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• Jessica Sula is a 24-year-old actress from Swansea, Wales UK.
• She is best known for her acting roles in TV series such as "Skins" and "Recovery Road".
• She has also appeared in movies such as "Honeytrap" and "Big Fork".
• Her inspirations include Linda Green, Charlotte Rampling and Marion Cotillard.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $1 million.

Who is Jessica Sula?

Jessica was born in Swansea, Wales UK on 3 May 1994 under the zodiac sign of Taurus, to her mother Shurla Blades who is from Trinidad and of Afro-Hispanic and Chinese descent; her father is Steven Sula, who is of German and Estonian descent. Jessica is Christian. She is best known for her acting career.

Early life and education

The family moved to nearby Gorseinon when Jessica was very young and she matriculated from Gorseinon College in Spanish, French and Drama.

TV series appearances

Her first appearance on TV was in14 episodes of the “Skins” TV series in 2011 and 2012, a classic teenage show about a group of British teens who are growing up and trying to find love and happiness while coping with poor parenting and teachers. It has an 8.2/10 rating on IMDb.

Just a year after that, she landed the supporting role of Scarlett Quilter in “Love and Marriage”, and after appearing in one episode of “Eye Candy” in 2015, the following year she was cast in her first lead role, in “Recovery Road”, starring as Maddie Graham. This was unexpected because she wasn’t the original choice – Samantha Logan was first meant to play the lead role, however, after recasts, Jessica got the role. It is another TV series about a teenage girl who is an addict, and decides to live amongst other recovering addicts in a rehab facility. Jessica is currently filming for “Scream”, an anthology television series in which she has a main role.

Jessica Sula

Movie appearances

Her first appearance on the big screen was in “Honeytrap” in 2014, in which she played the role of a 15 year old girl who sets up the murder of a boy who was in love with her. She then appeared in “Split” in 2016 and “The Lovers” in 2017. Her only main role in movies to date was in “Big Fork” shot in 2018, in which she had the role of Emily.

Jessica about her role in “Recovery Road”

She’s revealed how the role of Maddie had a big impact on her, opening her eyes when it comes to teen addiction in particular. She claimed how all of her high school friends used to drink alcohol, how it slowly turned into addiction without them even noticing, and how nobody wanted to talk and be honest about it. She explains how this show can help you see your problems, and help you choose to seek help and advice.

People who inspired her

One of her biggest inspirations is Linda Green, who is ‘a really strong writer’ as Jessica describes her. She likes Charlotte Rampling – a British actress who mostly appeared in French movies, and is also inspired by Marion Cotillard.

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Her interests besides acting

Jessica claims how she always wanted to become a writer – if she was to choose, she would have tried her best to become a comedy sketcher. She and her friend who she lived with in New York both had the same idea but Jessica became an actress while her friend became a stand-up comedian and has stand-up performances around New York. Humor is something she loves the most, and hopes that someday she might get back to writing comedy sketches. ‘I like humor because—and this is going to sound cheesy—but the world is a very dark place, and we have people that are creating things to make people laugh or it’s just a satire of what’s happening, and I’m always interested in people who can do that so well.’ – this is how Jessica describes humor and her love for it.

Appearance and net worth

Jessica is currently 24 years old. She has big curly brown hair (although she tends to straighten it) and brown eyes. She is about 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall and weighs around 125lbs (57kg). Her vital statistics are 22-29-31, and her bra cup size is 34A.

According to authoritative sources, Jessica’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million. Her only sources of income are her roles in movies and TV series.

Personal life

Jessica is one of those people who tend to keep their personal life to themselves. She never talks about any boyfriends which doesn’t mean that she hasn’t date anyone. There were rumors about her sexuality and whether she is gay or straight, but unconfirmed. She was spotted vacationing in 2015 with someone who appeared to be her boyfriend, but again, this was never confirmed. As far as we know, Jessica is single at the moment, has never married and has no kids yet.

Social media presence

She is not that active on her Instagram account, only posting about 50 times, mostly find pictures of her and her father, but that hasn’t stopped her from gathering over 115,000 followers. She first joined Twitter in March 2011 and since then she has tweeted about 2,000 times with her 35,000 followers. Her description says that she prefers to stay in her own home than to go out. Her own Official Facebook page has about 3,000 likes, while there is also a “Jessica Sula” community on Facebook with 4,000 followers.


Some of her hobbies include playing her guitar and training in karate.

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