Kylee Evans: Wiki Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married, Salary, Family, Children

• Kylee Evans is a Canadian actress and married to colleague actor Sandy Jobin-Bevans for 8 years.
• They are both comedians and often collaborate on projects.
• Kylee studied Voice Performance in college and has had notable performances in musicals such as "Little Shop of Horrors" and "Legally Blonde".
• She is currently starring in the TV drama "Good Witch".
• Kylee's net worth is currently unknown.

When you know a comedian, you know that you will not be bored in his company. And if you’re married to one, you can be sure that your whole life will be fun. Kylee Evans and her ‘colleague’ spouse have a guaranteed laugh for a lifetime.

Kylee Evans

Kylee Evans Biography

Blonde beauty with a great sense of humor, Kylee Evans, was born Canadian. Her birthplace is the town of Stellarton, in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. She currently lives in Toronto, in the neighborhood of Niagara, where she moved from the King Area. Kylee Evans is married to her colleague actor, Sandy Jobin-Bevans, for the past 8 years. The couple still has no children. Still, she is very close to her two daughters, the sons of her older sister Khea.

The exact date of Kylee Evans’s birth is not known, and as we shouldn’t ask ladies how old they are, we can assume this handsome actress is at the beginning of the fifth decade, as her husband is 46 now. Although she looks much younger than her age. Kylee matriculated from local high school in Stellarton. At the same time, she was a member of the drama club and participated in school events. After that, she enrolled at Western University in Ontario, where she earned a Bachelor in Music degree, in Voice Performance course.

Kylee’s Unusual Love Story

The love story of the lovely Kylee Evans and her spouse Sandy is pretty unusual. The actress noticed her current husband while she was on a date 2004 with her former boyfriend. That happened on the stage of Toronto’s Second City, where Sandy performed. Obviously, his charisma attracted Kylee, who approached him with no shame after the show. In her own words, she ‘knew that she would marry him one day.’ Kylee Evans and her husband had a rather harmonious relationship, without any affairs. However, their first date didn’t go well. The two went to horse racing track, where they bet, and lost almost all their money. Today, they laugh at this anecdote.

Travels are a mutual passion for this couple, so they are using spare time to visit exotic destinations. They even spent four months at a cruiser where they performed together. It helped them to get to know each other better and strengthen the relationship. The relationship became more and more serious, so Kylee and Sandy decided to marry after 7 years. The romantic, intimate wedding, attended by their closest ones, took place in Pictou Lodge Beach Resort, Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada on 17 September 2011. Since now, they seem to have time of their lives together, as they are not only emotional, but ‘business’ partners too.

Career Information

As a very talented girl, this native Canadian knew that one day she would succeed in the world of show business. Kylee’s acting beginnings are related to the opera. However, Kylee soon discovered that, besides singing, theatre is her passion too. And soon she became one of the most sought-after actresses in musicals. She had notable performances in “Little Shop of Horrors,” “Evil Dead: The Musical,” and “Legally Blonde.” As Elle in “Legally Blonde,” she got her first Broadway World nomination in 2013. This was her first recognition as an actress. As far as the movie screen is concerned, Kylee has had some minor roles in comedies so far.

She was mostly engaged in TV shows. So she officially began her TV career in 2006, with an episodic role in the mix of drama and comedy, “Billable Hours.” After taking a break from TV appearances and focusing on the theatre, Kylee re-activated in 2014, in kids’ TV show “The Stanley Dynamic.” Soon, she got an engagement which became the highlight of her career – a role in the TV drama “Good Witch,” which fifth season is currently broadcasting. Kylee Evans became recognizable by the role of Stefanie Borden, a lovely bar owner in the eternal quest for love.

Kylee and Sandy’s Mutual Projects

Kylee and Sandy seem to be compatible on the TV screen too. Kylee’s guest appearance in “Life with Boys” in 2013 was their first mutual project. Her husband played one of the main roles. Also, they both appeared as guests at CBC’s “The Ron James Show” and in a game show “Deal or No Deal.”

Kylee is a rising star in the world of comedy, and her husband Sandy is multi-rewarded comedian. For the producers of family TV show “Just like Mom and Dad,” these two seem like a winning combination. Since 2018, they co-hosted this exciting project where families compete for the prize. The competitors will go through three challenging rounds, and they should show how well they know each other. And this witty duo makes this show even more entertaining with their brilliant humor.

Salary and Net Worth

Kylee Evans is a promising TV star, engaged in multiple show business fields, as an actress, TV host, guest host, etc. These sources of income are enough for her luxurious life. Kylee’s salary is still unknown, so as her net worth, but there is no doubt that both will grow in the future.

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