Meet Megan Guthrie: The Creative Mind Behind Megnutt02

Megan Guthrie, recognized by her online moniker Megnutt02, has undeniably made a mark in the realm of social media, particularly on TikTok. Her distinctive presence is characterized by provocative outfits and sultry poses, sometimes veering into explicit territory, which has garnered her a substantial and dedicated following. Notably, her ascent to fame experienced a significant surge when a nude photo was leaked online during her early foray into the digital landscape. What truly sets Megnutt02 apart from other influencers presenting similar material is her unique and quirky personality. She manages to carve out her niche by infusing her videos with a distinctive charm that resonates with her audience.

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Background on Megan Guthrie

Megan Guthrie, born on Valentine’s Day in 2002, describes herself as a tomboy, with no fashion sense while growing up. Hailing from Broward County, in the southeastern part of Florida within the Miami metropolitan area, Megan’s early years were spent in the suburbs. However, her journey led her to the picturesque coastline, and she now resides in an apartment in South Beach Miami, captivated by its allure.

While Megan keeps much of her family life private, a glimpse into her personal world reveals the presence of a stepbrother named Christian – a poignant moment shared on her Instagram account showcased the celebration of his third birthday in December 2021. Megan reflected on a memory from the past, when her father sat her down and shared the news of Christian’s impending arrival. Initially, grappling with the idea of having a sibling significantly younger, with a 16-year age gap, she soon found in Christian not just a brother but a best friend. Despite the age difference, she envisions herself continuing to guide Christian through life’s journey, drawing from her own experiences. Megan embraces the role of a mentor, aspiring to be a source of support as Christian grows older. Her desire is to encourage and champion his goals and dreams, fostering an environment in which he can learn and thrive.

Went through a period of depression

Megan Guthrie’s adolescence was marked by an emo phase in middle school, and subsequent struggles with depression during high school. Her troubled teen years in a Catholic school reached a breaking point when her parents discovered her with a bottle of vodka, following a suicide attempt. Post-hospitalization, Megan’s family expressed deep concern; the details of her traumatic experiences remained undisclosed. It was during the quarantine, an unexpected period of reflection, that Megan underwent a transformative journey towards self-love and genuine happiness. She shared a profound epiphany that reshaped her outlook. It occurred when she questioned why she was stuck in sadness despite the beauty in the world. For the first time in her life, she found herself overcome with tears, but this time it was joy, not sorrow, that triggered such strong emotions.

Upon turning 18 in 2020, Megan took to Instagram to reflect on her significant growth over the past year. Comparing herself to her 17-year-old self, she expressed astonishment at the unexpected positive turns her life had taken. With newfound goals, a strengthened sense of self-love, and a strong support system in place, Megan conveyed her contentment, stating that there was nothing more she could ask for. Grateful for the positive changes in her life, Megan acknowledged the role she played as a positive role model and source of inspiration for others through her online content.

Career – Her Journey As A Content Creator

How she got started on TikTok

Megan Guthrie’s entry into the world of video creation under the name of Megnutt02 stemmed from a rebellious spirit. Initially barred from using social media due to being grounded by her parents, Megan defied the restrictions and started making TikTok videos. The unexpected happened as her videos gained momentum, progressively accumulating more views. In a blink, Megan found herself amassing 10,000 followers, marking the inception of her journey as a content creator. This bold step into the realm of social media against parental restrictions became the catalyst for Megan’s growing online presence and subsequent success.

First video that hit one million likes on TikTok

Upon reaching 45,000 followers on TikTok, Megan decided to diversify her content. Transitioning from dance videos in her pool or backyard, she introduced a comedic character called “Hall Monitor.” Through Point Of View (POV) skits, she humorously questioned, ‘Excuse me, where’s your hall pass?’ initiating various narratives. The response was staggering. Notably, this series marked Megan’s first video to hit a million likes, catapulting her to a new level of recognition.

The “Hall Monitor” character evolved into a substantial series, single-handedly contributing to a remarkable gain of a million followers. Megan drew inspiration from individuals from her Catholic school days who had a knack for getting on her nerves. This shift in content not only showcased Megan’s versatility but also highlighted the potential for unexpected characters to resonate and captivate audiences, solidifying her status as a dynamic and innovative content creator.

