What Happened to Galvancillo? His Age, Height, Net Worth

El Galvancillo, or just Galvancillo, is a 24-year-old Mexican-American social media personality and singer. He’s probably best known for his songs “Aventador,” “Brindo,” “El Tamarindo,” and “A La Moda,” and for his TikTok account, galvancillo2, on which he’s amassed over 4.5 million followers, and more than 152 million likes. In early April 2023, Galvancillo’s Instagram account, galvancillo2, was allegedly hacked and filled with explicit images and videos from his private life, and reportedly of adult stars, prompting Instagram to deactivate it. He moved on from the incident, and has amassed over 1.3 million followers on the account.

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Early life, source of career

Lorenzo Galvan Ochoa was born on 4 April 1999 in the USA, but is of Mexican descent, and grew up in Jalisco, Mexico, with two older brothers, one of whom is named Omar. He told the Houston Chronicle in December 2021 that agricultural work marked his upbringing, as he was responsible for tending to pigs and cows at home. His passion for cars started in his childhood, as he watched his two older brothers buy and customize their automobiles by raising the doors, changing the wheels, upholstering the interior, and repainting the exterior. Galvancillo moved to Austin, Texas, US, in 2017, after which his online career took off unexpectedly.


In 2017, Galvancillo began vlogging about trucks and motorcycles on his YouTube channel @Galvancillo, on which he’s accrued a following of 755,000 subscribers as of November 2023. He also showed his love for sedans and videos of himself off-roading in Texas, attending parties, and visiting his family – the audience quickly recognized his authenticity. Galvancillo told the Houston Chronicle that he liked it there, but moved to Houston in 2021 because he saw how passionate the ‘trokiando’ scene was, Mexican slang for trucking, and frequently refers to custom-made trucks of all types, comparable to the ‘slab’ culture which started in Houston in the 1980s, with customized vehicles from the previous decade. Slab cars usually have lush interiors, special wheels, often Texan Wire Wheels ’83s, and vibrant colors, according to SlabCulture.com.

Galvancillo admitted that he filmed most of his car-related videos at a friend’s shop near Houston, and that joining the Los Cuhh Official social media personality group for trokiando enthusiasts sparked his popularity. Galvancillo became recognizable for his ‘la abejita’ or ‘the bee’ pickup truck, which sported black and yellow stripes and had a mix of AMC and Chevrolet parts. He loved it so much that he invested money into repairs, after it was demolished in an accident in September 2021. He repaired it months later, and added a new car wrap in October 2023.

Expanding his fleet

In October 2023, Galvancillo bought a new car, a Ford Mustang, the same month and fittingly nicknamed it ‘el cabalito’ or ‘the horse.’ That confused some YouTube viewers because he’d tested the Lamborghini Aventador a month before, and released a song entitled “Aventador,” which implied that he wanted it. Moreover, Galvancillo also sold or gave away his black Dodge RAM truck, which he nicknamed ‘Pantera’ or ‘Panther’ in favor of a red Chevrolet truck that he called ‘Mamalona,’ a Mexican slang term for a truck with a lowered suspension that a middle-aged mom or dad would drive, according to Urban Dictionary. However, it can also refer to a large, luxurious truck with a striking appearance.


In January 2020, Galvancillo created his TikTok account, galvancillo. He began by posting lip-synching videos and comedy skits, sharing his passion for automobiles, and hanging out with friends. Moreover, he openly discussed his love for tattoos from the get-go, and showed his fresh arm tattoos in February 2020. Most of his TikTok content revolves around his modified cars and trucks. Galvancillo also posts short-form vlogs from trips, challenges, or funny situations that happen when he’s with his friends or girlfriend.

Instagram hacking incident

On 5 April 2023, Galvancillo was live-streaming from home with his girlfriend on TikTok when fans commented that his Instagram account, galvancillo2, was hacked. They attempted to keep things normal, but kept glancing at the comments, and eventually, Galvancillo read one of the comments out loud. That prompted his girlfriend to take her phone and check what the fuss was about. When Galvancillo saw what happened, he gasped and said, ‘No mamez!’ which means ‘No way!’ He stopped his TikTok Live video stream immediately and contacted his team, according to Distractify.

