What Does Emily Black Do for a Living? What Age Is She?

Emily Black, a British social media personality, experienced a meteoric rise in her online presence, thanks to her popularity on OnlyFans and Instagram. Her curvaceous physique and alluring aesthetics have attracted a substantial following, nearing the one-million mark. The consistent sharing of captivating photos and videos has played a pivotal role in her remarkable financial success. Marketing herself as everyone’s “naughty girlfriend,” she proudly asserts her position in the top 0.01% of OnlyFans’ worldwide leaderboard for content creators.

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Early years, Education, and Family

Emily Black was born on 19 April 2000, in a tranquil village somewhere in the Midlands, England. While she maintains a vibrant public persona through her social media platforms, she has deliberately shielded her family from the spotlight, demonstrating a strong commitment to privacy in her efforts to keep this aspect of her life away from public attention.

Details about her early years are scarce, but she’s shared that she still resides in the house where she grew up, living with her mother and stepfather.

Information about her educational background is limited, but it’s known that she lived in a dormitory while pursuing her degree at a university. Reports suggest that she eventually dropped out of college to fully focus on her burgeoning modeling career on social media.

Emily’s Jobs Prior to Her Social Media Explosion

Similar to many British teenagers, Emily Black explored various jobs before discovering her true calling. At the age of 17, she found herself working at a popular bar, serving drinks. Ironically, she had to pretend to be over 18 to secure the position, yet she still couldn’t indulge in the alcoholic beverages she handled, given that some areas in the UK require individuals to be 25 years old before being served a drink.

Emily gained experience working at a pet shop, fostering a deep love for animals. Despite an initial fear of spiders, tarantulas, and other exotic creatures—a common sentiment during her upbringing—she saw it as a personal challenge. Over time, she conquered her fear and developed a genuine affection for her job, finding joy in handling various animals without any incidents.

She had experience working for an adult content-based company, although her involvement was focused more on showcasing herself in skimpy clothing rather than engaging in explicit content. This phase in her professional history occurred when she was a bit younger.

As a Digital Content Creator

In the era of digital platforms, the 23-year-old Emily has seamlessly adapted. Swiftly navigating the intricacies of social media, she not only established a notable online presence but also shrewdly transformed it into a lucrative profession. Creating accounts across all popular social media apps, Emily focused not on amassing followers but rather on identifying the most financially rewarding avenues. Here are her social media metrics:


Emily has been quoted multiple times emphasizing her intention not to make her OnlyFans page too taboo or explicit, fearing her mother’s potential discomfort. In the early days, circa 2000, she discreetly hid it from her mother, cognizant of prevailing stereotypes associated with content creators on the platform. She only told her mother about the other platforms but not about OnlyFans and that she was doing modeling. During this period, she took pride in the absence of explicit content on her page, and according to some Reddit reviews, it was not geared toward users seeking X-rated material.

However, despite her initial stance, her followers eagerly anticipate her next moves, raising questions about whether she will venture beyond showcasing semi-nudes to explore content that might be considered more sexually explicit.

In a surprising turn, Emily later reversed her decision, incorporating explicit content on her page, given the substantial financial rewards it brought. This move was widely accepted by her audience. With approximately 200 videos and 5,000 photos on her page, subscribers have a plethora of content to choose from. Emily, understanding her audience well and strategically playing her cards, has secured her place in the top 0.01% of OnlyFans content creators. She notes that this achievement is contingent on peak months and consistent, engaging content creation. There was a time when she had a total of 28,000 subscribers in a month.

Of all Emily’s digital platforms, OnlyFans is her primary focus due to its unparalleled financial returns. As a paid subscription platform, she dispels the misconception that the work involved is easy, emphasizing the significant time investment required. This platform requires daily monitoring and uploading of new content. Acknowledging the competition on the platform, Emily shared in an interview that she begins her day at eight in the morning, dedicating hours to conceptualizing, filming, and editing content, often concluding her work around 2 o’clock the next morning.

