What Happened to Amberlynn Reid? Her Age, Height, Weight

Who is Amberlynn Reid?

Amberlynn is a controversial social media personality and YouTuber from the United States. She has amassed considerable popularity through her mukbang videos, fashion and beauty hauls, and personal vlogging entries. She’s also generated controversy for her failed weight loss journey, and is known for documenting her personal life in great detail on her YouTube channel.

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Early Life and Family

Amberlynn had a tumultuous early life marked by familial challenges. Born on 27 December 1990, in Key West, Florida, she only spent a few months there before her family relocated to California. Her childhood was significantly affected by her parents’ drug addiction, which led to conflicts within the family. Amberlynn grew up as the middle child in her family, with two brothers, James and John.

Amberlynn’s family situation deteriorated to the point when at the age of 11, she was removed from her parents’ custody due to their substance abuse issues. She moved between several foster homes in California, which added to the instability of her early years. In one of her videos, she revealed that she began using food as a coping mechanism during these difficult times, which she attributes to her current struggle with being overweight.

In terms of education, Amberlynn attended Brown Mackie College in Tucson, Arizona, although the publicly available details regarding her educational journey or any academic achievements remain sparse.

YouTube Channel

Amberlynn Reid launched her YouTube channel in 2013, initially with the intent of documenting her weight loss journey, and holding herself accountable. However, over time, instead of losing weight she gained more, which paradoxically brought her notoriety and increased viewership on her channel, due to the contradiction between her channel’s premise and the outcomes.

The content on her channel expanded over time to include daily vlogs, mukbang videos (in which she eats large amounts of food while interacting with her audience), personal life updates, and discussions around body positivity and lifestyle. Her honest and raw portrayal of her life, including the struggles with weight loss, attracted a significant online following. The variety of content, including fashion and beauty hauls, also contributed to her growing subscriber base and engagement on her channel.

As of October 2023, Amberlynn’s channel numbers more than 200,000 subscribers and close to 150 million views. Some of her most popular videos include “I don’t know wat to say”, “WHAT I ATE TODAY UNHEALTHY”, and “MUKBANG | EAT WITH ME | SPICY”, which have both gained around 700,000 views.


Amberlynn has faced scrutiny for her weight management, particularly when she claimed to have gained weight while on “Weight Watchers”, and criticized her girlfriend’s lack of support for her weight loss goals in a video. After numerous failed attempts at losing weight, Amberlynn’s viewers who were understanding of her at first began questioning her true intentions.

Some critics argue that Amberlynn may be cultivating a negative persona for attention, as online audiences often engage more with provocative or sensational content. Every once in a while, Amberlynn would announce that she was going on a diet, but then would find an excuse as to why it’s not doable for her, further fueling the negative comments.

The criticism has been somewhat confirmed by Amberlynn herself in one of her videos, as she expressed concern that she would lose her viewership, and thus a large portion of her income, once she comes back from a weight loss surgery for health related reasons.

Amberlynn’s romantic life has also generated a lot of controversy online. She is known for dating two people at the same time, without letting either of them know what’s going on, and she often moves in with her newest partner as soon as possible. Many have described her behavior as toxic and manipulative. Furthermore, one of her exes, who goes by the name Casey, claimed that Amberlynn was physically abusive towards him.

Amberlynn has been accused of animal abuse on multiple occasions. As documented by the videos on YouTube channel, she often treats her pets as toys and overfeeds them to make them overweight. She also frequently has different pets in different videos, which led some of her viewers to believe that she abandons her pets once she gets tired of them and replaces them with new ones.

In a now-deleted video from 2021, Amberlynn announced a Go Fund Me campaign to pay for cancer treatment for her then-girlfriend Becky’s mother. However, it was later revealed that Becky’s mother had stable income, and that her insurance was covering her treatment, which contradicted the claims Amberlynn made in her Go Fund Me announcement video, which led to many people accusing Amberlynn of trying to pocket the money for herself.

Presence on Social Media

In addition to YouTube, Amberlynn is also active on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, on which she continues to engage with her audience. On Instagram, she has amassed close to 20,000 followers​. Through these platforms, she shares aspects of her lifestyle, fashion and personal endeavors, which further enhance her online visibility and engagement with her audience.

On Reddit, she has a subreddit dedicated to her, called ‘r/Ambervierse_’, on which users share their thoughts about her content, without directly engaging Amberlynn. Notably, some redditors have revealed that they watch her videos as a form of weight loss motivation.

In September 2023, a clip from a video of Amberlynn’s went viral on Twitter and Tikok, in which she acts surprised, and says that she ordered a vegetable sandwich and an apple, but upon opening, she exclaims that they gave her a bacon sandwich and chips, and proceeds to eat them.

Love Life and Relationships

Amberlynn has gained a lot of notoriety for her tumultuous love life. Her relationship with her ex-girlfriend Destiny was particularly controversial and well-documented on her YouTube channel. The two began dating in 2016, following Amberlynn’s breakup with a girl named Krystle. At the beginning of their relationship, Amberlynn completely abandoned any attempts at losing weight, and even hit a new highest weight.

The two broke up after a year which sent Amberlynn down another turbulent period that resulted in further weight gain. Several weeks later, she announced that she won’t be making anymore videos about losing weight.

Shortly after breaking up from Destiny in 2019, Amberlynn began dating a woman named Becky. The two would soon move in together and become engaged. However, during her time with Becky, Amberlynn frequently talked about having feelings for Destiny, while making negative comments about Becky.

As of 2023, Amberlynn appears to be single, although there have been rumors of her having a new girlfriend which she is yet to confirm or deny.

Net Worth

As of October 2023, Amberlynn’s net worth reportedly sits at $90,000, while it’s been estimated that she makes roughly $2,000 per month from her YouTube content.

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