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• Viktoria Manas is a popular plus size model from Russia with American citizenship
• Her body measurements are 5ft 7ins (171 cm) tall and 188lbs (about 85 kg) with a 38FF bra size
• She is married and currently lives in New York
• Viktoria has participated in numerous campaigns and photo shoots for fashion brands
• She is a part of the “I’m No Angel” campaign which is the antithesis of Victoria's Secret

A trend of plus size models has been present for several years, and women around the world are grateful for this. Thanks to curvy beauties like Viktoria Manas, fashion is changing. With the appearance of thick runaway models, high couture has become available and adapted for women who do not wear size 2.

Private Life of Viktoria Manas

It looks like this thick lady hides her privacy from media and curious fans. Therefore, there is not much information available about Viktoria Manas, although she is one of the most favorite and busiest plus size models in the fashion world. She is a Russian immigrant in the United States and has American citizenship, with her current residence in New York. Viktoria Manas was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1986. This thick, sexy brunette of bright blue eyes may not fit into the picture of an ideally shaped woman, but her curves made the fashion designers go crazy.

Viktoria’s Body Measurements

Viktoria isn’t shy about her body and she’s open about her measurements. Her height is 5ft 7ins (171 cm), and she has 188lbs (about 85 kg). Her shoe size is 8.5. With proportions of 44-34-46 inches (112-80-118 cm), and a cute doll face, Viktoria Manas is a real example of natural beauty. The size of her bra is 38FF, but she doesn’t have breast implants. Also, there’s no evidence of any other surgery on her body. So her hourglass figure with outstanding curves is the right example of the expression ‘every bite goes to the right place.’

Viktoria Manas

Does Viktoria Manas Have a Boyfriend?

Viktoria Manas is a natural beauty adorn by men all around the globe. There is no doubt that, even in her homeland native Russia, she was the subject of the wishes of many men. Unfortunately, Viktoria is pretty secretive about her love life before she moved to the United States. But this information will likely disappoint her numerous fans – lovely Viktoria is married, and she lives with her hubby in New York. They still do not have children, because this cute chubby is entirely dedicated to a career.

Viktoria’s Modeling Career

From her young age, lovely Victoria showed her interest in fashion. Not expecting to achieve worldwide success, a few years ago she moved from native Russia to New York. But before she went to live abroad in 2012, Russian beauty accepted to compete at the local plus-size modeling competition, called “North Aurora,” according to the Roman goddess of beauty.

Propositions for this competition were clear – participants shouldn’t wear size less than 18 and should be tall more than 5ft 5ins (168 cm). Viktoria Manas has competed in the category ‘Universe Youth,’ for girls younger than 30. Between hundreds of registered participants and dozens of contestants, this sensual beauty has been chosen as the winner.

World-Wide Modeling Career

The title gave her an additional motive to go for her dreams – to become a plus-size model. Moving to the United States opened many chances for her. Viktoria was noticed because of her unique beauty. Soon she started with numerous campaigns and photo shooting for fashion brands.

Viktoria never had a problem to wear any creations – from elegant dresses to sexy underwear. Simply, this is a woman who is aware that beauty comes in all sizes and shapes, and wants to emphasize it. That’s why Victoria, together with her colleagues from the world of plus-size modeling, is fighting for the rights of magnificent women who don’t fit into the ideal 90-60-90 standards. They should be proud of their bodies and do not hide them with baggy, noteless clothes.

Victoria Manas wear tight, sexy clothes in private life too. She loves provocative wearing, but with style. Although many would not say, Viktoria is an athletic type. She often visits a gym, rides a tandem, and tries to eat healthily. It does not mean that she wants to lose weight and those recognizable curves – she is the supporter of the healthy lifestyle.

Viktoria Participates “I’m No Angel” Campaign

Lately, famous fashion brands have noticed the importance of adapting clothing to women who are not professional models. Starting 2015, British fashion house Lane Bryant launched campaign I’m No Angel, and Viktoria Manas recently became a part of it. The goal was to make the ‘anti-thesis to Victoria’s Secret. The world-famous Angels create the impression that their creations are not for everyone.

Viktoria Manas often travels to her native country, where she works with domestic fashion brands and designers. As for the earnings, at this moment, there is no exact information about the annual salary and net worth of this beautiful Russian. However, Viktoria Manas is one of the most wanted plus-size models, which means that her earnings can be several tens of thousands of dollars per shooting.

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