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Amber Jepson

The first time many people heard of Amber Jepson was when she was linked to Hollywood heartthrob Michael B. Jordan in January 2023. Although Michael’s publicity team promptly denied the reports, the rising Instagram influencer has continued to spark interest.

Amber was born on 18th June 1996, in Manchester, England, where she currently resides. The curvaceous blonde is 5ft 4ins (162cm) tall and weighs approximately 57kgs (125lbs). Despite having almost 350,0000 Instagram followers and an ever-growing platform, Amber’s allure is her mystery, as she rarely posts on social media – her last Instagram photo at time of writing was uploaded in August 2023 – and isn’t a fan of interviews, vlogs, or similar.

The Manchester native is currently signed to Boss Model Management, which represents a varied and impressive roster of young and beautiful talents, and has been doing so since 1988 as one of England’s most renowned agencies.

Most of Amber’s posts leave little to the imagination, as she frequently flaunts her impressive physique in revealing swimsuits and bodycon dresses. The blonde loves to travel, as in 2023 alone she’s graced far-flung locations such as Morocco, the Maldives, and Bali. The influencer has also been spending more and more time in Los Angeles and Hollywood, leading to rumors that she would be relocating to the US for work reasons.

Many of Amber’s selfies and videos also go viral: in April 2023, months after the Michael B. Jordan rumors, a slow-mo video of her strutting throughout Coachella garnered over 260,000 likes and millions of views. So far, the blonde’s high engagement rate has helped her snag ambassador deals with Oh Polly and Lounge Underwear, as well as other fashion brands.

Dating History

Amber was previously in a relationship with Emir Sedjic, but there is only one available photo of the couple, which was uploaded onto Instagram in February 2019. Emir’s job is unclear, but he appears to be linked to the entertainment and hospitality scene, as he frequently travels between Ibiza, Manchester, and Los Angeles.

Emir has less than 7,000 Instagram followers, and like Amber, he only posts a couple of times a month, if that. Whatever his job is, he’s clearly enjoying an expensive lifestyle, with endless vacations, designer clothes, and expensive sports cars at his beck and call.

Since Emir, Amber has yet to be romantically linked to anyone apart from Michael. Rumors of their relationship spread fast, as Michael began spending more time in England after taking on a minority stake in the Bournemouth Premier League football club.

The first reports claimed that Michael and Amber had gone on a string of dates, and were ‘really keen on each other’, with a source close to the actor telling media outlets: ‘They make a handsome, cute couple and are both financially independent. Watch this space.’ According to another anonymous source, Amber was also telling her friends that she was excited to see where the relationship could go.

When Michael’s team denied the rumors, Amber maintained a dignified silence, so we’ll never know the truth about their relationship – or if the actor and influencer actually know each other in real life. For now, the general consensus is that Amber and Michael were either having a fling or getting to know each other, but that the Hollywood star decided to stop seeing the blonde after she leaked the news to the press.

Coincidentally, the initial rumors came out around the same time that Lori Harvey – Michael’s last confirmed ex-girlfriend and the stepdaughter of comedian Steve Harvey – began dating actor Damson Idris, with whom Michael previously shared a close professional relationship.

Another possibility is that Michael denied that he was seeing Amber due to the backlash from his fanbase, which mainly consists of African-American audiences who were disappointed to learn that he and Lori had broken up.

Michael B. Jordan

Prior to Lori, Michael was rumored to be dating his “Black Panther” co-star Lupita Nyong’o. He was also previously linked to model Cindy Bruna, singer Snoh Alegra, and actress Kiki Layne – and, if we go back to 2014 and 2015, Kendall Jenner and Catherine Paiz.

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As one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, it’s unsurprising that Michael’s love life has been the topic of constant discussion, since he reached mainstream fame in 2013 with his portrayal of Oscar Grant in the drama movie “Fruitvale Station”. At the time, Michael was 26 years old and had already been active in the entertainment industry for 15 years.

The A-lister’s career started off in the late 1990s with child modelling gigs for Toys “R” Us and other big brands. He began acting professionally in 1999 with guest-starring appearances in “Cosby” and “The Sopranos”, followed by his first important movie role in the 2001 film “Hardball”, starring Kenau Reeves. In 2002, he began making a name for himself with his portrayal of Wallace in season one of “The Wire”.

Upon replacing Chadwick Boseman as Reggie Montgomery in “All My Children”, Michael was a regular character in the soap opera, until he was released from his contract in June 2006. Around the same time, he guest-starred in “Cold Case”, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, and “Without a Trace” to name a few.

While portraying Vince Howard in “Friday Night Lights” from 2009 to 2011, Michael lived in an apartment in Austin, Texas, attracting a wider female fanbase, which led to him being listed amongst the 55 faces of the future in an issue of Nylon Magazine. A couple of years later, his depiction of Oscar Grant propelled him to stardom and garnered critical acclaim, with one journalist comparing him to a young Denzel Washington.

After playing Oscar, Michael began making regular appearances in “actors to watch” lists which were published in Variety, People, and other magazines. GQ and Entertainment Weekly also named him one of the breakout stars of 2013. His next starring role was that of Johnny Storm in the 2015 superhero movie “Fantastic Four”, which fared miserably at the box office, and was ridiculed by critics.

Fortunately for Michael, he bounced back with a role as Donnie Creed in “Creed”. The actor also showed how serious he was about his craft, as he went on a low-fat diet and a year of physical training, even refusing to have a body double while filming the fight scenes. Since then, he’s played Mark Reese in “Raising Dion”, Erik Killmonger in the “Wakanda” movies, and Bryan Stevenson in “Just Mercy”.

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