Does Emily Dobson have a TikTok account? Her Age, Height, BF

Who is Emily Dobson?

Famous American YouTuber and social media star Emily Dobson, was born under the zodiac sign Aries on 3 April 2008, in Los Angeles, California USA. She’s only known for her career on the internet, including her self-titled YouTube channel which is today subscribed to by over three million people; Emily launched the channel on 27 August 2018, and has since posted over 300 videos, with most being comedy content, whether she’s taking on the most popular internet challenges, pranking her friends or answering some of her fans’ most frequently asked questions.

Emily often collaborates with other American YouTubers and social media stars, such as Piper Rockelle, Ayden Mekus and Lev Cameron.

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Early life and education

Emily’s being raised in Los Angeles by her parents whom she prefers to keep away from media as she respects their privacy; because she hasn’t talked about having siblings, most of Emily’s fans believe that she’s an only child.

She was only three years old when her parents enrolled her at ballet school, and she’s since learned to dance various styles, including contemporary and tango; Emily then studied at an arts school and attended various competitions with her dance partner Robbie Milstead.

She’s been attending a local high school in Los Angeles since 2022, although some of Emily’s fans believe that she’s being homeschooled so that she could focus on her education; Emily’s nowadays focused on various activities as she enjoys appearing in school plays, dancing and singing. She’s also appeared in a couple of short films and mini-series created by fellow YouTubers.

Most viewed YouTube videos

Emily’s today mostly popular on YouTube for her short videos, most of which are also comedy content; many of her shorts feature her pranking her friends, showing her everyday life and telling jokes, and we’ll be covering the three most popular amongst these as they’ve contributed to her overall popularity.

Emily’s #1 video “I CAN’T Believe This is True!!! Emily Dobson #shorts” has been viewed more than 22 million times since 4 August 2022, and has amassed nearly a million likes; it features Emily betting her friend Piper money that she can stick various objects to the wall (Emily won).

Her second most popular video “I BROKE MY PHONE FOR THIS… Emily Dobson” has been watched over 18 million times since 8 January 2023, and has amassed over 630,000 likes; it features Emily and her friend Piper as they’re trying to guess how many balloons it takes to float an iPhone.

Emily’s #3 most viewed video “Guess The Price! @EmilyDobson #shorts”  – over 16 million times since 26 January 2023, and has amassed nearly 300,000 likes; it features Emily and Piper trying to guess the price of various items at a local store.

Presence on social media networks

Emily’s active on various social media networks and thanks to her popularity, she’s already begun earning large amounts of money on the internet.

Her Instagram account’s followed by over 1.5 million people and she’s posted 34 pictures and videos onto the network; most of Emily’s Instagram content shows her during her everyday life, whether she’s attending various social media-related events, spending time with her friends or showing off her clothes.

Emily’s tweeted nearly 600 times since she created her Twitter account in February 2022, and there are over 5,000 people following her on this network today; she mostly shares the same content as found on her Instagram account.

Emily does have a TikTok account, and more than 4.5 million people are following her on it today, making her a star on the network; most of her videos feature her dancing, lip syncing together with her friends and showing off her clothes, and all of these combined have amassed nearly 90 million likes.

Emily’s also active on Facebook but seems to be using this network only to stay in touch with her closest friends and family members, as she doesn’t allow her fans to interact with her; her most recent update was on 2 April 2023 when she changed her cover picture.

Love life and relationships

Emily avoids speaking about her love life in public and even though most of her fans believe that she’s still too young to be dating, we know that she’s today in a relationship with Sawyer Sharbino.

Sawyer’s also an American YouTuber and social media star; over 1.2 million people are following him on Instagram today, and he’s posted over 600 pictures and videos, with most featuring him spending time with Emily, showing off his muscular body, and attending various events. He’s also quite popular on YouTube as more than 1.2 million people are subscribed to his channel; Sawyer also often features Emily in his YouTube videos.

It’s widely believed that Sawyer and Emily have been together for six years now, having begun dating, or more likely become friendly when Emily was nine and Sawyer 11.

There are no other boys whom Emily’s perhaps dated, that we know about; she’s in a relationship with Sawyer Sharbino as of November 2023.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Emily loves to keep up with all the latest fashion trends; she reads fashion magazines on a daily basis and also goes shopping for clothes nearly every day.

She’s interested in travelling, and has already visited a couple of US states, while her dream travel destination’s London, England.

Emily loves animals but it’s believed that her parents won’t allow her to have a pet; her favorites are horses and dogs.

Emily’s favorite season is summer as she likes being close to the ocean, however, she also likes winter as she loves snow.

She likes to spend her spare time shopping for clothes, playing tennis with her friends and watching TV.

Emily occasionally plays video games, and her favorite is “Fortnite: Battle Royale”.

Zendaya’s one of Emily’s favorite actresses, and a couple of her favorite movies are “Trouble Don’t Last Always”, “Malcolm & Marie” and “Space Jam: A New Legacy”.

Height, age and net worth

Emily’s age is 15. Her hair’s blonde and eyes are brown, she’s 5ft 2ins (1.57m) tall and weighs around 100lbs (45kgs).

Emily’s net worth’s been estimated at already over $1 million, as of November 2023.

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