How did Luca Luhan become famous? His Age, Height, Net Worth

Luca Luhan

Born on 7th August 2006, in Laguna Beach, California, USA, Luca Luhan is a star on the rise thanks to his drama and comedy roles.

The actor made his acting debut at just 13 years old, playing Anthony Rios in the horror movie “Annabelle Comes Home”, which was followed by “Less Than Zero” and “Adam & Eve”. In 2019, he was also cast as Bryce in the comedy series “Mixed-ish”, and began filming for his best-known project, “Danger Force”.

In “Danger Force”, Luca portrays a young superhero in training named Bose O’Brian, whose superhero name is Brainstorm. Luca first played Bose in four episodes of “Henry Danger”, and producers liked the character so much that they included him in the spin-off series, which has so far run for three seasons and received critical acclaim, and so 2021 and ’22 saw Luca reprise his role in the spin-offs “Danger Goes Digital” and “Side Hustle”.

For the last few years, Luca has been focusing almost exclusively on “Danger Force”, with his only other project being a post-apocalyptic short film named “Breed”. The Nickelodeon alum hardly, if ever, uses social medi,a and recently deleted all his Instagram posts, so there is no way of knowing if he’s working on anything new for 2024.

Regarding Luca’s dating life, he’s been romantically linked to both of his “Danger Force” co-stars, Dana Heath and Havan Flores. However, the rumors were never confirmed and appear to have been wishful thinking on the fans’ part.

Despite Luca previously doing many promotional interviews for “Danger Force”, there is no available information about his parents, early years, or studies, although like many child actors he’s possibly homeschooled. The actor is 5ft 10ins (179cm) tall, and his net worth is approximately $500,000.


Dana Heath was born in April 2006 in Florida, USA, and has been acting since 2016. After voicing Ashlyn in “WellieWishers”, the actress guest-starred in “PEN15” and “Scorpion” and also played Bree James in “Fancy Nancy”, a role which spanned four years and dozens of episodes.

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From 2020 onwards, Dana not only portrayed Mika Macklin in “Danger Force” and “Danger Goes Digital”, but also guest-starred in “Sydney to the Max”, and voiced characters in the kids’ show “Princess Power”. More recently, she joined the cast of “Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes” to voice MC Harmony.

Relocating from Florida to Los Angeles was a necessary career move for Dana, which brought unexpected health benefits. After suffering from severe stomach issues which doctors couldn’t explain, the actress slowly cut meat, dairy, and other products out of her diet until she went vegan.

During an awareness campaign for The Humane League – which aims to change the trajectory of industrial animal farming and empower people to stop consuming meat – Dana gushed about the physical and mental health improvements she’d been experiencing, and encouraged viewers to go vegan as well.

Meanwhile, Havan Flores was born in November 2007 and landed her first acting role in the short “Harmonica Man” when she was 12 years old. After playing a shooter in “Pigeon”, Havan was cast as Chapa for three episodes of “Henry Danger”, and became a main character in the spin-off shortly afterwards.

Although Havan hasn’t done any projects unrelated to Nickelodeon since 2020, she’s a thriving social media star with almost 350,000 followers on Instagram at time of writing. Her account is managed by her parents and has just six posts, with the oldest being a January 2022 behind-the-scenes pic with Luca, which sparked the first dating rumors between the pair.

Apart from acting, Havan is also an aspiring dancer who trains at Eighty Eight Studios and previously uploaded a solo choreography video which has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. In December 2022, she won Best Leading Young Actress in a TV Series at the annual Young Entertainer Awards.

The actress, who is signed to TM Talent and also works with Bonnie Shumofsky of Stewart Talent NYC, has only given one interview since 2020, when she was first cast as Chapa. Although some of the information is possibly outdated, Havan revealed that she loves baking, animals, and playing sports.

According to Havan, her grandparents were huge influences in her life, and taught her how to grow a garden, can fruits and vegetables, and bake. The Flores family also believes in doing outdoors activities, and often get together for fishing excursions. ‘My family raises chickens,’ Havan added. ‘Every year I have to get in the chicken house and pull all the snakes out.’

At just six years old, Havan began tumbling and doing cheer. Other sports that she enjoys are third base, catching, and softball, which were taught to her by her mother and older sister. As for Havan’s father, he is in the military, meaning that the Flores’ moved around a lot and even lived in Japan. However, it’s possible that they have since settled down so as to not disrupt Havan’s acting career. Finally, the actress said that Bible camp is one of her favorite things to do each summer.

Last but not least is Terrence Little Gardenhigh, who plays Miles Macklin in the show. Terrence – who like Dana is African-American – was born in April 2007 in North Carolina and began acting with a cameo in a 2018 episode of “Speechless”. After portraying Jafar in “Just Roll with It”, Terrence joined the cast of “Henry Danger”, and was chosen to be a main character in “Danger Force”.

Unlike the rest of his co-stars, Terrence has worked nonstop while bringing Miles to life. From 2020 to 2023, the actor has done movies “Coffee & Kareem” and “10 Horas para o Natal”, and a slew of TV shows – “Madagascar: A Little Wild”, “Ada Twist, Scientist”, and “Fright Krewe” – with most of his roles being voiceovers.

When not busy filming, Terrence enjoys dancing, spending time with his family, and trying out new restaurants. In November 2023, he wished his grandfather a Happy Veterans’ Day and happy birthday, saying: ‘You have been protecting me way before I could appreciate it and appreciate you!’.

For now, it’s uncertain whether “Danger Force” will be renewed for a fourth season. However, Havan, Terrence, Dana, and Luca have proven themselves to be versatile talents, and probably won’t have any trouble finding other projects if the show is unexpectedly cancelled.

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