How did Twomad become famous? What happened to him?

Twomad is a Canadian YouTuber and gaming streamer, of Ethiopian decent. He’s probably best known for his three YouTube channels twomad, twomad gang and twomad 360, on which he posts skits and content about gaming. He’s also known for creating the “Goodnight girl meme,” as well as controversy surrounding his sense of humor and behavior both online and offline. Currently he has 2.2 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel, and over 150 videos.

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Early life and educational background

Muudea Sadik – known by his online name Twomad – was born on 17 December 2000 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada There is very little known about Twomad’s early life and personal life in general. However, he revealed that his family is Ethiopian, and that he’s currently single and focusing on his career rather than on relationships. He has a pet dog. Twomad completed his early education at a local high school, but there is no information about whether or not he enrolled in a college.


Twomad first joined YouTube on 2 April 2016, and since then has been active on the platform, separating his content between his three channels. Twomad’s signature is his use of webcam’s microphone to produce disturbing noises and bad quality audio. For this reason, a lot of his videos had to be re-uploaded and edited over again, since YouTube repeatedly took them down. Another significant detail is that he created the intro song “This is Twomad”. He’s collaborated with other YouTubers for numerous videos, notably with Maxmowfoe and Anything4Views, in which he prank called them. In one of his videos, he paired up with Linus Tech Tips, and they build a PC from scratch. Twomad has also been credited for producing music for some of the other creators such as Internet Historian.

Twomad Origins

Originally Twomad started off as gaming streamer, while playing popular video games such as Fornite and Overwatch. He also did a series of streams on Discord which he later uploaded onto his twomad channel. As time passed his content changed, and he shifted from just streaming games to more personal and comedic content. His “My life’s biggest bruh moments” video rapidly gained popularity, and brought wider attention to his channel.

Twomad Gang

Twomad’s most personal channel is twomad gang, the majority of content on which is story time and commentary on his personal experiences, reflecting on his life, and sharing how being a content creator shapes his everyday life. He also shared in one of the videos how he comes up with ideas for some of his viral memes. During the COVID-19 pandemic he started changing the image of this channel, and has been focused on posting mostly funny shorts and skits.

twomad 360

As he’d been streaming on other services such as Twitch, in 2020 he decided to move his streams to YouTube. He noted that this move gave him more freedom to use his humor without getting banned, as Twitch is notorious for their strict policies. He mostly posted videos related to the game Overwatch, and that includes some of his series such as “How 2….”. Up until today, twomad 360 channel is mostly used for streaming and gaming.


Twomad has a long history of attracting attention with some of the public feuds he’s had online. The YouTuber has been heavily criticized for some of his content that could be interpreted as racist and inappropriate.

The most notable feud was with the K-pop fandom. On 22 June 2019, he uploaded a video entitled “Do NOT MESS with K-pop STANS!!!”, and received a huge backlash from K-pop fans for mocking the mannerism of boy band members BTS, and calling their fans out. He referred to the boy band as “puppets from North Korea,” which a lot of fans found offensive. Alongside the controversial video, he tweeted some negative things about the band which angered fans even more. Allegedly, back in 2020, Twomad revealed that some K-pop fans were intending to take legal actions against his videos. The fandom spammed him with negative comments, and accused him of being racist towards Korean people, to which he responded by posting screenshots of some of the hateful messages he got. The ongoing drama continued even in 2021, when he posted more direct messages he received, most of them being a form of hate speech.

Another public feud was with the streamer Hasan Piker, who is known for his leftist political commentary and online activism. Reportedly, in 2021, Piker tweeted two articles about ongoing situation with COVID-19 restrictions, to which Twomad replied negatively. Two streamers went on with the Twitter debate that ended with Twomad’s attempt to join Piker’s stream and escalate the situation. However, Piker simply continued to ignore him, to avoid any further discussion.

Arrest at Six Flags

Twomad’s questionable behavior wasn’t just limited to his online presence. On 22 April 2022, during his visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park, Twomad caused trouble that ended up getting him arrested. It was reported that another guest called park security on Twomad, accusing him of insulting him during a cart ride. It was noted that instead of apologizing for his behavior, Twomad claimed that the guest was just mad that he lost. Park security had to escort him out of the park, to which he responded by keeping his act and saying he wouldn’t leave until they let him drive their bike; eventually he was arrested and bailed out the same day. On 7 May 2022 he posted a vlog from the park where some of these events can be seen. The video has since been taken down, and re-uploaded by one of his fans on another YouTube channel.

Sexual assault allegations

The Canadian YouTuber has also faced serious allegations on account of sexual assault.
In June of 2023, an “osu!” streamer and content creator ,GlocksGoldi, tweeted a series of screenshots and even an apology video directed to her in which he apologizes for “sexual advances” and inappropriate behavior. GloksGoldi uploaded more screenshots of their online interactions, to which Twomad continued responding defensively, and denying the claims against him. A source has claimed that “osu!” streamer received a temporary restraining order against Twomad.

Net worth and salary

YouTuber’s primary source of income is known to be from his videos. As of late-2023, he has an estimated net worth around $1 million, acquired from views and advertising on all three of his channels.

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