Meet The Ice Hockey Star Ethan Edwards: Age, Height, Career, Bio

Hailing from Canada, Ethan Edwards has etched his name as a renowned hockey player, particularly known for his prowess as a professional defender. The New Jersey Devils of the National Hockey League (NHL)vrecognized his talent, selecting him in the fourth round of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft.

For those new to the world of hockey or simply curious about the life and journey of Ethan, join us as we embark on a journey to unravel the layers of his life and the trajectory of his burgeoning career. In doing so, we hope to provide a closer look at the individual behind the jersey, capturing the essence of his experiences on and off the ice.

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Early Personal Life

Born on 6 June 2002 in the heart of St. Albert, Alberta Canada, Ethan Edwards’ story unfolds against the backdrop of a close-knit family. Growing up, he shared the everyday moments with his parents, Lee and Tara, and a brother named Brett, forming the core of his childhood memories.

The Edwards family underwent a significant move, transitioning from the Northern Alberta town of Grande Prairie to the Edmonton suburb of St. Albert. This pivotal decision, made with the budding hockey careers of Ethan and Brett in mind, reflects the unwavering support of parents determined to nurture their sons’ passions.

This relocation not only brought the family closer to Fort McMurray, where Brett pursued Jr. A hockey, but also immersed Ethan in the competitive arena of Edmonton’s minor hockey scene. The move served as a catalyst for Ethan’s journey, propelling him to join the Bantam AAA team in St. Albert before becoming a part of the prestigious Northern Alberta Xtreme Prep (NAX) program.

The Edwards family, having found a sense of permanence in St. Albert, planted roots beyond the rink. In addition to their commitment to Ethan’s hockey aspirations, they opened the Bone & Biscuit Company, a pet food store, further weaving themselves into the fabric of the community. In the ebb and flow of life, these decisions and endeavours symbolize the resilience and dedication of a family invested in nurturing dreams and building a home, both on and off the ice.



Ethan proudly earned his diploma from Bellerose Composite High School, marking a significant milestone in his academic pursuits. During his senior year, he donned the jersey for Canada West in the 2019-20 World Junior A Challenge, an experience that not only showcased his athletic prowess but also forged bonds with teammates on an international stage.

He chose to delve into the intricacies of sports management. His college years became a period of growth and learning, where the pursuit of a degree became a testament to his dedication and passion for understanding the dynamics of the sports industry.


On the hockey rink, Ethan assumes the role of a defenceman, a position that demands both skill and resilience. His journey began with notable drafts by the Portland Winterhawks and the Sioux Falls Stampede in 2018, showcasing the recognition of his potential in the hockey world.

Opting to remain close to home, Ethan chose to don the jersey of the Spruce Grove Saints in the AJHL. In a remarkable display of skill and dedication, he contributed nine goals and 24 assists, accumulating 33 points in 50 games during the year. The play-offs witnessed his prowess with an additional two points in six games, earning him a spot on the AJHL (North) All-Rookie Team.

The 2019 season unfolded with Ethan playing ten regular-season games, adding one assist to his record. His playoff performance continued the narrative, with an additional assist in five games.

Notably, he proudly represented Team Canada West at the 2019 World Junior A Hockey Challenge, leaving his mark with one assist in four tournament games.

Prior to joining the AJHL, Ethan honed his skills in prep-school hockey for Northern Alberta X-Treme Prep, contributing to a championship win in the CSSHL. Standing at 5ft 10ins, his smaller stature is eclipsed by his exceptional mobility and speed, evident in both defensive and offensive manoeuvres on the ice.

Ethan’s offensive game is characterized by deft stickhandling and an ability to navigate the ice with finesse. His strategic choices in joining rushes and making pivotal passes showcase his intelligence on the ice. However, there’s room for growth in his shot, particularly in terms of both power and accuracy, aspects he acknowledges and seeks to improve on.

On the defensive front, Ethan’s positional awareness shines through, leveraging his lateral movement to steer opponents into unfavourable shooting positions. A reliable force, he disrupts passing lanes with an active stick, adept at creating turnovers. Despite his solid positioning, the challenge lies in his smaller stature, occasionally rendering him vulnerable against larger opponents along the boards or in front of the net.

As Ethan continues to evolve both on and off the ice, the narrative of his hockey journey is a testament to resilience, growth, and the pursuit of excellence.

Interesting Facts

Sadly, finding interesting facts about Ethan has proven impossible, so it’s likely that he might be trying to keep his private life out of the public eye.

Later Personal Life

It’s unclear if Ethan is currently dating anyone, or trying to focus on his career.

Physical Characteristics

Ethan is of average height at 5 ft 11 ins (177cms) and weighs about 185lbs (83kgs). He has blonde-brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Net Worth

Ethan’s career is going strongly, and as a result, he has an impressive estimated net worth of $1 million, as of late 2023.

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