The Multitalented Lisette Olivera: Actress, Musician, and Model

Lisette Olivera

The American actress Lisette Alexís Gutiérrez was born on 16th April 1999, in Los Angeles, California, but is known to the public as Lisette Olivera or Lisette Alexís. Her breakthrough role in the Disney+ series “National Treasure: Edge of History” helped her cross over to a mainstream audience; however, she has been active in the entertainment industry since 2018.

Lisette, who is of American nationality but Mexican descent, grew up in a middle-class family in the suburbs. Her grandfather was an important influence during her early years and helped raise her while her parents worked. According to the actress’s online biography, Lisette’s mother dissuaded her from showbiz; instead, the brunette took piano, vocals, guitar, and dancing classes.

After obtaining her driving license, Lisette began auditioning for short films and also embarked on a modeling career in her college years.


Lisette’s first acting credit came with a recurring role as Alexis in 2018 episodes of the series “Total Eclipse”, becoming known by the name Lisette Alexis. A year later, she played Donna in the low-budget project “Heist”, which was a commercial flop, then two years later, Lisette had her first starring gig, as Alma Luna in “I Always Said After”, followed by portraying Amy in “We Need to Do Something”.

In 2022, Lisette took on her most ambitious project yet as the main role in “National Treasure: Edge of History”, an adventure-action series on Disney+ which is a continuation of the “National Treasure” film franchise. Lisette’s character, Jess Valenzuela, is a young woman living in Baton Rouge who discovers that her dead father was part of a secret network of treasure protectors. Her love interest, Liam, is played by Jake Austin Walker, whereas Hollywood legend Catherine Zeta-Jones is the main antagonist of the show.

Lisette was announced as the lead in “Edge of History” in October 2021 after months of auditions. The show’s network pulled out all the stops with an extravagant $80 million production budget, given that it was the first release in the “National Treasure” franchise in approximately 15 years. During filming, Catherine acted as Lisette’s mentor and helped her navigate the busy schedules and press tour.

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“Edge of History” ran from December 2022 to February 2023, and broke records during its premiere week as the tenth most-streamed original TV series across all platforms in the USA. However, it received mostly mixed reviews from critics, and was canceled after just one season despite rumors of Nicolas Cage making a cameo in future episodes.

Some nominations that “Edge of History” received include a 2023 Women’s Image Network Awards accolade in the Drama Series category, and Catherine Zeta-Jones also received a nod at the 2nd Children’s and Family Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Performance in a Preschool, Children’s or Young Teen Program.

CBR heaped praises on Lisette’s performance, saying that ‘her talent is far more deserving of the big screen than a streaming series… she could handle sharing equal billing with Nicolas Cage in “National Treasure 3”.’ Meanwhile, she was deemed ‘earnest and charming’ by Yahoo! Entertainment.

Following “Edge of History”, Lisette has portrayed Gabby in “Waltz of the Angels”. The actress has yet to announce any upcoming projects.

Personal Life

Lisette is a rising talent in showbiz with a fanbase of almost 50,000 on Instagram at time of writing. The actress’s last post on the social media platform was uploaded shortly after Halloween 2023, and depicted her dressed up as painter Frida Kahlo in a clear nod to her Mexican heritage.

Although the brunette posts sporadically, her photos never fail to receive thousands of likes and hundreds of positive comments from fans. The thespian’s love for fashion and travel is evident in her snaps: in summer 2023, the Disney+ alum partnered with all-inclusive hotel Unico 2087 for a glamorous vacation in Maya Riviera which she enjoyed with her friends and loved ones.

As far as we’re aware, Lisette is single and focused on her career. However, she sparked dating rumors after being photographed at the “Edge of History” premiere in a very close manner with her co-star Jake Austin Walker, who, as mentioned, played her love interest in the show. Rumors circulated as Jake and Lisette shared a number of intimate scenes in the series; however, they died down when Disney+ confirmed its cancelation.

Although the Mexican-American starlet is a gifted singer, she has yet to release music under a label. However, she did attend John Elton’s live performance in November 2022 alongside a plethora of famous faces.

Jake Austin Walker

Although Jake has been part of the entertainment industry since 2004, he didn’t reach mainstream fame until nine years later, when he began playing Jared Talbot in “Rectify”. The actor and pop musician was born in Hickory, Mississippi, in June 1997, and had one of his first credited roles in 2006 when he appeared in “Talkshow with Spike Feresten”. In the same year, he had a cameo role in “´Til Death” and portrayed Matty in “Bones”.

2008 saw the actor excel as the antagonist in “Miss Dirt” and “Front of the Class”. The next year, he appeared alongside Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor in the darkly humorous “I Love You Phillip Morris”, followed by another antagonist role in “The Macabre World of Lavender Williams”. Over the next few years, Jake explored different genres, from satirical thrillers to sci-fi horror productions and lighthearted comedies.

Although the 2010s were a fundamental time in Jake’s career thanks to his guest-star appearances and recurring roles in shows such as “Fear the Walking Dead” and “Lethal Weapon”, his role in “Rectify” was one of his only notable gigs. In 2020, the actor enjoyed a revival thanks to his portrayal of Henry King Jr. in the Superhero series “Stargirl”.

Apart from a guest-starring job in “Tiny Beautiful Things”, Jake’s career has been pretty quiet since “Edge of History”. Similar to Lisette, the redheaded actor is believed to be single at the moment.

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