Dejah Lanee: The Instagram Model Who Shook Up the MLB World

Dejah Lanee made headlines by sharing the news of her pregnancy, revealing that she’s expecting a child with Tim Anderson, the well-known and married MLB star. Beyond her personal life, Dejah Lanee is a striking model, and an influential figure in the realm of social media. Notably, she’s a well-known associate of Ari Fletcher and Arrogant Tae, two prominent personalities in the social media scene. With a substantial following of over 212,000 on Instagram, Dejah Lanee is more than just a pretty face.

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Delving into her background, Dejah Lanee showcases entrepreneurial prowess alongside her modelling and social media endeavours. Her multi-faceted talents and impressive business ventures add depth to her public persona. Let’s explore who Dejah truly is.

Early Personal Life

Although she’s a social media starlet, Dejah has been able to hide her private life from the public eye. Details about her are so obscure that it’s not even clear when her birthdate is. Some reports claim she was born in May 1991, while others indicate she was born on 24 August, with no year attached.

With that said, it should come as no surprise that there are no details about her parents or possible siblings. Her childhood and upbringing remain a mystery as well.


There are no details available about Dejah’s educational journey either.


It’s unclear when Dejah started her online career as a social media influencer, but as things stand right now, she’s gained quite an impressive following on Instagram. With more than 400, 000 followers, this Instagram influencer is clearly making a good living online. It doesn’t look like she’s currently working with any brands, but it’s possible that her account will attract companies that want to collaborate.


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In addition to being labelled as an Instagram model and influencer, Dejay is also an entrepreneur. She has her own business, Liquid Extensions, which sells soft and silky wigs to clients who love luxurious products. The prices of her products are quite high, indicating good quality and wealthy clientele.

Interesting Facts

Dejah is recognized as a close friend of Ari Fletcher and Arrogant Tae, boasting an Instagram following of over 140,000. The bond between Dejah and Ari is evident in Ari consistently expressing her support by liking Dejah’s Instagram posts. Additionally, another well-known friend in Dejah’s circle is Heather Rose.

Later Personal Life

Dejah Lanee recently made headlines following the revelation that she’s pregnant. Regrettably, this isn’t the first instance of Tim Anderson being implicated in allegations of infidelity, as he faced accusations of an affair in 2021.

In a video shared by Dejah, she asserted that Tim is the father of her child. However, despite these developments, Anderson’s wife, Bria, has publicly expressed her unwavering support for her husband. Bria shared images on Instagram depicting the couple’s love for each other, and urged followers to respect their privacy on the matter. Tim and Bria Anderson, who tied the knot in 2017, share two children together.

The incident has spurred interactions between Bria and Dejah on social media, although the specific content of their exchanges remains unclear. Supporters of Bria and Tim have taken to social platforms to express their solidarity, while Dejah has faced a barrage of negative comments.

The child in question, Sevn, has since been born and is a healthy and happy one-year-old. The extent of Tim’s involvement in the child’s life and the dynamics between him and Dejah remain uncertain.

Dejah has two other children – Demi, who is estimated to be nine, and Denim, who is likely six years old. There is no information available about their father(s), and judging by the posts Dejah shares showing her children, they’re happy and healthy kids.

Physical Characteristics

There is no reliable information available about Dejah’s weight, height, or vital statistics.

Net Worth

Currently, there are no details about Dejah’s net worth. Her career as a social media influencer is going strongly, but she’s still a rising star. However, her business seems to be doing well, so it can be estimated that Dejah’s net worth is around $50,000 as of late 2023.

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