Meet the Social Media Star Woahkenzy: Age, Height, TikTok, Dating

Known for her glamorous looks and enthralling personality, Woahkenzy has been conquering the hearts of millions on social media since 2019. Each of her social media accounts shows a different side of Kenzie, yet she keeps everything interesting by giving her followers what they want while also keeping her authenticity and straightforward style.

While Woahkenzy is most famous on TikTok, her popularity has expanded to other platforms such as Instagram and OnlyFans, the latter letting her show her most daring side.

Keep reading to know more about the rise of social media personality Woahkenzy, her personal life, controversies, career, and a lot more!

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Who Is Woahkenzy?

Woahkenzy is an internet content creator who was born on 5 October 1997 in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. It’s known that she has a younger brother and is very close with her family, especially with her mom, who Kenzie describes as her ‘best friend’.

In 2022 she confirmed that her name is Mckenzie, though her full name remains unknown. She often uses the short name Kenzie on her social media.

While Woahkenzy first found online fame thanks to her TikTok videos and Instagram pics, she eventually grew her audience by starting an OnlyFans account, offering her fans exclusive and explicit content with it. Woahkenzy is also on YouTube, though she has only shared three videos since starting her channel in mid-2022. Her growth on social media has been so massive that it afforded her to leave her native Ohio to move to California.

Woahkenzy’s Content

Every social media account owned by Woahkenzy has a different focus, keeping her content quite varied and original. For starters, she joined TikTok in 2019 by sharing videos of her everyday life and fashion hauls, also expanding to other lifestyle-related content and product reviews. The latter has significantly helped Woahkenzy establish herself as a beauty and fashion influencer, though her down-to-earth personality and gorgeous curvaceous looks have also contributed to her success.

These days, Woahkenzy has 1.5 million TikTok followers, and her videos are close to hitting the 60 million likes mark. Her content on Instagram is quite different from that on TikTok, as she uses the pic-sharing platform to share her modeling and lifestyle pictures, keeping her feed quite glamorous-looking. Ever since joining Instagram in February 2022, Woahkenzy has gained over 900,000 followers. Woahkenzy’s X account has 180,000 followers to date and is centered on sharing pics and links to her other platforms. She has also found considerable success on OnlyFans, as she’s close to gaining 150,000 likes on it.


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Business & Collaborations

Woahkenzy’s ever-growing popularity on social media has opened many opportunities for her when it comes to business. Besides occasionally promoting products on her accounts, Kenzie has collaborated with several brands including House Of Le Luxe, with which she launched the line Woah x Peach, focused on intimate products for women.

While Woahkenzy has mostly worked with brands focused on female products such as jewelry and clothing for curvy women, she has also shared food reviews and homemade recipes, on top of vlogging about her lifestyle. Creating content about a variety of topics surprisingly fit well together, keeping her audience entertained every day.

Beauty Enhancements

Part of the charm of Woahkenzy’s content is how sincere and sometimes straightforward she is. That includes her openness about undergoing beauty enhancement procedures, including lip fillers.

As Kenzie said in a TikTok video from 2023, her lips are the only thing on her face that she has gotten something done to, but often gets Botox injections to prevent wrinkles. According to Woahkenzy, the questions and judgments regarding her appearance are always present in her comment section, sometimes leaving her no option but to directly address the hate.

Being a beauty product reviewer has allowed Woahkenzy to share her recommendations about eyebrow enhancements and nail art, on top of letting her audience see her going through piercing procedures.

With that being said, it’s unclear whether Whoakenzy has undergone any cosmetic surgery to enhance her body. The only time she showed herself going into a serious health-related procedure was in early 2023 when she underwent surgery to remove a bunion on her right foot.

Personal Life

The only romantic partner of Woahkenzy publicly known to date is Josh Jacobs, who currently plays as a running back for the Las Vegas Raiders. It’s unclear when exactly the relationship between the pair started, but as Kenzie revealed in a TikTok video from November 2023, their relationship was off-and-on in the beginning.

Kenzie affirms that she noticed ‘red flags’ coming from him from the beginning, especially when it comes to his paternity, as he had allegedly lied to her about the real number of kids he has. At some point the pair broke off temporarily, giving a shot to their relationship again after being separated for three months.

According to Kenzie, she moved into his house upon his insistence and there were talks about her becoming his assistant. Allegedly, they had also agreed to have a kid together, going as far as to talk about egg freezing given her problems with endometriosis.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the two took a turn for the worse when she went to Ohio on her birthday. When she took an early trip back home, she found out that he had another woman at home, who supposedly wasn’t aware of Josh and Kenzie’s relationship. After that situation, Woahkenzy decided to end things once and for all with the football player.

It’s unclear whether she’s dating anyone these days.

Appearance & Net Worth

Woahkenzy is a woman of Caucasian descent. Her curvy figure and beautiful face are one of the main things her audience finds attractive about her. She has natural blonde hair and light-brown eyes. She’s 5ft 6ins (1.68) tall and weighs 200lbs (90kgs), as she revealed in 2023.

Woahkenzy has an estimated net worth of $1 million, resulting from her career as a social media star. That includes earnings from TikTok and product sponsorships, on top of her brand collaborations. It’s also possible that her OnlyFans is one of the main sources of income for Woahkenzy.

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