Creating content

In the realm of content creation, Megan Guthrie acknowledges facing occasional lulls in which inspiration eludes her. Despite these challenges, she maintained an impressive consistency, diligently posting five times a day for two years straight. However, even the most dedicated creators encounter moments of exhaustion, prompting Megan to take a week-long break to recharge and find a new vibe. She reveals that she often gives herself a hard time, setting high standards that she strives to meet consistently. Instead of seeing it as a burden, creating content is a satisfying creative outlet for her. She takes pride in her accomplishments to date.

Receiving love and hate

Expressing her passion for creation, Megan Guthrie states, ‘I love to create, and I love the impact it can have on other people.’ The genuine connection with her audience has been a source of profound moments for Megan. The realization that her creations could bring joy and positivity to others was a touching revelation, warming her heart. Acknowledging the presence of hate messages, Megan remains resilient, emphasizing that it’s the ‘love’ comments that truly matter. The positive impact on those who appreciate her work makes every effort worthwhile.

Making a career out of her hobby

Megan Guthrie is grateful as she looks back on her unexpected social media journey. Initially unsure if people would be interested, she now feels humbled by the growing support. What began as a personal hobby has turned into a full-fledged job, transforming content creation into a lucrative profession. Her unexpected success hasn’t just increased her online visibility; it has also led to tangible benefits, including opportunities like modeling for swimwear. This has enabled her to lead a fulfilling and comfortable lifestyle.

What her family thinks of her popularity on TikTok

Megan Guthrie’s rapid rise to popularity on TikTok during quarantine left her initially grappling with the surreal nature of her newfound fame. As the numbers skyrocketed, it didn’t quite register as real for her, however, reality hit home when her family and friends began noticing her posts surfacing on their cousins’ and friends’ pages.


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The acknowledgment from her inner circle prompted concerned calls, advising her on the content she shared. Yet amidst this feedback, Megan’s dad offered a supportive perspective. Recognizing that she wasn’t causing harm, he questioned why she shouldn’t continue sharing her content. As Meghan’s follower count reached three million, her family transitioned from initial reservations to acceptance, signifying a shift in their perception of her online presence. At present, she has over 12 million followers on TikTok.

Nude photo leaked online

A 17-year-old Megan Guthrie faced an unexpected turn in her online journey when a nude picture, revealing her breasts, was leaked online. Surprisingly, this incident led to a staggering gain of two million followers. Her first encounter with the leaked photo occurred when she opened her computer and found it on Reddit. In response, Meghan took to X (formerly Twitter) on 6 April 2020, addressing the situation with the tweet, ‘Never thought I’d be a trending search on pornhub, let alone w/o my knowledge’ and using hashtags like ‘#lovemyself,’ ‘#empowerwomen,’ ‘#noshame,’ and more. She acknowledged the incident’s impact by humorously claiming to have broken the internet, citing the fastest-growing sub-reddit in 24 hours—at least, as per her awareness at the time of the leak.

Months later, in an interview, Meghan clarified that many nude photos under her name were not hers, asserting that only a couple were authentic. Expressing confusion over the origin of the leaked photos, she couldn’t recall when they were taken, and remained uncertain about the circumstances surrounding their online exposure. This incident sheds light on the challenges and complexities that influencers may encounter in the digital age, navigating unexpected situations while maintaining control over their narrative.

Dealing with the leaked nude photo

Megan’s response to the leaked nude photo was unexpectedly lighthearted. While some might find it surprising, Megan’s ability to laugh off the situation stems from her past experiences of being bullied and ridiculed for merely being herself. Reading online comments about the incident feels somewhat surreal to her, given her history of facing criticism. The fact that the incident occurred during quarantine added another layer to Meghan’s perspective. With limited social interactions, the impact of online comments felt less immediate, providing her with a buffer from external noise. Naturally, amidst the commentary, she encountered rude individuals assigning blame or accusing her of being the source of the leak. However, Megan found solace in the support of individuals who offered kindness and understanding, during a challenging time.

Controversial photos on Tiktok

Megan Guthrie’s TikTok page has garnered a reputation for being controversial, a characterization she humorously protests by pointing out her adherence to the platform’s community guidelines. While she avoids posting explicit nude content, she acknowledges that a significant portion of her content straddles the line of explicitness. Contrary to a family-friendly image, Meghan candidly admits that not every post on her page is suitable for all audiences.

Venturing into OnlyFans

In the aftermath of her leaked nude photo, Megan Guthrie found herself inundated with suggestions to create an OnlyFans account. The reasoning seemed to be that since people had already seen a part of her nudity, taking the next step by joining OnlyFans was a natural progression. After three months of contemplation, Megan made the decision to embrace this platform as a means of monetizing her content.

