Skyler Gisondo Wiki Bio, age, height, net worth, girlfriend… or is he gay?

• Skyler Gisondo is an actor who has reached stardom in recent years
• He was born in 1996 in Florida and has Italian and Jewish ancestry
• He appeared in the film "The Amazing Spider-Man" (2012-2014) and TV series "Santa Clarita Diet" (2017-2018)
• He has a net worth of $3 million and is dating Ari Haagen
• He stands at 5ft 9ins and has brown hair and brown eyes

Who is Skyler Gisondo?

Skyler Gisondo is an actor, who has reached stardom in recent years particularly playing Howard Stacy in the “Amazing Spiderman” (2012-2014) film franchise, and also as Eric Bemis in the TV horror-comedy series “Santa Clarita Diet” (2017-2018), among many other roles that have made him popular.

So, do you want to find out more about this prominent actor, from his childhood years to most recent career endeavors, including his personal life as well? If yes, then stay with us for the length of the article as we introduce you to Skyler Gisondo.

Skyler Gisondo Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Skyler Gisondo was born on the 22nd July 1996, in Palm Beach County, Florida USA, and is the son of Ron and his wife Stacy who are ocean engineers. Skyler is of Italian and Jewish ancestry and practices religion in his adult life. The family moved to Los Angeles in his childhood, and went to Milken Community High School, from which he matriculated in 2014. The following year, he enrolled at the University of Southern California’s film school, however, after a while he started attending classes part-time as he became more focused on his up-and-coming career, though he has stated that he intends to finish his studies.

Career Beginnings

Skyler became a child actor when in 2003 he secured a couple of minor roles, including in the TV series “Miss Match”. After that, he continued in TV series such as “Everybody Loves Raymond” (2005), “Strong Medicine” (2005), and others, and got the voice role of B-Dawg in the animated film “Air Buddies” in 2006, then several more times which helped him increase his net worth and popularity as well. He continued with minor roles, firstly in the film “Halloween” – though he auditioned for Michael Myers, he was cast as Tommy Doyle – and then as Ben Whitman in the film “For Heaven’s Sake”. Gradually, Skyler’s name was becoming more popular, and he was chosen for the role of Bryan Pearson in the TV series “The Bill Engvall Show” (2007-2009), but then waited for several years before he had another notable role.

Rise to Prominence

It was in 2012 that Skyler was chosen for the role of Howard Stacy in the sci-fi action adventure film “The Amazing Spider-Man”, starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans, and repeated the role two years later in the sequel “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”. The role made him quite popular, which resulted in more roles, including as Nick Daley in the comedy adventure film “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb” (2014), and as James Griswold in the comedy adventure film “Vacation” (2015). Skyler continued his rise to prominence in 2017, firstly starring in the romantic comedy film “Class Rank”, and then in the role of Eric Bemis in the TV series “Santa Clarita Diet” (2017-2018), which became one of his most prominent roles to date, as he featured in all 20 episodes of the highly-appraised series, which had put him on the Hollywood map. Most recently, he has starred in the comedy film “Feast of the Seven Fishes” (2018), and in the romantic comedy-drama film “Time Freak”, co-starring Asa Butterfield and Sophie Turner. Currently, he is working on the drama film “The Cat and the Moon”, in which he will star alongside Alex Wolff, who wrote the screenplay and is directing the film, and Stefania LaVie Owen; the film is scheduled for release late in 2019.

Skyler Gisondo Net Worth

Since launching his career, Skyler has appeared in over 55 film and TV titles, all of which have contributed to his wealth. So, have you ever wondered how rich Skyler Gisondo is, as of early 2019? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Gisondo’s net worth is as high as $3 million, which is quite impressive, don’t you think? Undoubtedly, his wealth will become higher in the upcoming years, assuming that he successfully continues his career.

Skyler Gisondo

Skyler Gisondo Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend or is He Gay?

What do you know about Skyler in regards to his personal life? Well, he hasn’t been very open when it comes to sharing details about his private affairs, but we have still managed to find out some interesting facts about this rising actor.

Rumors of Skyler’s homosexuality emerged in the past, however, Skyler isn’t gay; in fact, he has been in a relationship with Ari Haagen since 2017. He now resides in Manhattan Beach.

Skyler Gisondo Internet Fame

Over the years, Skyler has become quite popular on social media platforms, especially Instagram and Twitter. His official Instagram page has over 170,000 followers, with whom he has shared some events from his personal life, such as time spent with his girlfriend, but also his recent endeavors, such as the success of the film “Class Rank”, among many other posts. You can find Skyler on Twitter as well, on which he has close to 20,000 fans.

So, if you aren’t already a fan of this prominent actor, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to become one, just skip over to his official pages and see what he is up to next, both personally and professionally.

Skyler Gisondo Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Do you know how tall Skyler is, and how much he weighs? Well, if you wondered, Skyler stands at 5ft 9ins, which is equal to 1.74m, while he weighs approximately 143lbs or 65kgs. We don’t know other vital statistics, though we know that he has brown hair and brown eyes, and is also recognized for freckles on his cheeks.

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