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-Kevin Hart was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Temple University.
-Early in his career he was booed and ridiculed because of his height, but he persevered and found success
-His stand up shows have been highly successful, leading to a People’s Choice Award for Best Comedy Act
-He has also had a successful acting career and founded his own production company, HartBeat Productions
-He is estimated to be worth $120 million and is married to model Eniko Parrish, with whom he has a son, Kenzo Kash

If there is a veritable model of hardworking, dedication and, on the same time, self-parody and sense of humor in the same person, then Kevin Hart is undoubtedly one of the most suitable examples to give. With a hard childhood and a not so successful debut, the American comedian and actor knew how to effectively manage his energy, his ideas and his patience, so that a lot of people could be inspired and amused by his touching stories. How did he rise on the scale of fame? Find out his secrets in the following.

Early years – liable source of inspiration

Born on 6 July 1979, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Kevin Hart spent the most part of his childhood and teenage years with his mother, Nancy Hart, a system analyst working for the University of Pennsylvania. On the other hand, his father had a cocaine addiction, and was constantly in and out of jail, sentenced for various petty crimes. At that time Kevin knew that he wanted to make people laugh, and make them feel at ease around him, but he had no idea about how important these childhood experience would be in his later career. What Hart impressed his public with, was precisely this sincere approach to his own experience, to his own faults and weaknesses. He definitely took advantage of what destiny brought him, by coping with his previous experiences through humor.

With regard to his education, he first attended George Washington High School in his hometown, and then graduated from Temple University in his home town. Soon afterwards, he moved to Brockton, Massachusetts and started working as a shoe salesman.

Kevin Hart

Beginning of the career

‘If there’s one thing Kevin Hart can do, it’s to sell shoes.  If there’s one thing Kevin Hart can do better than sell shoes, it’s explode into one of the foremost comedians and entertainers in the industry today’. Extracted from the biography article posted on Kevin’s official website, this quote refers to only the successful version of Kevin; there was also one that failed, but he didn’t give up. The comedian passed through a lot of difficulties in his attempt to fulfill his dreams. He wasn’t successful or appreciated at the beginning of his career  – his first shows, including at the LAff House in Philadelphia, were held mostly in small night clubs in New York or Los Angeles. During them he was frequently booed, and became the object of ridicule because of his slight height (5ft 4ins – 1.63m).

First success – the light at the end of the tunnel

After a short period of time, he gave up the nickname that he was using – Lil Kev, embarrassed by his own identity and his life story, and managed to build his own unique comedic style. His first boost was represented by the tour “I’m a Grown Little Man” (2009). He made a big hit in 2011 with the tour “Laugh at My Pain”, which was also the source of inspiration for a documentary.  Kevin’s stand up shows have been highly appreciated in the last five years, too, particularly during the “What Now?” tour in 2015 – the album based on the tour was even nominated for Grammy Best Comedy Album in 2018. In the same year, the American comedian won People’s Choice Award for The Comedy Act.

Acting – another passion

Kevin began his acting career in 2002 in “Undeclared”, “Paper Soldiers” with a main role, “Scary Movie” the third, and the fourth movie “Soul Plane” (2004). However, these weren’t very successful appearances, but in 2012 he had an important role in the successful movie “Think Like a Man”, which helped him secure another big project – “Grudge Match” (2013).

Recently he has also founded his own production company – HartBeat Productions. Among the latest accomplishment of it are releasing the film “Night School” (2018), and signing a collaboration contract with Nickelodeon. Kevin Hart’s acting can also be admired in his latest movie – “The Upside” – released in 2019. New and better projects are yet to be publicly announced by the actor for this and the following year.

Is Kevin’s personal life a successful one, too?

Despite the tumultuous periods of time in the past, Kevin looks like he has found the secret of how to strike a balance between his professional and personal life. The most important woman of his life is the model Eniko Parrish – they became engaged in 2014, and married two years later, and now have a son, Kenzo Kash, born in 2017. Kevin has also two other children from his previous marriage with Torrie Hart. Torrie was the one who supported all Kevin’s initial attempts to succeed in the industry, and in the meantime managed to build a thriving environment for their children. However, after a 7 year-long marriage they filed for divorce in 2010, and by 2011 had reached an agreement to split their daughter and son’s custody.

Rumors and controversy around Kevin Hart

One of the things that surprised Kevin’s entire community of fans was the fact that he admitted cheating on his current wife while she was pregnant with their son. In 2013, Hart was arrested being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, found guilty on 3 August and received a three-year long probation penalty.

A lot of lively discussions whave held about his body measurements, and how difficult it may be for him as a man to face the mockery of some members of the public. However, he demonstrated to the entire world that with a height of only 1.63 meters (5ft 4 inches) and a weight of approximately 65 kg, each and every talented and confident man can fulfill his dreams, achieve success and make a fortune. Authoritative sources estimate his net worth to be around $120 million, gathered in his over 15-years career.

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