How did David Laid become so famous? His Age, Height, Illness

In the world of fitness and social media, few names have risen to prominence as swiftly as that of David Laid. His journey is not just about building muscles; it’s a tale of turning challenges into triumphs, sculpting a physique that defied odds. He didn’t just transform from skinny to chiseled; he created a story of unwavering dedication and authenticity. His intense passion to improve his body as quickly as possible led to some lower back problems, which he did his best to correct. The fitness influencer’s success resonated with millions around the world and turned him into a digital sensation and his journey inspired many to start their own path toward healthier lives.

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Early Life, Education, and Family

David Laid was born on 29 January 1998, in Estonia. His early years were marked by a poignant loss—his father’s untimely passing in a tragic accident when David was just three years old. The incident occurred aboard a cruise ship docked in the harbor, casting a shadow over his formative years. David’s mother faced the challenges of single parenthood and sought a brighter future for her child, embarking on a journey across the Atlantic, finding their new home in one of the most ethnically diverse states in the USA, New Jersey.

Life in the US brought about its own set of challenges and opportunities, but David’s mother found love again, and a stepfather joined their journey. This blended family dynamic played a crucial role in shaping the man who would later inspire countless with his fitness journey.

David went to Mainland Regional High School, a public institution located in the town of Linwood, New Jersey. Here, he laid the foundation for his future pursuits, earning his high school diploma and setting the stage for the motivation he needed to make a life-changing decision later on.

His Transformation Journey: From Skinny to Bulky

During adolescence, when insecurities often loom large, David Laid’s early years were no exception. High school cast him in the role of the lanky kid, towering above his peers but vulnerable to the sting of teenage cruelty. Bullies, ignorant of his passion for sports such as ice hockey, targeted him for his lean physique, taunting him with jabs like, ‘Eat a cheeseburger.’

Despite his involvement in sports, the relentless teasing reached a tipping point for David. Faced with the option to succumb to self-pity or take charge of his narrative, he chose the latter. Instead of just sitting in a corner and wallowing in tears, he challenged himself.

Learned from YouTube

At age 13, he was already watching muscle-building videos online, and while he knew some of them by heart, he never dared to replicate them until after a year. Motivated to escape a physique reminiscent of Gollum from “Lord of the Rings,” David delved into the vast library of fitness videos from YouTube. There, he discovered a trove of workout routines and the charismatic guidance of fitness luminaries including Jeff Seid, Chris Jones, the Hodge Twins, and MattDoesFitness. This marked the beginning of his transformation journey, fueled not only by physical exertion but also by a disciplined approach to his diet.  Known for his commitment, even in his early teens, David had a penchant for diving headfirst into pursuits that piqued his interest. He exhibited a focus that belied his age.

Went to the gym

Having garnered enough confidence in his ability to endure rigorous home workouts, David took the next step and sought professional guidance at a gym. This decision marked a pivotal moment in his transformation. In the gym’s hallowed halls, he not only learned the proper techniques tailored to his age and capabilities but also found the masculine encouragement he yearned for. While surrounded by father figures, David’s longing for his biological father was somehow alleviated, contributing to the restoration of his self-esteem, which gradually deteriorated with each instance of bullying.

His 18-month transformation

In an 18-month journey of dedication and total commitment, David Laid sculpted a physique he could proudly showcase to the world. The gym became his daily pilgrimage, with no concessions to weather conditions or personal moods. Six times a week, he lifted weights, forging his body through all the pain as well as sacrificing many fun activities with his friends.

Reflecting on this transformative path, David identified distinct stages, the most crucial being the passage through the “honeymoon stage.” Initially, when bitten by the fitness bug, enthusiasts often exhibit unparalleled enthusiasm, willingly dedicating themselves to frequent gym sessions. This eagerness can turn into an obsession, but when the honeymoon phase fades, excuses tend to take its place, turning the gym into a burdensome obligation.

David, however, navigated through this common hurdle, transcending the temptation to succumb to excuses. His motivation endured and his diligence prevailed. The payoff was profound. The once scrawny teenager vanished, replaced by a formidable figure boasting well-defined six-pack abs. Through resilience and tenacity, David Laid not only transformed his body but also conquered the psychological challenges that often accompany the fitness journey.