Surprisingly, Emily actively follows approximately 300 content creators on the platform, primarily as a gesture of support and a source of inspiration. When her mother discovered this aspect of her online activity, initial hesitation gave way to support for Emily’s career choices. Even her stepfather, informed by her nosy step-aunt, extended his encouragement, creating a united front in backing her online endeavors.


On her verified self-titled YouTube channel, established in May 2020, Emily has garnered close to 500,000 subscribers. Mirroring her approach on OnlyFans, she showcases her pleasing aesthetics while adhering to the guidelines set by the platform, avoiding explicit content. This platform serves as a more personal space for Emily, allowing her to connect with followers beyond the confines of a particular image.

The significance of personal connection on social media is well-established—revealing the person behind the brand often leads to a deeper appreciation of the content. Higher viewer engagement correlates with increased monetary compensation, a principle Emily has leveraged in her social media strategy. Despite her focus on other platforms, Emily’s YouTube channel thrives, even with a less frequent posting schedule due to her busy agenda. While the conventional wisdom for gaining followers suggests weekly posts, her unique circumstances led her to upload less frequently.

Over 500 videos are available in her channel’s library, with 75 being full-length productions and the remainder falling under the category of YouTube Shorts. In total, her channel has amassed over 25 million views. The most popular video in her library, entitled “Ann Summers *LINGERIE* Try On Haul,” showcases Emily donning lingerie from Ann Summers. Despite the entertaining content, Emily faced challenges, ensuring she abided by platform rules by covering her private parts with her hands. Her dedication paid off, and the video, viewed around 1.2 million times, stands as a testament to her commitment to maintaining the integrity of her channel and avoiding suspension or ban.


Instagram served as the initial platform in which online enthusiasts first encountered Emily’s alluring photos. Establishing her account in May 2020, she wasted no time sharing a series of captivating images, featuring bikinis and other enticing outfits. She effectively cultivated her brand on this platform, strategically teasing her followers with glimpses of what they could expect on her OnlyFans page, which she actively promoted.

Recognizing the risks faced by other content creators who had their accounts suspended or deleted, Emily exercised extreme caution in curating her Instagram content. Her approach reflected a level of professionalism, evident in the well-composed photos with proper lighting and exposure. While she tastefully showcased some skin, she ensured that her content remained sophisticated and refrained from exposing nipples. The social media star’s meticulous efforts paid off handsomely, attracting a substantial following of close to one million.

However, there was a shift in Emily’s Instagram activity, and she ceased uploading photos on the platform, with her last post dating back to December 2022. Fortunately, for her followers, Emily transitioned to posting video reels. This change, welcomed by her audience, showcased her dancing skills and different sets of clothing, generating significant engagement as evidenced by the numerous likes on each post. This allowed her to gauge immediate viewer interest, with one notable reel featuring her washing a car accumulating close to two million views, further cementing her influence on the platform.



Emily experienced significant success on TikTok, amassing almost two million followers who avidly watch her videos on the platform. Her content received an impressive 32 million likes. TikTok became the canvas in which various facets of her personality were showcased. Beyond simply revealing her physical allure, Emily engaged in a diverse range of activities, strutting her stuff while incorporating pranks, lip-syncing, energetic dancing, reenacting iconic scenes, and collaborating with other social media personalities. Her commitment to regularly uploading videos multiple times a week earned her a coveted spot on the Explore page, solidifying her presence and impact on the platform.

Interesting facts about Emily Black

While Emily has shared numerous photos and videos on various social media platforms, there remain many aspects of her life that fans may not be aware of. Here are some intriguing facts about her:

Animal Sanctuary Dream

One of Emily’s ultimate life dreams is to establish an animal sanctuary. Her passion for animals grew during her time working in a pet store, and she now owns a variety of animals. Some were adopted, while others were given to her by friends who could no longer care for them. Among her current companions are cats, dogs, tarantulas, and two constrictor snakes called Blue Eyed Leucistic Complex, measuring about six to seven feet. She has also had a gecko and a rabbit in her collection, but they have since passed away.

