Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife, model Nadine Caridi’s Wiki: Net Worth, Children, Height, Family, Marriage

• Nadine Caridi is a model and actress born in London, UK in 1962.
• She has a Master's degree in psychology and a Ph.D.
• She gained fame in the 1990s for Miller Lite beer commercials.
• She was married to notorious stockbroker Jordan Belfort from 1991-2005.
• She is currently married to John Macaluso and has two children with Belfort.

Nadine Caridi’s Biography

Nadine Caridi is a noted model and actress, born in London, UK on 6 November 1962. She has appeared in several high-profile advertisements, but she is probably best known for being the ex-wife of the infamous American stockbroker Jordan Belfort. Nadine finished John Dewey High School, where she was often called by her nickname – “The Dutchess of Bay Ridge”. Her beauty and wits are captivating, to say the least, and that is why Nadine Caridi acts as an inspiration to young women across the globe. If you want to learn more about her life – stay with us and discover the most important details of Nadine’s biography.

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Childhood and Education

Nadine Caridi has British nationality since she was born in London, however, she spent her childhood years living in the United States, mostly in New York City. Over the years, her beauty and charisma kept growing and developing, which eventually led her into the world of modeling. However, Nadine always understood the power of knowledge, and she got her Master’s degree in psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute, and eventually earned her Ph.D. in 2015. Apparently, she is the ideal combination of beauty and brains, and that is probably one of the main reasons for her popularity.

Modeling Career

Nadine Caridi experienced the peak of her fame during the 1990s, particularly from appearing in the Miller Lite beer commercials. Since these advertisements could be seen virtually everywhere, her face became recognized, and brought her unexpected levels of popularity. Similarly, Nadine Caridi was hired for the Monday Night Football advertisement; both of these high-profile gigs made her a star, and she later used her fame to appear on several shows and in modeling jobs.

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Marriage with Jordan Belfort

Even though her career could be classified as ‘successful’, Nadine Caridi is more famous for other reasons than her acting or modeling. For example, her marriage to Jordan Belfort attracted a lot of media attention. Jordan Belfort, if by any chance you are not familiar with his persona, is a notorious stockbroker and an investor who scammed thousands of people and earned a massive fortune through his unscrupulous financial activities. His lavish parties and extravagant lifestyle, together with the presence of narcotics in those fiestas, once upon a time had legendary status in the circles of  A-list celebrities.

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Nadine and Jordan met during one of those parties, and apparently love was born instantly, even though he was married to Denise Lombardo at the time. Soon afterwards in 1991, Jordan and Nadine tied the knot, and their turbulent marriage lasted until 2005 when she filed for divorce. In 2013, their story was turned into a Hollywood blockbuster, and in the Martin Scorcese’s movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” Nadine’s character is played by the beautiful Australian actress Margot Robbie.

What is Nadine Caridi’s net worth?

Nadine’s ex-husband earned millions through his activities on the stock market, and their eventual divorce probably left her with a fair share of the loot. However, his subsequent jail sentence and the FBI investigation could mean that Nadine lost a part of her fortune. As a matter of fact, there are no official or credible records about her current net worth, but sources estmate that it is over $5 million, in part from her divorce settlement.

Is Nadine Caridi single?

After her divorce from Belfort, Nadine returned to her education and self-improvement. It seems that the trauma left by the whole ordeal was hard to overcome, however, she survived everything and during those difficult times, she even met a man who would mend her broken heart in the years to come. His name was John Macaluso, and even though he was 22 years her senior – their closeness eventually turned from friendship into romance, and marriage in . Macaluso is the ex-CEO of the “Wizard World”, having now left the company in 2017 after he made a lucrative sale of his shares. Allegedly, the couple now leads a peaceful life and there is no trace of rock star partying in Nadine’s life anymore.

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Children and Personal Life

Aside from popularity and a few traumas, Nadine Caridi has something else left from her marriage with Jordan Belfort – two children. Their son, Carter, and daughter, Chandler are living with Nadine these days. As it turns out, her current husband John Macaluso also has kids from his previous marriage, and the three of them are also living in the same household. His daughters, Allie, Nicky, and Frankie all love Nadine, and it seems as though they all get along just fine. Their current place of residence is in Bakersfield, California, a location which serves as a base for all of Nadine Caridi’s projects and operations, since she is still highly active as a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur.

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