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Naomi Scott, formerly Naomi Sablan, is an American producer, writer and actress, probably best known for her work on the comedy TV series “Ghosted.”

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Early life, family, education

Naomi Scott was born on 29 November 1972, in California, USA, where she grew up. She always had a passion for cinema, and early on set her life on a path to becoming a producer.

There is little information about her parents and siblings, as she prefers to keep her privacy. Similarly, there is no information about her education, but there is speculation that she attended a theater or film academy.


Her career in acting began in 2001, when she played a minor role in the romantic comedy “Kissing Jessica Stein.” The film was directed by Charles Herman-Wurmfeld, and centers around Jessica Stein, portrayed by Jennifer Westfield, who is looking for her perfect man. However, the movie comes to a twist when instead she discovers the perfect woman. Despite limited screentime Naomi had in the film, she still left a lasting impression and demonstrated her acting capabilities among established actors.

In 2011, she took to the big screen again, when she appeared as minor character Clare, in an episode of the TV series “Sadie J.” This was at the same time her last acting role in her career, as she’s kept her focus on producing movies.

Her first involvement with production came in 2003, when she was an assistant producer for the TV series “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Following, in 2005, she produced 16 episodes of the comedy TV series “The Andy Milonakis Show.” In the following several years, she expanded her producing portfolio with projects such as “Chrissy: Plain and Simple,” “Alligator Boots,” “The First A.D,” and “Ass Castle: Part 1.”  However, these projects received only limited success, due to their small scale.

Despite that, Naomi was soon involved with bigger and more successful projects, most notably the TV series “The Greatest Event in Television History”; she produced three episodes of the show, while her husband, Adam, played one of the lead roles.

In 2016, she produced the drama comedy film “Other People,” which achieved wide success, with a 6.8 star rating on IMDb with over 12,000 reviews. The story centers around a struggling comedy writer who returns to Sacramento to take care of his terminally ill mother.

The following year, she was involved with the comedy movie “Fun Mom Dinner,” which was directed by Alethea Jones. The movie received praise for its unique style of comedy and exceptional cinematography, despite a limited budget of under $5 million.

Her most recent, and simultaneously most successful involvement was with the TV series “Ghosted,” for which she produced 16 episodes. The show was created by Tom Gormican, and has a paranormal-themed premise with Adam Scott and Craig Robinson as the main characters – Scott plays Max Jennifer, a former Stanford professor who becomes a bookstore employee after a personal tragedy, while Craig plays Leroy Wright, a mall security guard with a criminal past. The two are recruited by an organization called the Bureau Underground to investigate paranormal activities and unexplained phenomena in Los Angeles.

Marriage with Adam Scott

Adam and Naomi first crossed paths in 1998 when they were both in their early twenties, as reported by Vulture. Scott was pursuing acting roles, and Naomi was involved in producing Internet content – when they were introduced at a Sunset Boulevard bar, their initial meeting wasn’t particularly smooth.

Scott shared that “Naomi left promptly” following the brief interaction, and she later clarified that she was put off simply because he was an actor. Fortunately, her opinion underwent a positive shift after she witnessed the comedian work his magic on stage.

In 2005, Naomi and Adam tied the knot after seven years of dating. While the ceremony details remain private, Adam shared his key to a happy marriage with the news outlet Page Six. According to him, the crucial strategy is to avoid distractions, emphasizing the importance of putting away devices like iPhones when spending time together. This approach seems to have been effective, as more than 15 years later, the couple is still going strongly. In a May interview with Us Weekly, Adam expressed his deep admiration for Naomi, describing her as the coolest, smartest, funniest, and most beautiful person. He credited their lasting relationship to the simplicity of mutual love and appreciation.

Scott and his wife are parents to two children, a daughter named Frankie and a son named Graham. Their kids, avid fans of their father’s show, Severance, have shown a newfound interest in Scott’s work. According to Scott’s comments to Us Weekly, Severance has deeply resonated with them, marking the first instance where they’ve openly expressed enthusiasm for his professional endeavors.

Adam Scott short bio

Adam Scott, born on 3 April 1973, in Santa Cruz, California, is an accomplished American actor, producer, and comedian. With a career spanning over two decades, Adam has left an indelible mark on both television and film. He gained prominence for his role as Ben Wyatt in the hit NBC series “Parks and Recreation.” His diverse filmography includes notable performances in movies like “Step Brothers,” “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” and “Krampus.” Known for his wit and versatility, Adam has seamlessly transitioned between comedic and dramatic roles.

Adam Scott has two elder siblings, Shannon and David. According to Adam, his brother David looks like him “… but is far more cerebral …” adding that he inherited the intellect of their parents, as both of them used to be teachers. He completed his high school education at Harbor High School and is a proud graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, California, having completed the program in the class of 1993.


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Naomi Scott stands at a height of 5ft 9ins (1.75m) and weighs around 132lbs (60kg). She has long brown hair and dark brown eyes, is very slim and athletic, likely as a result of frequent Yoga, Zumba, and various other exercises.

Naomi embraces a predominantly minimal and casual fashion sense, prioritizing comfort over fleeting trends. Her fashion choices align seamlessly with her personality, mirroring a simplicity and sweetness that defines her overall demeanor. She is frequently seen wearing dresses, cozy sweaters and pants. However, when the occasion presents itself, she likes to dress up in elegant and stylish outfits, which match that of her husband.

Net worth

As of 2023, Naomi Scott’s net worth has been estimated at around $8 million, primarily related to her significant success in the entertainment industry, but it’s also likely linked to her husband’s success as an actor.

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