Tracee Carrasco from Fox Business Bio: Age, Height, Fox News, Married, Husband

• Tracee Carrasco was born in Hawaii, raised in Southern California, and is 25 years old
• She graduated from Azusa Pacifica University with a degree in communication studies
• Tracee's career began as an intern for FOX KQDS and she has since worked for several other TV stations
• She is currently a correspondent for FOX Business Network and has received two Emmy nominations
• Tracee is engaged to her long-term boyfriend Rodrigo and enjoys hobbies such as martial arts, dogs, and charities.

Tracee Carrasco Wiki

With her dazzling smile and jet black hair, Tracee Carrasco is a face you can’t help but notice. As one could guess, her exotic beauty originates from Honolulu, Hawaii where Tracee was born. on 29th March, and is now 25-years old. However, Tracee did not grow up in Hawaii since her parents moved to Southern California soon after her birth. Nevertheless, it seems that the warm Californian sun also contributed to her tan and generally admired looks. If you want to learn more details about Tracee’s life and biography – stick with our guide since we have all the spicy stuff right here in one place.

Childhood and education

Tracee was always a bubbly personality, and her high energy levels allowed her to be involved in all sorts of activities. During her school days in Southern California, she was active as a cheerleader, and also gained a blue belt in Tae Kwan Do, and was apparently on the verge of obtaining the black belt, but her career and education took her elsewhere. Tracee graduated from Azusa Pacifica University majoring in communication studies, which of course proved to be of significance later on in her career as a journalist.

How did Tracee start her career?

The good old phrase “started from the bottom” could easily be applied to Tracee’s career. As with many other now famous news reporters, she first started as an intern, actually as a weekend anchor for FOX KQDS which marked the beginning of her career, which happened in 2010. The early days of her career were also spent on various other TV stations, such as KABC TV, KCBS TV, and KLAL TV. Tracee’s intelligence and capabilities were recognized early on, and this allowed her to climb the ladder with lightning speed, however, it seems that she did not skip levels along the way, and this makes her a role model for up and coming journalists and anchors.

TV career

Tracee’s ambition and drive eventually took her to FOX, starting work as a correspondent for FOX Business Network. At first Tracee was a general assignment reporter located in New York City, but she was also included in a show called “Mornings with Maria”, and then became a host of “Fox & Friends First”. Furthermore, she worked as a reporter for WC-BS TV, and all of her efforts were recognized when she received two Emmy nominations. It remains to be seen how much more she can accomplish since she is still relatively young, and her ambition knows no limit.

What is Tracee’s net worth?

Authoritative sources estimate her annual salary at FOX is a minimum of $45,000, on top of which she frequently contributes to various magazines and newspapers, which needless to say brings her significant additional income. Her net worth is over $300,000 as of late 2018. With this type of yearly income, it would seem that Tracee lives a comfortable life. It seems that Tracee’s hard-working attitude will never leave her starving.

Tracee’s relationship status

Even though her acknowledged attractive looks have brought numerous suitors her way, Tracee Carrasco is still not married. However, she does feel happy in love, which is evident from her cheerful attitude and a constant smile on her face, and the man responsible for that enchanting smile is her long-term boyfriend, Rodrigo -Tracee announced their engagement by posting a picture on her Instagram account in May 2018. Prior to that, Rodrigo posted several photos from their vacation on Aruba, and they also went together to Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. All in all – the sound of wedding bells is not far away, and Tracee could soon become a married woman.

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Social media presence

Since Tracee is a public personality, she is active on social media and regularly updates her profiles. Her Twitter account currently has around 10,000 followers, while around 12,000 people follow her Instagram account. Tracee prefers posting on Instagram – her followers were the first ones to be informed about her recent engagement. It remains to be seen if the changes in her marital status will be announced through one of those channels.

Hobbies and personal life

Besides her love for martial arts, ie the ancient sport of Tae Kwan Do, Tracee is well-known for her love of dogs. Her beloved dog named Duke is frequently portrayed in her Instagram photos and in her Insta-stories as well. Additionally, she often participates in charities and humanitarian activities which are concerned with the protection and preservation of wildlife, especially endangered species.

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