his own life is kept away from the public’s prying eyes. As a result, only a little is known about his personal life, especially his love life. He enjoys playing video games, and some of them are “Black Ops 3,” “Grand Theft Auto V,”  “Happy Wheels,”  “Call of Duty Zombies,” “Move or Die,” “Garry’s Mod,” “Who’s Your Daddy” and “Cards Against Humanity.”

His siblings

Daithi is a twin, with a brother named Aindreas De Nogla, and also has a sister.

Daithi has two dogs named Joe and Tony, and is often seen sharing their pictures on social media.

Love life

Nogla has been seen dating some girls in the past, including Emily, Jaclyn, and Berenice. However, he doesn’t seem to be married to, or have anything interesting to indicate that he’s dating any of these girls now.

Body measurement

Daithi is tall, towering 6ft 5ins (1.97m) in height, and weighs about 180lbs (82kgs).

Social media presence

Nogla is on Facebook with a profile address www.facebook.com/therealdaithi. He also has an active twitter account named www.twitter.com/DaithiDENogla; his Instagram profile is www.Instagram.com/daithiden0gla/?hI=en while his YouTube contact is www.youtube.com/user/DaithiDeNogla.

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Net worth

Daithi is a successful Vlogger of Irish descent with more than six million subscribers with about 2000 subscriptions daily. His average daily views on his channels are about 500,000 estimated to be around 900 million views per year. When these views are monetized, this YouTuber will average $900 income per day and about $330,000 per annum. With such calculations, Daithi De Nogla income is projected to be about $1.1 million per year. Therefore, his net worth going by his successive years of career success, is estimated by sources at over $10 million.

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