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Callan Mulvey

The talented Callan Mulvey was born on 23rd February 1975, in Auckland, New Zealand, and is of Scottish, Irish and Māori descent. He and his family – including siblings Aroha and James – moved to Sydney, Australia, when he was just seven years old.

An accomplished actor with decades of experience in the entertainment industry, Callan worked as a stunt double for two years, and also appeared in a police training video before interpreting Bogdan Drazic in “Heartbreak High”. His best-known characters include Jack Rollins and Anatoli Knyazev.


Callan began working as a stunt double after years of rollerblading and skateboarding which helped him learn useful tricks and maneuvers. Between 1997 and 1999, he appeared in 74 episodes of the adolescent show “Heartbreak High”, gaining scores of fans with his version of the stereotypical high school bad boy.

Over the next few years, Callan appeared to have trouble landing regular work, and was limited to guest-appearances in “All Saints”, “Pizza”, and “BeastMaster” along with the occasional TV movie. After playing Cage Sorrentino in the obscure TV movie “Code Red”, the actor went on a three-year hiatus, until he landed his first movie role as Sam in “Thunderstruck”.

Despite the Australian production being a commercial flop that failed to bring in $1 million at the box office, Callan re-entered the spotlight with his portrayal of Sam, and went on to land a recurring role as Johnny Cooper in the long-running soapie “Home and Away”, appearing in dozens of episodes from 2006 to 2008. Around the same time, he also guest-starred in “Sea Patrol”, and had minor recurring roles in “McLeod’s Daughters” and “Underbelly”.

2008 saw the actor in his first short film and begin playing Brendan Joshua in the TV series “Rush”, a role which would last three years. As one of the main characters, Callan enjoyed plenty of screentime, with actress Jane Allsop playing his love interest in seasons three and four.

Callan continued to work steadily throughout the early 2010s with important roles in movies such as “The Hunter” and “Zero Dark Thirty”. The first production was described as an enjoyable slow-burn, whereas the latter was a box office success that brought in over $130 million. Meanwhile, the actor also had a small recurring role in “Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms” and began filming for the epic historical action movie “300: Rise of an Empire”.

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In 2014, Callan reached mainstream fame thanks to his role as Jack Rollins in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. In the Marvel cinematic universe, Jack was a HYDRA operative and one of the main antagonists whose goal was to capture Captain America. Callan’s aloof, no-nonsense performance was particularly praised by critics, while “The Winter Soldier” became the fifth-highest-grossing film of the year after earning $715 million at the box office.

Overall, 2014 was an interesting year for Callan, as he also had a main role in Katie Holmes’s dark comedy thriller “Miss Meadows”, and was a supporting character in “Kill Me Three Times”. Despite both movies being commercial flops, the success of “The Winter Soldier” led to Callan being cast as supervillain Anatoli Knyazev in the 2016 superhero movie “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”. It’s important to note that Anatoli didn’t receive as much screentime as fans of the comic may have hoped for.

Following a brief appearance in the movie adaptation of the videogame “Warcraft”, Callan was part of the main cast in season three of “Power”. The cannibalistic Serbian drug lord was a major antagonist who committed various gruesome on-screen murders; ultimately, he was betrayed by one of his associates and killed off after ten episodes, although his character was mentioned in season four.

From historical action dramas such as “Outlaw King” to psychological thrillers including “Delirium”, Callan continued to showcase his acting talents as the 2010s came to an end. In 2019, he reprised his role of Jack Rollins in “Avengers: Endgame”, which raked in almost $2.8 billion at the box office, and was praised for its action sequences, musical score, visual effects, and direction.

Although some may consider that “Avengers: Endgame” was the peak of Callan’s success, he has stayed booked and busy throughout the last few years with a handful of TV and movie roles. On the small screen, the New Zealand native has guest-starred in “The Luminaries”, “Mystery Road”, and “Last King of the Cross”; meanwhile, he recently appeared alongside Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans in the gripping action thriller “The Gray Man”. Although the Netflix movie was criticized for its staggering $200 million budget, and received mixed reviews, it was deemed good enough for a sequel and spin-off which are currently in the works.

In 2003, Callan suffered a serious car accident after colliding head-on with another vehicle at 100 km/h. It took medical personnel almost one hour to free the actor from the wreckage, and given that the midsection of his face had completely collapsed, he went through a grueling surgery that involved having 17 titanium plates inserted into his face. Apart from a fractured knee and ankle, Callan also permanently lost vision in his left eye.

As for the “Avengers” star’s personal life, he married academic and musician Rachel Thomas in December 2010. In what was described as a ‘magical ceremony’, Callan and Rachel became husband and wife in Byron Bay, New South Wales – where, coincidentally, they met eight years prior.

In a magazine exclusive discussing the big day, Rachel quipped: ‘I do remember noticing he was a deep thinker, and he had great style on a skateboard.’ While getting to know each other, Rachel and the “Heartbreak High” alum bonded over her pet dog, Henry; it appears that the musician was in a relationship at the time of their meeting, as her son was born in 2004.

Obviously, that relationship didn’t work out as Rachel’s son would later be the ring bearer during her wedding to Callan. According to the “300” star, he retreated from the world after his car crash but got back in touch with Rachel in 2006 or 2007. During this time, both were focused on their careers and respective partners, but when Callan and Rachel became single in early 2010, they embarked on a whirlwind courtship and became engaged during a romantic trip to Bali just five months later.

The simple ceremony, which was largely written by meditation teacher Gary Gorrow, was followed by a vegan and seafood feast, and a honeymoon at the extravagant Emerald Valley Villa eco-retreat. These days, in late-2023, Rachel is reportedly working as a high school teacher, whereas Callan is worth an estimated $2 million, thanks to his acting career.

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