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Ayla Woodruff

The lifestyle influencer Ayla Woodruff was born on 26th August 1992, in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA, and has now been on the scene for some years. Although many people first became acquainted with her as YouTuber Logan Paul’s assistant and rumored girlfriend, she soon branched out into other ventures, and is now living in Los Angeles with her partner and newborn son.

From aspiring media personality to having millions of followers across various platforms, Ayla has come a long way since the late 2010s, and is now embarking on a new and exciting journey: motherhood. Needless to say, her fans will be accompanying her as she navigates the ups and downs of life with an infant.

Ayla is reportedly 4ft 11ins (149cm) tall and weighs about 42kg (92lbs).


Ayla began working as Logan’s personal assistant in 2017, and it didn’t take long for netizens to speculate that the relationship between the Arizona native and the boxer wasn’t strictly a professional one. Logan himself added fuel to the flames by insinuating that there was something going on between himself and Ayla – but as it happens, she was reportedly in a years-long relationship with actor Mackinzie Dae at the time.

There aren’t many traces of Ayla and Mackinzie’s relationship, but in June 2017 the couple appeared together in the ninety-second short “Live. Laugh. Love”. Sometime in 2018, the model and actor broke up after almost five years, without giving much of an explanation.

In October 2018, Ayla did one of her first podcast interviews as she spoke on “The Two-Men Show” about her time as Logan’s assistant; however, she didn’t divulge any details about her ex-boyfriend. In any case, Logan’s online notoriety had already rubbed off on the Instagram model, as she was at that point working as a brand ambassador for Rivis Bikinis, Levi Jeans, and other companies.

Although Ayla created her YouTube channel in May 2017, her videos didn’t gain much traction until late 2018. In 2021, she deleted all of her old content on the platform, and started afresh with a clean slate, uploading three fitness videos: “BOOTY workout!”, “Quick AB Workout!”, and “10 Min Booty Workout//BEGINNER”.

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However, Ayla’s attempt at rebranding herself as a fitness influencer wasn’t successful, as the three videos have yet to crack 50,000 views each. A lengthy hiatus ensued until June 2023, when the blonde revealed that she was pregnant, and began uploading pregnancy and motherhood-related content.

Videos such as “Moved Into My Baby Daddy’s Home!”, “Traveling Pregnant Gone Wrong!” and “BabyMoon FAIL…” proved to be much more popular, with Ayla’s boyfriend and child’s father, fellow YouTuber Kian Lawley, making frequent appearances. From vacation vlogs to pregnancy clothing hauls, Ayla found her niche and began broadening her fanbase.

At time of writing, the Arizona native has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram alone, and has already shared plenty of posts featuring her son, Coast Corey Woodruff-Lawley, who was born on 11th October 2023. Ayla has also included Coast in her newest YouTube videos, and recently shared a sneak peek of his nursery, naturally almost entirely decorated and paid for by Babyletto.

On the flip side, Coast’s birth has attracted plenty of negative comments directed towards Ayla’s parenting methods. The media personality’s nursery post was criticized for its bland décor, with many netizens claiming that babies need bright colors and more stimuli, and she was also slammed for not propping Coast’s neck up correctly during a trip to the pumpkin patch.

Similarly, Ayla’s support for Israel amidst the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict hasn’t gone down well with some of her followers. Many Instagram users feel that Ayla should steer clear of political commentary, with one writing: ‘She was so silent when the Palestinians were suffering for decades, yet all the sudden she’s an activist. No one is hating on her, just very disappointed in the lack of empathy and knowledge unfortunately. [sic]’

Apart from her YouTube channel and Instagram, Ayla is active on TikTok and has her own business, MyMoomer, which sells portable travel dog beds. MyMoomer is right up Ayla’s street, as she loves animals and has pet dogs herself.

Kian Lawley

The influencer and actor Kian Robert Lawley was born on 2nd September 1995, in Sioux City, Iowa, USA, of German, Irish and Polish descent and moved to San Clemente, California, at a young age. He created his personal YouTube channel in 2010.

A year after launching his first channel, Superkian13, Kian started a collaborative channel with Sam Pottorf, KianSam13. This was followed by Our2ndLife in 2012, which amassed over three million subscribers at its peak. Our2ndLife consisted of Kian, Sam, JC Caylen, Ricky Dillon, Trevi Moran, and Connor Franta, and was so popular that the content creators headlined a meet-and-greet tour in 2014, but then separated in December of the same year for unspecified reasons.

After winning Choice YouTuber at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards, Kian began gravitating towards acting. His first role was in “The Chosen”, an unsuccessful horror movie in which he played a 19-year-old who grapples with a demon to save his niece. The next year, he and Bella Thorn co-starred in the tongue-in-cheek comedy “Shovel Buddies”, which premiered at the SXSW Festival. Although many fans of the YouTuber feared that he would stop making videos, he denied the rumors in an interview.

2017 saw Kian and JC star in and executive produce “H8TERS”, a comedy show about millennial culture, internet celebrities, and online trolls. He also appeared in “Before I Fall” alongside the likes of Logan Miller and Zoey Deutch, and won Choice Movie Actor: Drama at that year’s Teen Choice Awards.

The highlight of 2017 for Kian was definitely “Zac & Mia”, as he played one of the starring characters in a heartfelt story about two teens undergoing cancer treatment. The show was nominated for six Daytime Emmy Awards, and was renewed for a second season almost immediately; Kian was later nominated for a Daytime Emmy in the Best Actor In A Digital Drama award for his outstanding performance.

Unfortunately for Kian, a resurfaced video in which he used racially offensive slurs led to him being fired from “The Hate U Give” and “Riverdale” in early 2018. He was also dropped by his talent agency, CAA, and while it would be misleading to say that he was blackballed from Hollywood, his acting career hasn’t recovered from the incident.

Since 2019, Kian and JC have been working on “The Reality House”, a “Big Brother”-inspired show in which a flock of YouTubers compete to win $25,000. Season one racked up an astonishing 25 million views, and season two premiered in January 2020 and doubled its cash prize to $50,000. For some reason, “The Reality House” never went ahead with a fourth season, despite its popularity. Of course, it’s possible that Kian decided to put the project on a backburner to focus on being more present for Ayla during her pregnancy and birth.

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