Fox News reporter Sandra Smith’s Bio: Husband John Connelly, Measurements, Net Worth, Salary, Pregnant

• Sandra Smith is a renowned journalist, host and reporter who works with the Fox News Channel as a reporter.
• She is from a family of six, hailing from Oklahoma and Chicago.
• She attended Illinois State University and Louisiana State University, graduating with a degree in business and a speech minor.
• She has become widely popular, moderating two presidential debates in 2016 with Trish Regan.
• She has an estimated net worth of $2 million and earns an estimated salary of $300,000.

Who is Sandra Smith?

Sandra Smith is a renowned journalist, host and reporter who works with the Fox News Channel as a reporter. She is popularly known for “Outnumbered”, a show she co-hosted alongside two other television personalities, and “America’s Newsroom” that she currently co-hosts with Bill Hemmer. Sandra is among the well-known television personalities who work for Fox.

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Family and Parents

Sandra – nicknamed Sandy – hails from a big family, the youngest with four brothers and a sister. Although they are all spread across different states, the siblings have maintained a strong relationship with one another. Her parents have 14 grandchildren including Sandra’s own children. Sandra’s mother is from Oklahoma while her dad comes from Chicago, both from big families too, which might be why they also had six children. Her father worked on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a floor trader, and most of her relatives are employed in Chicago’s financial district.

Early Life and Education

Sandra Kaye Smith was born in Wheaton, Illinois on the 22nd September 1980. In 1988, she matriculated from the Wheaton Warrenville South School, where she earned five letters, two in track and three in cross country, and was the captain of the cross country team in her senior years. Apart from these achievements, she was also a state qualifier in the school’s association and earned the honor of “All-DuPage Valley Conference”.

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Sandra enrolled into Illinois State University, but after a year moved to Louisiana State University in 2002, studying business with a speech minor and graduating in 2005. While there, Sandra continued on the track, including the winter indoor season mile and cross-country, then middle distance in the outdoor seasons, with a mile best time of 5:33:34. She says that her speed was nurtured by a childhood game known as “ring and run”. She only the second FBN presenter to have participated in an NCAA tournament team for Division 1 colleges – the first was Jenna Lee in softball.

Career and Professional Life

When it comes to Sandra’s career, she started out as a research associate working with Aegis Capital Group, although in her teens had delivered newspapers for some independent finance support. From there, she went ahead to join Hermitage Capital Management, working as a trader executing US options orders and equities, analyzed portfolios and writing commission reports.

Sandra was employed by Terra Nova Institutional in the role of Director of Sales and Trading in Chicago, including handling hedge funds as well as investment management. She rose to fame in her next job as an on-air journalist with Bloomberg TV, which required her to cover the US derivative markets and equities.

Career Promotions

In October 2007, Sandra started working for the Fox Business Network as a reporter, which catapulted her career to a higher level. After working there for two years, she got a slot to appear on “Imus in the Morning”, a show hosted by Don Imus. Her other appearances on the network were on the happy hour of Fox Business as well as appearing as a guest on the “Fox News Channel Red Eye”, hosted by Greg Gutfeld. Sandra began co-hosting the show “Outnumbered” on the same channel in April 2014, which continued to June 2018, alongside Megan McCain and Harris Faulkner. She left the job in June 2018 to co-host “America’s Newsroom” together with Bill Hemmer.

In 2016, Sandra Smith was a moderator for two presidential debates, a task she performed with Trish Regan, an historical first as an all-female team for such debates.

Personal Life, Marriage, and Husband

When it comes to her personal life, Sandra is a straight woman, having been married to John Connelly since 2010. They now have a daughter known as Cora Belle Connelly born in 2013,  and a son Connelly Jr., born in 2015. Sandra is so proud of their children that she often shares their photos on her social media accounts. John Connelly is a business commentator, and the family lives in Lincoln Park Chicago.

Salary, Assets, and Net Worth

Sandra has appeared in several Fox Business Network shows, now on a salary estimated by authoritative sources to be $300,000, adding to a net worth which stands at $2 million as of late 2018, which helps pay for exotic vacations on which she takes her pet dog, considered as part of her family and says that she want it to grow up together with her kids as its age is between her kid’s.

Body Features and Measurements

Sandra is 5ft 8ins (1.72m) tall, and has reputedly managed to maintain her weight at 132lbs (58kgs), with her vital statistics being 35-24-36 inches. Sandra has what is considered a banana-shaped body with a great pair of legs that she likes to show off in short skirts and one-piece dresses. She wears a size 6US dress, a size 34A bra, and her shoe size is 8US. Sandra’s hair color is light brown, and so are her eyes.

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  1. She seems to have had a very flattering make over which appears to include some sparkling blue contacts!!!

  2. They posted her bra size? Really? If this is accepted, penis sizes of male anchors need to be reported. I’ve yet to see male news reporter’s measurements. Some women don’t like sharing bra size with even friends let alone the nation. I agree about her make over. I used to wonder why they gave her an older lady hair style, she looks very pretty now, beautiful eyes. Of course they don’t mention contacts, that’s too personal!

  3. But she is nothing more than a pretty face. Airhead imposing her opinion as fact. Wish Fox would hire anchors that are more educated about the topics they cover and less concerned about conveying their opinion if the show is supposed to be News. Watching her try to spar with Charles Payne was an embarrassment. He was so diplomatic even though she did not know what she was talking about.

    1. Sounds like you’re talking about CNN or MSNBC news anchors they report nothing and give you only their opinion and how they feel. If you don’t like Sandy don’t watch.

  4. Her eyes are brown she’s a former Miss America or runner up you’ll see she had brown hair and brown eyes those are colored contacts look her up when she was a pageant winner

  5. I find that Sandra Smith is a very Intelligent news person who has shown her capability to handle her guess with her intelligence of current situations.
    If I was to win a major lottery I would donate $100.000 dollars to her favorite charity just to have dinner with her.

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