Rise to Social Media Stardom

Among David Laid’s multifaceted interests, four passions emerged as key players in shaping his narrative—bodybuilding, magic tricks with playing cards, ice hockey, and videography. While his journey through ice hockey fizzled out after an unfortunate accident, it was the lens of a camera that became his passport to online stardom.

An accident caused him to create a montage

David’s foray into the world of filming and editing took a significant turn when a freak accident on the ice led to a broken bone in his lesser trochanter, part of the thigh. In one interview, he shared that his ego got the best of him that day, and when an employee in the ice rink challenged him to a race while closing up, he immediately agreed. Just when he was about to cross the finish line, he took massive strides and the next thing he knew he went down and felt a crack. He was quite stunned that less than 100 people in the world were treated for surgery in this area as it was quite a rare occurrence.

During his recovery, confined to his bed, he channeled his creative energy into crafting a montage of photos and workout videos. Unbeknownst to him at the time, this compilation would become a visual testament to his astonishing transformation.

With surgical scars as a testament to his resilience, David shared his journey with the world. In December 2013, he uploaded the video “David Laid 18 Month Transformation 14-15 Year Old” on YouTube. The response was remarkable, generating a buzz that echoed across the digital landscape and garnered an impressive number of views.

His self-titled YouTube channel

Encouraged by how well his first videos did, David kept showing his progress on his YouTube channel. By November 2023, his channel became a big deal, with almost two million people subscribing, and a crazy total of 220 million views.

One video really stood out— “David Laid 3 Year Natural Transformation 14-17,” uploaded on 15 August 2015. Just like the initial body transformation video, this version also showed how his body changed from a skinny kid but this time, the progress covered over three years and got an amazing 53 million views.

In the age of social media, appreciation could be easily felt and David did when he received more than half a million likes on the video he posted. It’s not just about getting strong. His story showed determination and never giving up—something that grabs not just fitness fans but anyone who loves a tale of winning against tough odds.

His Instagram impact

Central to David’s rise to stardom is his strategic use of social media, particularly Instagram. Posting regular updates, workout routines, and motivational content, he amassed a massive following of over four million followers that continues to grow. His engaging content not only showcases his physical transformation but also reflects his dedication to helping others achieve their fitness goals. One of the keys to making it huge in the social media sphere is consistency and David’s steady posts of mostly fitness-related content were noticed by the Instagram feed algorithm. His stories and posts have been featured on its Explore page many times.

Brand collaborations

As David’s popularity soared, opportunities for brand collaborations and partnerships flooded in. He became a sought-after influencer for fitness and lifestyle brands including Gymshark, which further solidified his presence in the industry. When he was just starting to go to the gym, the fitness brand was also just starting back then. The more David became bulked and chiseled, Gymshark grew bigger and better as a company.

David was enthusiastic when he received clothing and gear from the brand. He would dedicate unboxing videos the moment the package arrived at his doorstep and would share the excitement with his friends.

Fast forward to February 2023, the creator and owner of Gymshark, Ben Francis, appointed him as the first creative director for the brand.  Apparently, David was the first one who introduced the discount codes used for their online store along with other featured brand athletes. Some people were wary of him being given a position as a creative director since he doesn’t have any experience in the fashion retail industry. However, his experience in hitting the gym, working out intensely for many years, and bringing out great results was enough for the owner to give him the license to create something for the brand. Ben said that in the beginning, he was also just a kid who was obsessed with going to a gym before his brand became huge globally and he believed that David’s relentless commitment to anything he does would do great for Gymshark.


Beyond securing endorsements, Laid has boldly ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, strategically utilizing his influential platform to introduce products and services aimed at empowering his dedicated audience. A notable addition to his entrepreneurial repertoire is the design and launch of the Euphoria Pre-Workout 2.0, a carefully crafted supplement tailored to enhance workout experiences.

David’s vision stemmed from a desire for a product free from underdosed elements, composed of natural ingredients, and devoid of artificial flavors and synthetic colors. Launched in 2019, the supplement received acclaim in its early reviews and has consistently performed well in the market since then.

A distinctive aspect of his supplement’s production process is David’s commitment to authenticity. Choosing not to compromise on the quality of ingredients, there was a period when David faced challenges in producing new batches. His insistence on using only authentic ingredients, without substitutes that might compromise the effectiveness of the supplement, underscores his dedication to delivering a product that aligns with his high standards and resonates with his discerning audience.

