MSNBC Reporter Kasie Hunt Bio, Wedding, Eye Injury, Husband Matt Rivera, Salary, Pregnant

• Kasie Hunt is an American Capitol Hill Correspondent for NBC News
• Hunt is 33 years old and of Caucasian ethnicity
• She is married to Matt Rivera, an NBC producer, since 2017
• Hunt has a net worth of $3 million
• She is active on social media, with 380,000 followers on Twitter and 65,000 on Instagram

MSNBC Reporter Kasie Hunt Bio and Age

Kasie S. Hunt was born under the zodiac sign of Geminii, on 24 May 1985, in Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA, which means that she is 33 years old and her nationality is American. Kasie, is best known as a Capitol Hill Correspondent for NBC News, and is also for working on projects such as “House of Cards” and “Kasie DC”.

Ethnicity and Background

When it comes to Hunt’s ethnicity, she is Caucasian, and has short brown hair and brown eyes, which suits her complexion perfectly.  Speaking about her family, Kasie’s parents are Bruce and Krista Hunt and she has one sibling, a younger sister named Carly. However, she hasn’t shared much information regarding her formative years and early life.

Wedding and Husband Matt Rivera

When it comes to Hunt’s relationship status, she has been married to Matt Rivera, an NBC producer, since 6 May 2017. The couple doesn’t have any children as of today, but it seems as if they are living a joyful and prosperous life together. Their wedding was broadly covered in the media, and Washington Post wrote about them sharing and photos from the ceremony, which was held at Shenandoah Woods, Virginia. Speaking about her wedding, Kasie said “We were so touched that so many of our friends and family were willing to make the trek out to spend a weekend celebrating, away from all the noise and distraction of our crazy lives in journalism.”

Net Worth

So just how rich is Kasie Hunt as of late 2018? According to authoritative sources, this correspondent has net worth of $3 million, accumulated from her career in the previously mentioned field. She hasn’t disclosed any information regarding her assets such as houses and cars, but working at a rapid pace has allowed her to be financially stable and be able to take care of herself. Kasie always looks well put together at all events she attends, meaning that she invests time and money into her looks.

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Kasie made her debut in “The Daily Show” in 2011, and followed by serving as a panelist in two episodes of “Special Report with Bret Baier” in the following year, then most importantl, joined “MSNBC Live” as a correspondent and reporter. She went on to cover several minor projects, and in 2014, joined the cast of “Politics Nation with Al Sharpton”, ultimately appearing in eight episodes of the series. As of 2016, Hunt began working on “Meet the Press”, in which she is as a Political Roundtable Panelist, and in the same year the prominent political correspondent worked on “Today”, ultimately appearing in nine episodes of the series, and in 2018 appearing in one episode of “Sunday Today with Willie Geist”. Overall, Kasie has had 22 gigs in the mentioned field, and there is more to come for her, as people recognize her talent and efforts.

Social Media

Being in the entertainment field naturally means that Hunt is active on social media, which she uses to communicate with her fans as well as to promote her business. On Twitter she is followed by 380,000 people, and on Instagram by 65,000.


Some of Hunt’s latest posts include a tweet in which she responded to a fan who said “Quotes from my 9 year old “Why is @kasie wearing glasses, we already know she is smart and pretty, she doesn’t need the glasses to tell people she is smart” She has also recently spoken about issues such as sexual harassment, saying “In the year we spent reporting on this, four members of Congress resigned in the wake of allegations related to sexual harassment”. Besides that, many other people talk about her, including Norman Ornstein, who said “Kasie Hunt repeats the casual and false equivalence of Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell on filibusters. To reiterate for the umpteenth time, Reid changed the rule only because McConnell refused to confirm ANY DC Circuit nominees, no matter how moderate, qualified. Both sides again!”


In addition, Hunt is also active on Instagram, on which she often shares photos from her private life. Some of her latest posts include a photo of her and her colleagues, with the caption reading “I’m so grateful to work with the best team on Capitol Hill — and thrilled our hard work earned the Joan Barone Award for our reporting on sexual harassment in Congress.” Besides that, she shared a photo with Joanna Gains, adding that she is a big fan of hers.


Kasie has recently spoken about her position as a political correspondent in the era of Donald Trump, saying that the hardest thing for her is to remain objective. She also added that up until recently, politicians adhered to basic tenants of the American government, but now, people live in a world of “alternative facts” where truth isn’t truth and news is dismissed as fake. She also used the opportunity to talk about the #MeToo movement, saying “I’ve always told people to be aware of their surroundings, and never put yourself in a situation that makes you uncomfortable. Look out for yourself.”

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