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Born under the sign of Aquarius on 27 January 1991, in California USA, Sofia Hasmik is a 32-year-old Caucasian actress of Armenian descent. She is definitely best known throughout the worldwide audiences as the star behind Chrissy Beppo in 2021’s “Superman & Lois,” which is still on-going. That’s not her only success, however, as she’s been involved in a number of other projects, havingd a somewhat steady flow of successes throughout her often lucrative acting career since 2014.

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Early life & education: A late bloomer

Sofia was raised apparently an only child in her birthplace, by parents of unknown names. Her mother’s profession is also unknown, but it’s commonly understood that her father owns a trucking company. They both reportedly enjoyed a semi-lavish lifestyle in Armenia prior to moving to the US and birthing Sofia, at which point their monthly wages didn’t provide as much as earlier. They did their best to stabilize the family account, and worked extra hard to provide a sustainable future for their child, eventually allowing the father to start a business.

As for their daughter, she didn’t find much joy in acting to begin with, having not even considered the profession until her late teenage years. Sofia was initially just a happy-go-lucky child, taking interest in a diverse range of matters. That was initially ballet in her case, and then figure skating, the latter of which she was rather serious about for a good few years throughout early childhood. She attended a local high school near her family home, matriculating from there in 2009, where she felt like acting would be the right choice for her, particularly after having realized a part in a school play. However, she waited even then, choosing to instead pursue the full length of her education, ultimately graduating from an unspecified institution with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in business economics in 2013.

Career: Ready for the world

It’s quite evident that Hasmik took to the camera lens as soon as she’d graduated, taking an unspecified lead role in her inaugural short-meter film entitled “Three” in 2014, then making her full-length film debut the following year as Ines in Michael Showalter’s comedy romance drama entitled “Hello, My Name Is Doris,” although the role was so minor it didn’t even make it to the credits. Sofia then took a two-year hiatus until 2017, then playing Ashlee in another short film entitled “Abrasion.” A year later she snagged an evidently more significant role, portraying Jocelyn in “Bad Samaritan.”

The actress’ TV series debut arrived in 2019, featuring her as Ashta in four episodes of the comedy romance entitled “Mad About You,” but which ended that year. Hasmik then went on to realize the recurring role of Brenda in “All the Bright Places” in 2020, and she apparently played an assistant in the short film entitled “Audition Room 2.” With the year having come to a close, it looked as though there was nothing eventful on the horizon for the success-hungry Armenian, but that proved wrong, with a contract that promised to turn her entire life around and make her ultra-famous overnight.

The big break

The superhero drama television series “Superman & Lois,” developed for The CW by Todd Helbing and Greg Berlanti, is based on DC Comics characters Superman and Lois Lane, created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Starring Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent/Superman and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane, the show follows the couple’s life in Smallville with their twin sons, portrayed by Jordan Elsass and Alex Garfin. This is also where the editor-in-chief of the Smallville Gazette called Christine ‘Chrissy’ Marie Beppo steps into the spotlight – a close friend of Lois Lane portrayed by Sofia Hasmik.

Initially intended to be part of the Arrowverse’s Earth-Prime in its debut season, serving as a spin-off from “Supergirl,” the series shifted course due to the cancellation of planned crossovers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Showrunner Todd Helbing and Warner Bros. decided to maintain the show independently, establishing its own continuity on an Earth distinct from the Arrowverse’s Earth-Prime, as confirmed in the second season finale.

The series, announced as a pilot in October 2019 and greenlit in January 2020, premiered on The CW on 23 February 2021. The show’s premise revolves around Superman and Lois returning to Smallville with their sons, encountering old acquaintances and facing disruptions to their idyllic life. The first season introduces The Stranger and Morgan Edge’s secret experiments as central plot points.

In the second season, Superman grapples with painful visions, encounters Bizarro, and clashes with Lt. General Mitch Anderson. Lois contends with the Inverse Method cult led by Ally Allston and her strained relationship with Bizarro. The highly acclaimed third season delves into Superman dealing with Intergang’s plots, while Lois confronts Stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer. The storyline involves the death of Peia Mannheim, the surrender of Bruno Mannheim, and the release of Lex Luthor from prison, planning revenge on Superman and Lois Lane, incorporating a resurrected Bizarro into his schemes.

The series bears unquestionable quality entering its fourth season, boasting an 86% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and millions of dedicated viewers around the planet. However, it seems Sofia will have to find the rest of her glory elsewhere, as it’s been confirmed that the series will end with its fourth installment due to corporate decisions. As Variety reported, Brad Schwartz, the president of entertainment at the CW Network, expressed gratitude for the transformative impact of “Superman & Lois” on both the superhero and family drama genres. Schwartz acknowledged the exceptional portrayal of classic characters by Tyler, Elizabeth and the entire cast, noting the exploration of new layers of depth and complexity previously uncharted in the Superman universe. The CW Network anticipates an epic 10-episode farewell that promises to be a must-watch experience, marking the conclusion of one of the most legendary CW families.

