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• Daniel McLoyd was born on 30 July 1994, in Aurora, Illinois, USA
• Gained popularity through websites such as Vine and YouTube as IceJJFish
• His video “The Best Singer Alive Ever To Live” led to a lot of followers on social media websites
• Net Worth is estimated to be around $500,000
• Has released other singles since his rise to fame and continues to collaborate with other YouTubers and rappers

Who is IceJJFish?

Daniel McLoyd was born on 30 July 1994, in Aurora, Illinois, USA, and is a rapper, singer, and dancer, best known from initially finding popularity through websites such as Vine and YouTube under the name IceJJFish. His music endeavors have led him to gain a lot of followers on social media websites, especially after the release of his video “The Best Singer Alive Ever To Live”.

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The Net Worth of IceJJFIsh

How rich is IceJJFish? As of early-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $500,000, earned through a successful career in the music industry. His popularity online has led to other opportunities and he’s also released other singles since his rise to fame. As he continues his endeavors, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Very little is known about IceJJFish’s childhood, his family, and his education. His path towards music and an online career is also limited in terms of information. What is known is that he joined the website YouTube in 2012 as a content creator – it’s a video sharing website that was created in 2005, and was bought by Google a year later, and allows users to view, upload, share, comment, report, and subscribe to other channels. Since its inception it has become one of the most popular websites on the internet, and is one of the main sources for video related media.

One of his first uploads was entitled “The Best Singer Alive Ever To Live”, released in 2012, and soon he started to gain attention not due to his musical capabilities, but because of the comedy and character he possessed. He didn’t really have the musical prowess to compete with other top hip hop stars, but used his ability to market himself to the maximum.


Viral Video – Rise to Fame

IceJJFish’s fame increased significantly when he released the song entitled “On the Floor”, accompanied by a music video on YouTube. The video became viral, quickly reaching over 60 million views in YouTube. From being a relatively unknown name, he started gaining the attention of many, but not because of how good the song was but because the song was intentionally bad – it showcased him singing and dancing badly.

The type of video he released was compared to another popular musician – William Hung – a former “American Idol” contestant who gained a lot of fame for his bad vocals. Eventually, IceJJFish’s videos would start to reach the website WorldStarHipHop, which increased his fame even further, although many critics and viewers have trouble in figuring out if he’s being serious or not. He followed up the success of his single with more videos such as “Follow Me” and “No Topping You”, and he also released a video called “I Sing with 100 Voices” on which he promoted his singing capabilities, saying that he has a lot of voices that come together.

Recent Projects

Since his rise to fame, IceJJFish has been using his popularity to put more attention on himself. He once streamed through the website Instagram and stated his support for the game console called SouljaGame, which was a project by fellow rapper Soulja Boy, released in 2018 and which gained a lot of criticism for being overpriced, especially since it was only an emulator of Nintendo and Sega hand-held games. He then announced that he would be releasing more consoles in the coming months, but he eventually pulled most of his products from his online store, amidst threats of a lawsuit from Nintendo.

Around the same time, IceJJFish also accused rapper Lil Yachty for stealing his style of music, especially his high pitch vocals, known for his albums and mixtapes including “Lil Boat”, and “Teenage Emotions”. No one took his accusations seriously, as people know the type of music he created and he was comparing himself, a comedy viral video creator, against a serious and record label-signed artist; in fact Yachty didn’t respond to his accusations. In recent months, Ice has been uploading more content on his YouTube channel as well as his other social media accounts. He also collaborates with other YouTubers and rappers – recently he was featured in the song “I Just Bought a Buggati (I’m Happy)” by Tyler, The Creator.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, it is known that IceJJFish is single, but he’s mentioned multiple times that he’s interested in having a girlfriend, but hasn’t yet found a relationship since his rise to fame. He mentioned that he has only been with one girl before, which led people to start finding out about this past relationship. Eventually, someone posted a video showcasing Ice’s previous girlfriend, and many realized how they got along as she seemed to have similar qualities to him, which he was attracted to.

Similar to numerous rappers and YouTubers, he is highly active online through social media, having accounts on websites such as Instagram and Twitter, and is active on both, posting regularly and promoting his music. His Instagram account is filled with a lot of personal photos and pictures. He continues to criticize other artists while making statements that has had him clash with other people online. He also expresses his opinions online, which has also caused controversy and criticisms.

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