The Life and Career of Elizabeth Gutiérrez: Age, Height, Children

Elizabeth Gutiérrez

The telenovela star and social media personality Elizabeth Gutiérrez, was born on 1st April 1979 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Apart from her standout performance in “El rostro de Analía”, Elizabeth is also famous for her decades-long relationship with the international heartthrob William Levy, with whom she shares two children born in 2006 and 2010.

Elizabeth is of Mexican descent, and has five older sisters and one older brother,; her father was born in Jalisco, whereas her mother is a native of Durango. Aged five, Elizabeth and her family returned to Mexico, where she studied at a religious school in Jalisco until moving back to the USA in 1989.

Elizabeth is 5ft 7in (175cm) and weighs about 125lbs (57kgs).


Elizabeth’s first TV appearance was in the reality show “Protagonistas de novela”, which aired for two seasons on Telemundo in 2002 and 2003. The cast of twelve hopefuls were all aspiring actors competing for a spot on a Telemundo novela, which could make or break their career; at the end of each season, one male and female winner was announced.

Although Elizabeth didn’t win, she found love on the show as she met partner William Levy while competing against the likes of Michelle Vargas and Ximena Duque. Despite a few of her peers going on to have successful careers after “Protagonistas de novela”, William is by far the most popular twenty years later.

Elizabeth returned to screens in 2005 with her first telenovela role as Isabella in “Olvidarte jamás”. Her villainous performance led to more steady work, such as the role of Paola Irazábal Alarcón in “Acorralada”; David Zepeda and William were her on-screen brothers until the show ended in 2007.

Fans of Elizabeth consider her most memorable projects to be “Amor comprador” and “El rostro de Analía”, as the Mexican-American actress scored her first two lead roles back-to-back. In 2009, she played Rosenda in the Televisa reboot of “Corazón salvaje”, then a year later, co-starred alongside Segundo Cernadas in “El fantasma de Elena”.

Since then, Elizabeth has had just two telenovela gigs, that of Mariana San Lucas in “El rostro de la venganza”, and as Lolita in “Milagros de Navidad”. In 2011, she competed in the dancing talent show “Mira quién baila”. Despite her acting career being stagnant since 2017, Elizabeth has smoothly transitioned into the online influencer scene, with over four million Instagram followers and a number of fashion and beauty partnerships.

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Personal Life

Elizabeth and William’s relationship has long been a controversial topic due to the telenovela actor’s perceived indifference towards the mother of his children. As it stands, William rarely, if ever, posts Elizabeth on his social media profiles, whereas she often sings his praises and uploads family and couple photos which have turned her into an object of ridicule amidst the latest cheating rumors.

The general consensus amongst netizens is that, while William respects and admires Elizabeth as the mother of his children, he no longer harbors any romantic feelings for her. During the filming of one of his latest projects, “Vuelve a mí”, the Cuban actor was rumored to be dating his much younger female co-star Samadhi Zendejas – a similar situation occurred in 2020 and 2021, when William was filming “Café con aroma a mujer”.

Although Elizabeth didn’t deny or confirm the rumors of William and Samadhi’s fling, she added fuel to the flames by posting a number of cryptic social media messages in late 2022 and early 2023.

When Elizabeth finally posted a a family photo in March 2023 to commemorate their son Christopher’s 17th birthday, her followers were flabbergasted, with some of them accusing the blonde of having low self-esteem – whereas others considered it a clever marketing strategy to spark interest in “Vuelve a mí”.

William, who hasn’t uploaded any photos with Elizabeth since September 2021, maintained a dignified silence, whereas Samadhi continued to deny the rumored liaison between herself and her male co-star. The cheating rumors began yet again in mid-2023 and gained strength as the months passed – so it was, needless to say, a shock when Elizabeth and William attended a high-profile awards ceremony in Spain together at the end of November 2023.

William, Elizabeth and their children Christopher and Kailey were photographed at the Festival Internacional de Cine in Almeria, where the actor won a prestigious Premio de honor. For the first time, Elizabeth spoke to reporters at the scene about her husband’s professional merits, and said of the Levy-Gutiérrez clan: ‘We’re a normal family, with our ups and downs, but I think love is the most important thing’. [All quotes are translated from Spanish]

Elizabeth also made the most of her incredibly rare red carpet interview to remind spectators that she and William had known each other for twenty years, when the actor was still a nobody in the acting world. ‘Being with him since the beginning and seeing everything he’s achieved…he deserves all the awards, all the things that happen to him,’ she declared.

After the awards ceremony, the Californian also posted an Instagram photo with William captioned: ‘Love of my life. My man!!’. Meanwhile, William thanked his family for their unconditional support, and referred to Elizabeth as his ‘partner’.


Looking back at William and Elizabeth’s fraught relationship history, the Cuban telenovela star previously admitted that Elizabeth wanted to marry, but that he wasn’t sure. In 2008, William confirmed in an interview that he and Elizabeth had broken up; however, they soon got back together.

In 2011, Elizabeth shared on social media: ‘I’ve taken the decision to end my eight-year relationship with William Levy’, but the model and the “Vuelve a mí” heartbreaker got back together yet again, then in a case of history repeating itself, broke up three years later in 2014.

After quietly rekindling their relationship for the third or fourth time, a few tranquil years passed until January 2022, when William announced that he and Elizabeth had separated, but would be co-parenting together. Shortly afterwards, he deleted the statement and posted an ambiguous message about new beginnings. Some considered this a publicity stunt for “Café con aroma a mujer”, his most recent work at the time.

Although William has managed to sanitize his public image considerably in the last few years, the internet never forgets. A laundry list of his old scandals – such as the time he described the respected director Juan Osorio as ‘pathetic, ignorant, and irrelevant’ – was posted by Telemundo in 2018 and reveals that William ‘cheated’ on Elizabeth with his former co-star Jacqueline Bracamontes, who confirmed the affair in her explosive memoirs.

Jacqueline claimed that her brief-lived romance with William occurred while he and Elizabeth were on a break. However, William has also been linked to co-stars Maite Perroni and Ximena Navarrette, with whom he worked in 2011 and 2014 respectively, coincidentally, the same years he and Elizabeth separated.

Going back even further, in August 2010 a 17-year-old girl named Karla Álvarez filed a lawsuit against William for sexual assault, claiming that he had taken advantage of her and forced her to perform sexual acts. The lawsuit – in which Karla asked for $2.5 million – was withdrawn a year later for unspecified reasons.

In 2012, aspiring actress Grace Roubidoux claimed that William had shown her a video of himself engaging in sexual acts with a number of women. ‘He asked me if I was interested in doing the same. He tried to get me to do a sex tape,’ Grace told In Touch magazine. Although Grace said no to the sex tape, she did claim to have slept with William, describing him as ‘the epitome of a Casanova’.

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