In response to the news, showrunners Todd Helbing and Brent Fletcher conveyed mixed emotions about bidding farewell to the project at the conclusion of season four. Expressing gratitude for the incredible journey with the cast, crew, VFX teams, editors, musical talents, and writers, the showrunners highlighted the central theme of family that permeates both on and off the screen. They extended thanks to partners at Berlanti Productions, DC, WB, and the CW for unwavering support throughout the series. They were ultimately enthusiastic for the upcoming finale, promising fans an engaging storyline in which Superman, Lois, and all the heroes confront the most significant threat in the show’s history – Lex Luthor.

Her recognition as an artist

Even though it was only a short film, “Audition Room 2” seems to have stirred up a commotion in Hollywood, taking home three awards overall. Aside from being an honorable mention at the 2020 Independent Shorts Awards, it also won two Oniros Film Awards that year, in the Best Comedy / Dark Comedy and Best Acting Ensemble categories, the latter of which is an honor shared by Sofia as well, proudly claiming her first award in the industry.

Staring at the camera, but as herself

Sofia’s most extensive interview to date was with independent journalist Preston Pollard on his YouTube channel, lasting nearly 40 minutes, shedding light on various aspects of Sofia’s journey, from her morning rituals during quarantine to her deep connection with the film industry and personal growth.

Sofia’s day apparently begins with a unique morning ritual developed during the challenging times of the COVID-19 quarantine. The actress stopped checking the news upon waking up, recognizing its negative impact on her well-being, instead finding solace in connecting with her mother through daily FaceTime sessions. Despite initial hesitations about video calls, Sofia describes the experience of having coffee with her mom as grounding and a source of comfort.

Hasmik also divulged recalling vividly the pivotal moment when participating in a play during her final school year changed her life. It not only sparked her love for acting, but also led to an opportunity to perform in Scotland at the Fringe Festival. Although initially hesitant, she convinced the parents to let her go, and this experience solidified her passion for acting even further. Sofia also opened up about the less glamorous side of her high school years, during which she struggled with fitting in and living up to societal expectations. She acknowledged having been under immense pressure to conform, especially with her Armenian identity. However, a turning point in her life came when she embraced her true self and stopped worrying so much whether others liked her.

The conversation eventually moved to Sofia’s experiences in the film industry, among which she noted her role in the Netflix film “All the Bright Places,” describing the entire experience as surreal. The initial disbelief notwithstanding, she ultimately felt only gratitude for the opportunity, as well as deep connection with the film’s subject – dealing with mental health issues, and other challenges faced by young individuals. She recounted the positive responses to the film, noting how it resonated with audiences who appreciate its portrayal of vulnerability, seeking help, and coming of age.

A legendary surname

Although this isn’t confirmed, some fans have speculated that Sofia Hasmik might be related to the legendary Armenian actress known simply as Hasmik. Born Taguhi Hakobyan on 21 March 1879, in Nakhchivan, then in the Russian Empire, this Armenian artiste helped shape some of the most relevant films of the time, including “Gikor” from 1934, and “Pepo” from 1935 is widely acknowledged as the most remarkable film in Soviet cinema before the onset of World War II, received acclaim domestically but also earned international recognition. The film, through its compelling narrative and characters, captures the essence of Armenian culture, resonating not only within the Soviet landscape but also leaving a lasting impact on the international stage.

Armenia, forever

Sofia remains dedicated to her ancestral homeland even while pursuing a career in Hollywood full-time, with the only description of her Instagram page being ‘Hasmik’ in the Armenian alphabet, which is, in fact, their version of the name Jasmine. Furthermore, the only two links presented on Sofia’s Instagram page both lead towards webpages dedicated to supporting the Armenian struggle against recent military undertakings by Azerbaijan, specifically against the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region.

As noted, Sofia is doing her best to divert every hungry-eyed fan’s attention to what she considers to be far more important than her career, and those aware of the struggle are proud of their favorite celebrity for having such a noble heart.

Love life: is she married? Who is her spouse?

Sofia is known to have been involved with Patrick Kelly – a musician from Los Angeles, California – for a number of years, from 2017. Their relationship seemed rather serious, however, seeing as she hasn’t posted any pictures with Patrick in a few years, it’s reasonable to assume that she’s probably either single or dating someone else. The actress hasn’t spoken on record about this part of her life, so it will remain a mystery until further clarification from official sources.

What is her net worth?

Some of the most credible sources of late 2023 estimate Sofia’s total accumulated wealth at close to $500,000. The most significant chunk of that sum was undoubtedly contributed by Sofia’s portrayal of Chrissy Beppo in “Superman & Lois”.

Body measurements: What is her height?

Sofia Hasmik is 5ft 7ins (170cms) tall, weighs approximately 117lbs (53kgs), with vital statistics of 35-24-34, dark brown eyes, somewhat darker complexion, and a build often referred to as either fit or slim.

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