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Sofia Gomez

The content creator and voice actress Sofia Gomez, who recently portrayed Tee Zeng in “Kung Fu Sock”, was born on 30th June 2002 in Florida, USA, and has accumulated 142 million likes on TikTok alone since joining the platform in 2019. Her online career began sometime in 2017 when she uploaded her first YouTube video, “sandcloud unboxing // why im an ambassador!”, and has since seen her branch out into music, OnlyFans, and just about everything in between.

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Sofia has always displayed an interest in cosplaying – one scroll through her Instagram profile shows her dressing up as a number of beloved cinematic figures such as Woody from “Toy Story” – and began working as a professional mermaid in 2018 or 2019.

In one YouTube video, “Get ready with me for work during quarantine! (chaotic)”, the brunette explained the ins and outs of her unusual job, which consists of swimming in live, filmed, or photographed productions or shows – or, as Sofia was getting ready to do in the video, doing a Zoom call for a birthday party – while wearing a mermaid costume complete with a silicone tail. Although she‘s since stopped working as a professional mermaid, the TikToker still dresses up as Ariel from time to time, and posts the pictures on her Instagram and other platforms.

Casual fans of Sofia’s may be unaware that the content creator was a full-time voice actress. In 2014, she portrayed Dar Dar in the kids’ show “NumTums”, and from 2014 to 2017, she voiced Romi in 64 episodes of “Calimero”. Since then, she’s brought various characters to life in “Mechamato”, and depicted Walla in “Miraculous: LadyBug & Cat Noir, the Movie”.

In December 2019, Sofia took to TikTok to address the plastic surgery rumors that had been plaguing her for months. ‘Fr tho, I’m 17 I couldn’t get plastic surgery even if I wanted it,’ she wrote. Netizens had accused Sofia of having lip injections and breast augmentation, which she denies to this day.

Real or fake, Sofia has slowly but surely turned her impressive physique into the selling point of her career. Although the influencer used to upload a steady stream of reviews, unboxing videos, and hauls on her YouTube channel, she has posted just three times in the last year and is now dedicating almost all her time to OnlyFans. Thanks to her work on the platform, she was invited appear on the catwalk at the OnlyFans and CreatorsInc event at New York Fashion Week in September 2023 alongside Kristina Santa and other adult content creators.

Although not much is known about Sofia’s family, her parents are clearly important to her, as in July 2023 she took her father to Hawaii to meet friends. Sofia made the most of her trip by performing live, visiting cultural landmarks, and more. Meanwhile, she also shares close friendships with fellow social media personalities such as Jessie Paege and Miss Brisolo.

It’s important to note that Sofia also supports organizations such as Black Lives Matter and encourages her followers to do the same and educate themselves on social issues. Lastly, the brunette is making a name for herself in the cosplay community, and can often be spotted at comic-cons and related events, where she makes time to chat to her fans and link up with other well-known cosplayers.

According to online biographies, the influencer is 5ft 3in (160cm) tall and weighs about 128lbs (58kgs). Thanks to her high engagement rate and other factors, she reportedly earns up to five figures for a sponsored Instagram post, and is possibly worth almost $1 million thanks to her lucrative career.

Personal Life

In August 2022, Sofia took the internet by the storm after alleging that she had suffered sexual assault at the hands of her then-girlfriend, fellow content creator Brooklyne Webb. The news caused shockwaves in the TikTok community, as thousands of followers had been rooting for their seemingly perfect relationship.

A few days before revealing what had really happened, Sofia shared that the relationship was over, but didn’t go into any details. She also posted an acoustic song and wrote in the comment section: ‘I really do wish I could tell you guys that this isn’t about Brooklynne, but it is.’

In a follow-up explanation video, a distressed Sofia told her fans: ‘I just don’t want anyone else to get hurt the way I did… Brooklynne did multiple times in one night try to do things with me while I told her “no” and “stop”… I broke up with her a few days later when I realized what had happened.’ She also shared that she was seeing a therapist to process what had happened to her.

Naturally, Brooklynne – who was 18 years old when the allegations came to light – vehemently denied Sofia’s claims and posted her own lengthy explanation. According to Brooklynne, on the morning in question she had gone back to her apartment with Sofia after a small get-together and they started ‘being affectionate with each other’. Brooklynne added that they continued to be affectionate until Sofia told her that she was going to bed. ‘After that, I kept to myself and did not touch her,’ Brooklynne explained.

The influencer went on to add more details, claiming that Sofia had interacted with her as she normally would until a week later, when she broke up from her over the phone. When Sofia allegedly told Brooklynne that she was breaking up because she made her feel uncomfortable, Brooklynne reportedly apologized.

Lastly, Brooklynne – who has amassed an impressive fanbase thanks to her make-up and POV videos – asked her fans not to send Sofia any hateful comments. Since then, she’s stayed true to her word and not addressed the matter further, although she did caption her New Year’s 2023 post: ‘happy new year, but not going to say anything about this year being better because I think I jinxed it last year.’. Both Sofia and Brooklynne are believed to be currently single.

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