What does Olivia Sui do now? Her Age, Height, Dating, Career

Olivia Sui is a Chinese-American actress and YouTube content creator, probably best known for her appearances in the comedy sketch show “Smosh” on YouTube – she’s more commonly referred to as Smosh Olivia.

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Early life, family, education

Olivia Sui was born on 14 August 1993, in China, but her family moved to the US when she was two years old. Olivia discovered her passion for dance tt the age of five, and started dancing ballet, through which she also discovered her talent and love for acting. Over the years, she’s attended many dance competitions throughout California, and taken numerous acting and improv classes.

She has a younger sister named Melanie, but information about her parents remains undisclosed. Similarly, she hasn’t revealed where she went to school and university.


Olivia Sui’s journey in the entertainment industry began with appearances in various TV series. Notably, in 2005, she appeared in an episode of the TV comedy series “Weeds”, in wich she played the character Peggy. That same year, she also briefly acted in the TV series “Monk,” playing a minor character. Following these debuts, she later showcased her acting skills in episodes of well-known shows such as “Warzone,” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” These early experiences laid the foundation for her career, providing a glimpse of the talent and versatility that would later define her contributions to the entertainment world.

In March of 2015, Olivia’s career took a significant leap as she joined the Smosh cast, which marked the beginning of a new chapter, in which her comedic talents flourished not only as a performer but also as a creative force behind the scenes. Consistently acting on the Smosh Main Channel, Olivia became a pivotal member of the Smosh Squad—a group of content creators within the Smosh brand.

Her role expanded beyond acting, with Olivia taking on the task of writing or co-writing numerous sketches, each contributing to the comedic charm of the Smosh channel. Memorable creations include sketches such as “BREAKING NEWS: BRAD IS MISSING” and “HOW TO NOT PISS OFF ASIAN PEOPLE.”

In addition to her contributions on the Smosh platform, Olivia Sui showcased her adaptability by co-hosting Smosh’s Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover with Courtney Miller, another popular creator on the Smosh channel. This show premiered on Smosh 2nd channel in 2015, and featured Courtney and Olivia, dressed in pajamas, doing random, mostly weird, activities with various guests from other YouTube channels, such as The Bath Boys, and other Smosh cast member including Anthony and Ian.

As her career with Smosh expanded, she was cast in various outside projects including short films and TV series. In 2015, she played the character Kappa, in the comedy/horror TV series “Scream Queens.”  The series revolves around a serial killer, who is terrorizing the protagonists in locations such as a hospital and a university.

In 2019, she played the role of one of the main characters, in a short film entitled “Foundher.” The drama short was directed and written by Jordi Matsumoto, and features star actors such as Gale Hansen and Michael Vlamis.

Most recently, she appeared as a minor character, Sage, in the comedy film “Do Revenge.” directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, premiered in 2022, and features several established actors such as Maya Hawke and Sophie Turner. The movie was well received, earning a rating of 6.3 stars on IMDb.

These projects helped her to solidify her presence as a creator, including later her own shows.

Starting 12 March 2020, Olivia hosts her own podcast named Fish Cheeks, on which she invites a diverse range of guests, predominantly people of color (PoC), to delve into a multitude of significant subjects. Some of her most notable guests have been figure skating Olympian Mirai Nagasu, and Jun Yu and Jimmy Wong, stars of the newly released live action Mulan movies.

Social media presence

Olivia Sui has a very active social media presence, most notably on her Instagram account on which she has nearly 700,000 followers. She posts a variety of comedy content, including sketches, jokes, and her stand-up comedy, which she attempted recently.

She also has a significant following on YouTube of over 220,000. Her content on the platform mostly features vlogs with her daily adventures and experiences. Here are some of her most popular videos:

In December 2018, she uploaded a video featuring some of her friends, as they go to McDonalds and try every food item on the dollar menu. Their witty and comedic interactions have resonated with her followers, and the video has over two million views.

Another one of her popular videos centers around her daily life. Aptly entitled “What I do in a day”, the video features Olivia explaining most of her day-to-day routines and rituals. Several of her friends and co-workers also appear in the video, providing further insight into Olivia’s personality. The video has reached over 300,000 views, and 15,000 likes.


Olivia Sui is currently dating American actor Sam Lerner. The two started dating in 2018, after Shayne Topp, another cast member from Smosh, set them up together. Shayne even revealed that he prevented them from meeting each other while they were in different relationships, as he believed that they are too perfect for each other to be friends.

Before meeting Sam, Olivia was in a relationship with photographer James Law. They began dating around 2014, but broke things off in April 2018.


Olivia stands at a height of around 5ft 6ins (1.67m) and weighs about 127lbs (58kgs). She has long straight brown hair and hazel brown eyes; she’s often characterized by her expressive facial features, and a warm, approachable demeanor. She’s known for her versatility in adopting various styles and looks, whether in the context of scripted sketches or her personal appearances. Above all, Olivia loves to be comfortable in her clothes, and often wears cozy sweaters, baggy pants and cardigans.

Net worth

As of 2023, Olivia Sui’s net worth has been estimated at around $5 million, coming as a result of her involvement with Smosh, and successful social media content, which includes brand advertisement and modeling contracts.

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