“Life Below Zero” star Sue Aikens’ Wiki-Bio: Net Worth, Husband, Son, Salary, Daughter, Age, Family, Young, Lawsuit

• Sue Aikens is a reality television personality who stars in the TV series documentary "Life Below Zero" on the National Geographic Channel.
• She was raised in Mount Prospect, Chicago, Illinois and moved to Alaska with her mother when her parents divorced.
• Her breakthrough came in 2013 when she was chosen to appear as one of the main cast of the TV documentary series “Life Below Zero”.
• She filed a lawsuit against the producers of “Life Below Zero” in 2017, claiming that the contract with the BBC was quite onerous.
• She is the owner of the Kavik River Camp and has an estimated net worth of over $500,000.

Who is Sue Aikens?

Susan Aikens was born on the 1st July 1963, in Mount Prospect, Chicago, Illinois USA, so is currently aged 55. She is probably best recognized for being one in the cast of the TV series documentary “Life Below Zero”, which has been airing on the National Geography Channel since 2013. She was also the cast in the reality TV series “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, as well as another one entitled “Flying Wild Alaska”.


Early Life and Education

Speaking about her early life, Sue Aikens spent one part of her childhood in the urban area of Chicago, where she was raised by her father and mother until the age of 12 when her parents divorced, so she had to move with her mother to Alaska. They settled down in a small village located 80km north of Fairbanks, one of the largest cities there, but it did not last long before she was abandoned by her own mother. and left alone to take care of herself in the cold wilderness, so Alaska would turn out to be her permanent place of residence. Regarding her education, it is only known that she attended the Lowell Whiteman School.

Career Beginnings

Being a subsistence hunter in order to survive, and a woman living in harsh conditions of Alaska’s freezing wilderness, Sue was spotted by producers who have worked on several documentary reality TV series. So, prior to becoming one of the main cast of “Life Below Zero”, Sue made her debut television appearance in the reality TV series “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” in 2010, which was aired on the TLC Network and hosted by Sarah Palin, a former Alaska Governor. Subsequently, she was cast in another reality TV series entitled “Flying Wild Alaska” between 2011 and 2012 on the Discovery Channel. Both of these projects completely changed her life, as she achieved enormous popularity, and her net worth started rising.

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Rise to Fame and “Life Below Zero”

However, her breakthrough came in 2013, when she was chosen to appear as one of the main cast of the TV documentary series “Life Below Zero”, produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The show premiered on the 19th May and has since been airing on the National Geography Network. Her appearances alongside nine other Alaskans have increased further not only her popularity, but also her net worth.

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About the Show

The show is named after the below zero conditions in which people live, and is about their daily struggle to survive in the harsh, freezing atmosphere of the secluded state of Alaska. The show also illustrates both daily and seasonal activities of people who try their best to make their living in one of the most remote areas of the world. It follows several families and individuals, and since its start in 2013, the show has garnered a large following and fan base. The show is currently in its 10th season.


Having serious problems with the producers of “Life Below Zero”, Sue decided to file a lawsuit against them in February of 2017, claiming that the contract with the BBC was quite onerous and caused her a lot of emotional stress, as she is forced to film dangerous scenes without regard for her safety. She also said that she cannot wear any protective face mask or helmet, and when she had the snow machine crash after driving it unwillingly, the crew behind the camera did not want to help her immediately, in order to film her struggling with injury.

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Is she leaving the show?

With all these difficulties and legal issues with the BBC producers, Sue Aikens has been called to leave the show by some of her fans. However, she has not decided yet, and has continued to promote the show across her social media sites. The case is still open, and maybe she does not want to leave the show before the case is resolved.

Attacked by Wild Bear

Living in the wilderness which is fraught with danger can be truly life-threatening, as there are a wide variety of wild animals, so violent contacts between them and humans are not rare. Unfortunately, Sue experienced it when she was attacked by a wild bear in 2007, while she was pumping water out of the river. The attack was unexpected and she failed to defend herself, but later managed to kill the bear. She suffered serious injuries, and stayed at the place for the next ten days until a local pilot found her lying there helplessly.

Other Appearances

Her unique way of life shown in several television projects caught the attention not only of the large audience, but also of the media. In addition, she has also guest-starred in various TV shows, such as “Access Hollywood Live”, “The Joe Rogan Experience”, “Today” and “Fox & Friends”, among many others, all of which have contributed to her wealth.

Kavik River Camp

Apart from being a highly popular reality television personality, Sue is also known as the owner of the Kavik River Camp. The camp is located nearby the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and provides various activities, including hunting, fishing, hiking and exploring, during the hunting seasons for hunters as well as for tourists who seek adventure. It also provides lodging during the summer.

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Sue Aikens Net Worth

Her career as a reality television personality started in 2010, and since then she has been an active member of the entertainment industry. So, if you ever wondered how rich Sue Aikens is, it has been estimated by authoritative sources that the total size of her net worth is over $500,000, accumulated largely through her appearances in several television projects. Her annual salary is over $200,000, with another source of her wealth coming from running the Kavik River Camp, so her wealth would seem sure to rise.

Personal Life

Sue successfully separates her professional life from her personal life, so little is known about that, though she has been active in the media for eight years. However, it is known that she has been married three times and has two daughters and a son, but none of them live with her. In 2016, she shared on her official Twitter account a photo of her son at his wedding. Moreover, it is also known that she has grandchildren, while other information has not been revealed to the public yet. According to her Facebook account, she is currently in a relationship with Michael G. Heinrich.

Social Media Presence

In addition to her involvement in the entertainment industry as one of the main cast in highly popular reality TV series’, Sue Aikens is also active on her official Twitter account, using it to promote her projects as well as to share various other content. Furthermore, she is also active on her private Facebook account, on which she has more than 50,000 followers.

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  1. Hi Sue, is there any way possible that you could be my friend on Facebook or could you send me an email? You are my # 1 SUPERSTAR and I would really like to talk to you! You are so awesome on LBZ! Not many other women could do what you do! Take care and stay healthy and safe!

  2. Hi Susie do,

    I just started watching Life Below Zero. You are the one person of interest to me. You’re so brave and the coolest person. I watch each episode to see your next adventure. You’re very inspiring. I hope you will take the time to read this and respond.
    Another one of many admirers.

  3. Typical white people syndrome… thinks she knows everything, contradicts herself non-stop, thinks she better than everyone and everything, quick to file a lawsuit, gives the word over-dramatic a whole new meaning, just too much to lists. She’s just full of sh*t. The best episode in “Life Below” was when they caught her snow machine accident, I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

    1. You have a nasty attitude. ..do you know Sue personally? Just didn’t have anything better to do but trash someone and laugh at an accident that took months to heal. I will pray for you.

      1. You have to admit she’s cocky. Now reading her bio my question is, how much in plastic surgery did she get this 2022 season? Asking for a friend

    2. I think Thomas is just jealous because he couldn’t do half the stuff she does. She’s a smart woman. I wish I knew half of what she knows. She had a tough life when she was younger. I would of fell apart . Don’t make negative comments until you walked a day in they’re shoes.

  4. My husband and I watch Life Below Zero religiously. We Love the show. We’ve been to Alaska, so watching the show brings back happy memories.

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