Views on Relationships

Emily boldly declared that a man’s size matters in a relationship, clarifying that she doesn’t prefer massive sizes but finds an average size sufficient. Her candid statement during a podcast led to a collective sigh of relief from many of her male fans, according to the host.

Friendship with Fellow Creators

Contrary to popular belief, Emily believes that social media stars creating similar content can be friends. Despite the vast market, she has met and developed deep friendships with some of her fellow content creators.

Turning Down Lucrative Offers

Emily revealed that she turned down a proposal to go on a dinner date with someone willing to fork out $30,000. Similarly, she rejected an offer to fly to Turkey in exchange for a substantial amount of money. While it presented a lucrative opportunity, she emphasized the uncertainty of the other party’s intentions. Emily expressed concerns about the potential risks, citing instances in which individuals were lured into organ harvesting syndicates under the guise of free travel. Rejecting such offers, she asserted that putting a monetary value on herself would imply agreeing to a specific worth, a stance she wasn’t comfortable with.

Navigating Awkward Social Situations

Working in the realm of social media, Emily faced some drawbacks related to the content she shared. One challenge arose when she unexpectedly encountered friends in the company of acquaintances, including a friend’s spouse, who turned out to be one of her social media followers. This often led to uncomfortable situations, emphasizing the fine line between her online presence and real-life relationships.

Another source of discomfort emerged when children or teenagers recognized her, particularly in the presence of their parents. In one incident, while strolling through her quiet village, a group of teens loudly called out her name, prompting her to hastily distance herself from the situation.

Unusual Act of Kindness at 17

At the young age of 17, Emily found herself driving home some inebriated team members of a premier football club, accompanied by their drowsy team captain. These individuals were patrons of the bar where she worked, and the encounter unfolded as she was wrapping up her shift during the early hours of the morning. This unexpected act of kindness showcased her willingness to go beyond the call of duty to ensure the well-being of others, even when faced with unconventional circumstances.

Embarrassing drunk moment

On occasions when Emily joined friends for drinks, her tendency to get easily intoxicated often led to embarrassing situations. A particularly memorable incident involved her wearing a ponytail made of hair extensions. In the midst of dancing, she impulsively pulled the faux ponytail from her hair. The situation took a turn for the worse when she placed the detached hair on the belly bag she was wearing, with the hair trailing out as she continued to energetically move her hips. While the spectacle may not have been visually appealing, it certainly left a lasting impression for its undeniable silliness.

Regrettable teenage decision

When she was about 14 going 15 years old, she sent a photo of her bum to a person she was talking with on Snapchat. Unfortunately, the battery of her phone died and she wasn’t able to turn it on immediately to find out what happened afterward. She didn’t know that the photo was screenshot around 30 times and shared around. When she went to the school the next day, everyone in her year was looking at and talking about her. At that time, she didn’t have a choice but to take it all in but it was one regrettable decision she made in her life because of the embarrassment that she felt that day. However, fast-forward in 2021, she sarcastically said in a video after recalling that moment, ‘Look at me now, I am a professional whore.’

Personal Life

After going through various relationships and ‘kissing a lot of frogs,’ Emily discovered her prince charming in Frank Siotta, a musician based in the Netherlands. Although she has been discreet about the details of their relationship, Emily delightedly shared in a TikTok post in December 2022 that they were engaged. Finally, Emily found someone who embraces every aspect of her, including her career as an OnlyFans content creator.

In the past, Emily faced challenges with a boyfriend who held more traditional views and struggled to accept her expanding online career. Initially supportive, he even contributed ideas. However, when faced with the prospect of Emily’s career taking a more significant turn, promising greater financial success, he voiced opposition, expressing a desire to be the sole provider. Emily noted that he sought control over the situation, prompting her to reconsider the relationship.


Emily Black stands at a height of 5ft 3ins (161cms) and maintains a balanced weight of 110lbs (50kgs). Her distinctive vital statistics are 34-28-40, complementing her hourglass physique. She completes her look with dark brown hair that matches her hazel eyes.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Sara has an estimated net worth of over $1 million, as of November 2023.

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