His Back Problem

In the world of workout enthusiasts and bodybuilders, the risk of injury looms, a hazard that even the most dedicated individuals like David are not immune to. He faced a setback when he sustained injuries to his back and shoulders at different times, compelling him to seek professional assistance not only to alleviate the pain but also to address the issues in a proper manner.

In the early months of 2022, David made the tough decision to pause his usual training regimen for some time. During this period, he could manage core exercises like push-ups and air squats, but proper lifting was off the table due to his persisting back problem. A medical evaluation, including MRI tests, revealed that his back was riddled with compression fractures. Fortunately, there were no bulging discs, but the compression fractures led to a significant loss of disc height, impacting the stability of his spine and causing a slight wobble.

The medical advice was clear: David needed to be completely pain-free before gradually reintegrating full gym movements and training into his routine. Initiating this process, he cautiously introduced lifting, proceeding with microscopic slowness to ensure he wouldn’t exacerbate the situation. The doctors emphasized the importance of David pulling back at the slightest hint of extra pain.

David’s dedication during the period of refraining from training was nothing short of impressive. Resisting the overwhelming temptation to dive back into lifting workouts showcased his commitment to the long-term health of his body, resilience, and understanding of the importance of patience in the recovery process.

Being natty or not

The reason David gained widespread admiration as a fitness athlete globally stems from his commitment to a natural approach to achieving his muscular physique. Despite skepticism and constant questioning about his regimen, he consistently affirmed his natural status in interviews, declaring, ‘I am extremely natty as a matter of fact. I am very, very natural.’

However, some critics doubted his claims, scrutinizing his progress videos for any signs of steroid assistance. While a minority argued that such muscle development seemed implausible without steroids, the majority of David’s followers vehemently supported his natural journey. They pointed to his long history of working out, beginning at the age of 13 to 14, and highlighted that his physique wasn’t as imposing as some other bodybuilders.

Some people referred to him as an “aesthetic builder,” but David prioritized not only the visual appeal of his body but also its overall health. In a recent development, he explored a more plant-based diet, attesting that it significantly improved his well-being. The ongoing discourse surrounding David Laid’s natural status reflects not just a debate on aesthetics but also a testament to his commitment to holistic health and fitness.

Personal Life

David maintains a level of secrecy, leaving specific details largely undisclosed when it comes to his personal life. However, the curiosity of his followers often leads to speculation, as they analyze photos and videos on his social media platforms featuring other females. Among the rumors circulating, there is speculation connecting him romantically to fellow fitness enthusiast Julia Jackson who was featured a few times in his channel. Despite these rumors, the official status of their relationship remains unconfirmed.

Interesting facts about David Laid

  • When presented with a hypothetical choice between two scenarios, one in which he retains his handsome face but with a disc problem and another in which he has only a face ranked 4 out of 10 but no back problem, David made a distinctive decision of choosing the second scenario. He expressed, ‘The primal satisfaction one gets when they deadlift, it’s just… it’s really the meaning of life, so I would make that trade.’
  • In a Q&A video alongside Matt Morsia, a prominent British fitness influencer, David was asked about his favorite dinosaur from a curious fan. Struggling to pinpoint a specific preference, David admitted he wasn’t particularly well-versed in dinosaur knowledge. However, he playfully mentioned a fondness for Pterodactylus, highlighting a common misconception about these creatures. While many initially regarded Pterodactylus as flying dinosaurs, they are more accurately described as flying reptiles.
  • His numbers on the “Big 3” gym apparatus showcase David’s formidable strength: a maximum deadlift of 306kgs, an impressive bench press record of 180kgs, and a robust squat performance at 211kg.


David is standing tall at 6ft 2ins (188cms) with a well-proportioned weight of 198lbs (90kgs). His estimated measurements are 41ins (chest), 30ins (waist), and 31ins (hips), harmoniously complementing his incredibly toned arms and legs. The pinnacle of his physical prowess is evident in his remarkable six-pack abs. His distinctive features include light brown hair and eyes.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, David Laid has an estimated net worth of $2 million, as of late-2023.

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