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• Tyler Steinkamp is a popular "League of Legends" streamer on Twitch with over two million followers
• His net worth is estimated at $750,000
• He was once banned for his antagonistic behavior towards other players
• He hosted the Tyler1 Championship Series with a $50,000 prize pool
• He is in a relationship with Instagram personality Macaiyla and is active on social media

Who is Loltyler1?

Tyler Steinkamp was born on 6 March 1995, in Missouri, USA, and is a streamer, known for being one of the most popular “League of Legends” (LoL) personalities on the streaming website Twitch. He has over two million followers on the website, despite being previously banned from the game because of his antagonistic behavior towards other players, being named “The Most Toxic Player in North America”, but was reinstated to the community in 2018 after demonstrating improved behavior.

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The Net Worth of Loltyler1

How rich is Loltyler1? As of early-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is at $750,000, earned through a successful career streaming on Twitch. During his return in 2018, he peaked at over 386,000 viewers on Twitch, which broke the record at the time. As he continues his endeavors, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Video Game Beginnings

Very little information is available about Loltyler1’s childhood, his family, and his path towards his interest in video games, but it’s known that he was interested in both video games and sports at a young age. He played football during high school, and after matriculating, enrolled at Central Methodist University in Missouri.

During his time there, he took up computer science with the intention of focusing on a career involving video games. He also played as a running back for the university football team. It was around this time that he discovered the streaming website Twitch, and started streaming the video game “League of Legends” which was highly popular at the time. Eventually he gained enough skill in the game to become one of the top players in North America, attracting a significant number of followers, which led him to decide to drop out of school to focus on streaming full-time.


Rise and Fall

In 2014, Loltyler1 was ranked 14 on the North American “League of Legends” ladder – he had a steady following but became known mostly for his toxic behavior. He verbally abused other players, threatened them, and intentionally lost the game which led him to an indefinite ban on 22 counts, being named by the online community as The Most Toxic Player in North America. However, his community gained a lot of followers after his announcement that he had reformed.

Unfortunately his attitude quickly reverted to previous form, leading professional players to condemn his behavior, also criticizing developer Riot Games for not doing something to prevent this behavior. In 2016 Riot Games finally announced that Steinkamp was no longer allowed to own an account, following which his accounts were immediately banned. He was forced to branch out of “League of Legends” and became more eccentric with his content. He played other games such as “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” and also did comedic content in front of a green screen for April Fool’s Day. In 2017, a Riot Game employee insulted Loltyler1, and Riot Games immediately took action, leading the employee to terminate his employment. Tyler made a comment online that he had already changed in response.

Return to League of Legends

In late 2017, Loltyler1 received an email from Riot Games stating that his ban would be lifted, if the accounts he played on during the last month were clean of abusive behavior. He was able to comply, leading to the ban being lifted, confirmed by Riot Games. He returned to streaming the game in 2018, and his stream peaked over 385,000 viewers, breaking the record for most concurrent viewers for an individual streamer on Twitch at the time, although broken a month later by Dr. DisRespect. He also admitted in his stream that he was addicted to “League of Legends”, prompting the community to help one another when it comes to addiction. Sometime later, he surpassed 30,000 paid subscribers on Twitch and now has around two million followers on the website. He also has over a million subscribers on YouTube.

The Tyler1 Championship Series

Loltyler1 hosted an online tournament for “League of Legends” called the Tyler1 Championship Series (TCS), which was intended as a parody of the LCS, League of Legends Championship Series. He streamed in front of a green screen, and the event was highly popular, even viewed by professional players as well as LCS casters, with the winning team awarded $10,000 funded by himself directly. The series made its return in 2018 with an increased prize pool of $50,000, and received a lot of praise due to the improved quality of the tournament.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, it is known that Loltyler1 is in a relationship with Instagram personality Macaiyla, who is also known in the “League of Legends” community for her cosplay of various characters of the game. Both of them are fitness buffs, and Tyler is known for selling his own brand of pre-workout supplements.

Similar to numerous streamers and video game personalities, he is very active online through accounts on major social media websites Twitch and Instagram. He mainly posts a lot of comedic content, and his involvement with the “League of Legends” community. He’s been seen at events with some of the most popular names in the game’s professional scene.

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