The Naked Truth of Ashley Nocera: Age, Height, Dating, Net worth

Ashley Nocera is as an American athlete, professional bikini model and social media influencer. She’s attracted attention with her impressive physique as well as fitness and health related content she posts on her social media. Nocera was listed among the top five in the global World’s Beauty Fitness and Fashion Inc. (WBFF) competition. She started her self-titled YouTube channel in 2014, and by 2016 had become an internet celebrity. Her Instagram following is more than three million, while her Facebook has around 80,000 followers.

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Early life, family, educational background

Ashley Nocera was born on 15 August 1994, in Woodbridge, New Jersey. She showed an interest in sport from an early age, and began swimming lessons when she was just four years old. In the following decade she took part in multiple swimming competitions. Despite being an active athlete, she never followed any balanced diet plans growing up, and soon after turning 15 she began to feel self-conscious about her body. According to Nocera, she grew up admiring fitness models and wishing that someday she would be able to look like them. From a 2009 she started working out intensively and following proper balanced diet. The progress and the results inspired her to keep living healthier, and soon after that she began competing as a fitness model.

The model attended Wagner College in New York, from where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science of nursing in 2017. She documented her journey as a nursing student in some of her YouTube vlogs, and shared that she worked in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit while completing the last two years of the mentioned degree. At some point she took a break from her studies, intending to focus on her mental and physical wellbeing.

The influencer has a close relationship with both of her parents. Her father Greg was a professional bodybuilder just like his father before him, which lead to young Ashley taking an inspiration from them. Both of her parents were featured in some of her videos, but her mother’s name is unknown. She has a sister and her family was always supportive of her and her career path.


Initially, Ashley Nocera received support from her boyfriend, Alex Sharoykin, as she transitioned from swimming to focusing on building her body. With Sharoykin, who had experience in varsity basketball and football, serving as both a knowledgeable resource and a helpful guide, Nocera embarked on a three-year fitness journey.

Devoting hours to daily gym sessions, Nocera engaged in weightlifting, utilized various gym equipment, and maintained a nutritious diet. In 2013, her dedication paid off, eventually achieving the desired physique. This newfound passion for fitness inspired her to enter the realm of competitive events.

At nineteen, Nocera made her debut in the 2014 WBFF NYC Championships, winning despite her lack of experience. This marked the start of her professional bikini athlete career. Qualifying for the 2014 WBFF Las Vegas World Championships, she secured seventh place. The following year, she earned a fifth-place finish, her best result. Her entire journey through preparations, diet, work out and beauty sessions was well documented on her YouTube channel.

In 2016, Nocera became a social media sensation, gaining widespread attention on Instagram and starting her YouTube channel in 2014. Despite infrequent updates on her cooking channel, on which she shares receipts of some of her favorite healthy meals, her main channel boasts significant growth, highlighted by the popular video “10K Calorie Challenge | Girl VS food | Epic Cheat Day| Ashley Nocera”, with over five million views.

Relationships and dating

In 2009, she initiated a romantic relationship with Alex Sharoykin, a fellow influencer in the realm of social media. Their connection originated from Facebook, where Nocera took the initiative by sending Sharoykin a friendly request after discovering his profile on her list of suggested friends. Upon his acceptance, they arranged to meet face-to-face, and roughly three months after their initial meeting, they confirmed their relationship status. Both individuals were enrolled at Wagner College in New York, pursuing different fields—she studied nursing while he focused on business marketing.

Sharoykin played a major role in Nocera’s fitness journey, as he helped her with work out plans and encouraged her to pursue her goals. She openly shared details about her enduring relationship, including a video in which they recounted how they first crossed paths. Nocera consistently teamed up online with her partner, who is now a creative director, throughout their relationship. According to their social media presence, the couple is still romantically involved.

Hobbies and interests

Nocera has many passions that she loves sharing with the world though her content. From an early aged she enjoyed being active, and frequently goes to the gym and running, she’s shared that her goal is to one day run a marathon. Her journey from being a swimmer to becoming a fitness athlete and professional bikini model is no coincidence. Nocera’s versatile interests and lifestyle is best displayed on her YouTube channels. Besides working out regularly and creating and editing videos, Nocera developed a passion for cuisine, as her strict diet requires carefully crafted meals. However, the influencer hasn’t posted any new recipes in a while.

Height and appearance

It’s been reported that Ashley Nocera is 5ft tall (around 152cms) and weighs about 115lbs (52kgs) . She has long dark hair and green eyes. The athlete and model’s workout and diet plan requires a lot of discipline, but have brought her a very slim and athletic physique. She aims to keep her body fat low throughout the entire year while building muscles. So far, this effort has brought her stunning abs. She has no tattoos on her body and will likely never get them, due to the nature of her career.

Net worth and salary

As of 2023, Nocera’s net worth has been estimated to be close to $3 million. She mainly makes a living from her social media revenue, and fitness modelling career.

As per Social Blade data, her primary YouTube channel generates an estimated monthly income ranging from $4,200 to $67,000, which accumulates to an annual revenue of  as much as $800,000.

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