Lilah Gibney – The Transgender YouTuber and Instagram Model

Lilah Gibney is probably most known for her YouTube vlogs and a vibrant Instagram presence. She was born male, but has undergone a gender transition since 2020, and shared her journey on her social media accounts. Today, she has a large following of fans who support her on her journey of self-discovery.

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Early life, social media career

Lilah Gibney was born on 2 May 1998, in the United States, but details about her family have not been publicly disclosed. Her early life was a testament to resilience, shaped by her struggles of self-discovery as a transgender person.

Before her social media career took flight, Lilah spent her time working at a McDonald’s, a chapter of her life marked by dedication and the pursuit of personal growth. However, it was in 2014 that she ventured onto a transformative path that would not only alter her life, but also impact countless others through her vibrant social media career. Today, Lilah has around 52,000 followers on her YouTube channel, and nearly 90,000 on Instagram.

With an innate passion for self-expression and a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those around her, Lilah launched her YouTube channel. The platform became the canvas for her art of authenticity, where she began sharing vlogs with experiences, trials and triumphs. What set Lilah apart was her unwavering commitment to honesty and openness – in a world of curated and polished social media content, she chose to showcase her life unfiltered, a choice that resonated profoundly with her audience.

Lilah Gibney’s vlogging style has always been deeply personal, but it reached its most profound level when she decided to share her transition journey from male to female. She took her audience along on her entire journey, documenting the emotional and physical aspects of her transition, but what truly set her apart was her willingness to share the most intimate moments of her transition, even recording vlogs straight from the hospital moments after her surgery was completed. In these raw and unfiltered vlogs, Lilah offered a glimpse into the immediate aftermath of a significant and life-changing event. Her light-hearted attitude and kindness in these moments deeply resonated with her fans, who flocked to her side offering their support.

These vlogs were more than just videos; they were a source of inspiration for those seeking to better comprehend the experiences and emotions that come with transitioning. Lilah’s decision to lay bare the highs, the lows, and the vulnerabilities that accompanied her journey was a powerful act of connection and empowerment, reminding us all of the transformative potential of personal storytelling in the digital age.

Incident with Jake Paul’s team 10

The incident involving Lilah Gibney being kicked out of a Team 10 house party in 2019, alongside her transgender friend, garnered significant attention, and raised concerns about transphobia within the group.

Tensions escalated during the house party, when Lilah and her friend were asked to leave. Lilah later shared her perspective on the incident in a YouTube video, providing insight into the events that transpired that evening.

According to Lilah, the turning point of the evening was a comment made by Team 10’s editor, Blane O’Roark. Lilah captured a video at the scene where O’Roark can be heard saying, “I just thought real girls were coming,” which Lilah perceived as a disrespectful and transphobic statement. Lilah’s decision to share her experience in a YouTube video was an act of courage and transparency.

The incident and Lilah’s video prompted discussions about the importance of respecting and supporting transgender individuals, and highlighted the need for awareness and education regarding gender identity and inclusion. It also led to debates within the online community about the behavior of certain members of Team 10.

While this incident was undoubtedly challenging for Lilah, her decision to speak out against transphobia and share her story on a public platform further underscored her role as an advocate for the transgender community. It emphasized the potential for social media to shed light on issues related to discrimination and prejudice and to encourage conversations about fostering a more inclusive and understanding society.

Jake Paul’s team 10

Team 10 was a social media influencer collective and talent management company co-founded by Jake Paul, an American YouTuber, actor, and internet personality. Established in 2017, Team 10 gained significant attention and notoriety within the world of online content creation.

Team 10 was originally based in a mansion in Los Angeles, where a group of young content creators, including Jake Paul, lived and collaborated. The collective’s primary aim was to create and promote viral content across various social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Team 10 members often participated in pranks, challenges, and collaborative projects, and their content often focused on entertainment and lifestyle topics.

The group’s membership changed over time, with new creators joining and others departing. The collective’s dynamic atmosphere, youthful energy, and controversies related to its members contributed to its popularity and media attention.

In addition to content creation, Team 10 provided its members with management and support services, helping them grow their personal brands and careers in the digital space. Jake Paul, as one of the co-founders, played a central role in leading and representing the collective.

Over the years, Team 10 experienced its share of controversies and internal conflicts, which at times overshadowed the content produced by its members. As a result, the collective’s reputation became a topic of debate within the online community.

Appearance and clothing style

Lilah Gibney’s journey of transition has brought about remarkable changes in her appearance, a testament to her commitment to living authentically. During her transition, she’s undergone various surgeries, including a breast enhancement surgery, to align her physical self with her true identity.

Standing at 5ft 8ins and weighing around 125lbs (55kgs), Lilah possesses a striking presence that is as confident as it is elegant. Her features, radiant smile, and graceful posture reflect not only her beauty but also the journey of self-discovery and transformation that she has embraced.

Lilah’s fashion choices are an extension of her authentic self. Her clothing style is a unique blend of comfort, confidence, and individuality. From casual wear that reflects her laid-back persona to more elegant ensembles that highlight her refined sense of style, Lilah’s wardrobe reflects her diverse personality and her evolving identity.

Net Worth

While Lilah Gibney’s primary focus has been on sharing her personal transformation and experiences, her remarkable journey as a YouTuber and Instagram model has also translated into substantial financial success. As of the latest estimates, Lilah’s net worth is reported to be approximately $5 million, a reflection of both her influence and her entrepreneurial spirit.

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