Reflecting on her experience with OnlyFans, Megan expressed genuine enthusiasm for the platform’s ability to empower individuals to run their own business and pursue their unique creative vision. The aspect she values most is the complete control she has over her content, allowing her to infuse it with her personal touch. Even when participating in popular trends, Megan ensures to give it her own twist, making every piece a genuine reflection of her creative identity.

Her Instagram presence – 1.2 million followers

Megan‘s Instagram posts serve as a visual testament to her distinctive style, an expression of her unique fashion sense. When asked about the inspiration behind her looks, she reflects on her high school days in which a strict uniform stifled her ability to express herself. A pivotal moment occurred when she dared to wear bell-bottom jeans for the first time, enduring teasing from others. Rather than conforming to societal expectations, this experience fueled Megan’s determination to be true to herself, wearing whatever she wanted irrespective of external opinions. The restrictions and criticisms she faced only intensified her resolve to embrace her individuality.

Megan, the singer-actress

Not many people are aware that she has a few acting credits to her name. She appeared in a Filipino-American romantic comedy entitled “Take Me To Banaue” and in “Spider-Man and the Monsters of Manhattan,” an independent fan-made project not affiliated with Marvel.

Under the name, Megnutt, she dropped the tracks “Litty Titties” (2020) and “Cake” (2022). In September 2023, she released two more singles: “I Just (Not Ok)” and “In Broward,” accompanied by a music video. All of these songs feature explicit lyrics. However, it remains unclear if these songs gained significant traction.

What she would be doing if she’s not in social media

In an alternate reality, Megan Guthrie envisions herself attending college if not for her venture into social media. The turning point came after she reached a million followers, a moment when she faced a critical decision: whether to pursue a college education or commit to a full-time career in social media. Opting for the latter, Megan embraced the uncertainty of this path, taking a risk that has since proven rewarding.

She used to have a low opinion of influencers

Despite Megan Guthrie’s current success as a content creator and influencer, it might surprise fans to learn that she held a rather low opinion of influencers while growing up, candidly saying that at that time, she considered them to be ‘the dumbest things ever.’

Personal Life

Little is known about her personal life, and no significant other has been seen in her posts. However, during a podcast interview, she revealed that she’s been in a few toxic relationships. She mentioned an ex-boyfriend who sold her nude photo behind her back for $10,000, but never received the promised payment.

Interesting Facts

  • Megan made a notable appearance in “In Real Life,” hosted by Casey Boonstra for OnlyFans TV. The episode featured a culinary challenge in which Megan and Casey sampled exotic food in South Beach. The menu comprised tacos, each holding a surprising twist such as squash blossoms, lengua or cow’s tongue, and a Mexican dish called Chapulines or grasshoppers.
  • Her father’s hobby involved breeding dogs, and Megan herself was passionate about showing dogs. This shared interest in canine activities adds a personal touch to Megan’s life outside of social media, showcasing a familial bond over a shared hobby.
  • Megan incorporates Pilates into her workout routine. She’s also deeply passionate about aerial silks, a challenging performance art involving acrobatics while suspended from specialized fabrics, though it took her a while to learn this skill. An interesting aspect of Megan’s background is her parents owning a yoga studio, where she often used a hammock. This early exposure to yoga and a swinging hammock seems to have influenced her later fascination with aerial silks.
  • She showcases a proficiency in make-up artistry. Trained in special effects during middle school, Meghan honed her skills, becoming adept at creating captivating and transformative looks. Her love for Broadway musicals and background in theater performance further contributed to her flair for make-up application. Notably, Meghan pursued face painting professionally, and although she posted videos showcasing her expertise, the response may not have matched her expectations in terms of likes. This experience led her to refrain from sharing such content.
  • Megan has delved into the world of Minecraft, immersing herself in streaming on various platforms. This venture not only allowed her to explore a new gaming culture, but also provided an opportunity to connect with a passionate community, a prospect she finds particularly cool.


Megan Guthrie’s physical attributes are characterized by her height of 5ft 7ins (174cms) and a weight of 121lbs (55kgs). Her curvaceous figure is measured at 38-26-40ins (97-66-102cms). She has distinctive features with brown hair and captivating hazel eyes, contributing to her overall aesthetic appeal.

Net Worth

As of December 2023, Meghan Guthrie, with her success as a social media influencer and foray into the modeling world for swimwear, is reported to have an estimated net worth of over $1 million, according to authoritative sources.

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