Fans flocked to his Instagram Stories, in which they could see several leaked naked images, allegedly mostly of his girlfriend and without his face visible. While he reportedly told a fan that an ex-girlfriend hacked his account and had explicit content saved to her phone, he didn’t publicly comment on the situation. Instead, his record label, Slab Records, posted on Instagram that ‘Galvancillo’s account was hacked, and that various intimate, very personal things circulated on the account intending to tarnish his reputation, and that the company was working on locating the culprit or culprits.’

On 6 April, Galvancillo posted a TikTok video of himself and family members eating at a restaurant on his backup account, galvancillo, captioning the video with ‘Pobrecita’ meaning ‘poor thing’, and added text that read, ‘I found you, hacker; wait for your demand!’ He looked satisfied and enjoyed the meal, suggesting that he’d found the perpetrator. Instagram reinstated his account shortly, and he continued to post without mentioning the incident again.


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Galvancillo admitted to the Houston Chronicle that he wanted to do something involving music from a young age. He shared that he sang while doing ranch labor or observing his brothers’ auto repair work, and that family parties always had a microphone set up. Thus, the first song that he learned was “Ando Bien Pedo” or “I’m Very Drunk” by Banda Los Recoditos, which was unsuitable for his age. Galvancillo said that he was satisfied with his social media career, but knew that the trokiando scene would only occupy his attention for a while. He previously revealed that he had musician friends in Austin, and sometimes sang with them, so his followers inquired about his plans when other social media stars began releasing music.

In response, Galvancillo partnered with the Mexican music producer Fausto Juárez, who worked with Gloria Trevi, Chiquis Rivera, and Luis Coronel, all Mexican music stars. After founding his label, De La H Music, Galvancillo released his debut single, “Placozo Mi Estilo,” in November 2021, accompanied by a music video. He said that it wasn’t a masterpiece, but was almost effortless and taught him more about music.

He formed a band to record his second single, “Fiesta Pa’ Olvidarla,” and was inspired by recording artists such as El Komander, Regulo Caro, and Gerardo Ortiz. Galvancillo started working with a music teacher afterwards, and expressed that his dream was for his followers to see him in person and listen to him sing in clubs. His career has been on the rise since, and in April 2022, he signed with Viral Music to release an extended play (EP) album, “Corridos Arremangados,” while 2023 was even busier and filled with collaborations. Galvancillo signed with Slab Records, and released four notable singles, “Liena La Cuenta,” “Nos Tocó Brillar” featuring Nathan Torres, “Aventador” featuring Tyan G, and “Brindo” with LEGADO 7 and Juan De Ron.

Dating social media personality Gia

Galvancillo has been in a relationship with social media personality and Instagram model Gia, whose full name might be Gia Y Galvan, since April 2023. She has over 1.8 million followers on her TikTok account, gialover, and over 565,000 followers on her Instagram, gialoverrr. She mostly answers questions, films get ready with me (GRWM) videos, and flaunts her voluptuous physique. They occasionally film videos together, sitting inside or leaning against Galvancillo’s cars. Gia is from Mexico, but spends time in Houston and Los Angeles, California.

Ex-girlfriend, singer Natalie López

Galvancillo dated singer and Instagram model Natalie López for a while but they broke up in 2023, although most of their content dates to 2022. They talked about each other on social media, and infrequently appeared at events together, such as when they attended the opening of DTLA LA Conde in Los Angeles in July 2022.

Natalie signed with the Rancho Humilde record label, and released her debut studio album, “Mil Pedazos,” on 6 October 2023, with seven songs. The single “Faltó” received the most attention, prompting Natalie to record a music video. She is also active on her Instagram account, missnatalielopez, on which she’s amassed over 312,000 followers. Many suspect Natalie of the Instagram hack, as the timing matched the start of Galvancillo’s relationship with Gia. People presume that Natalie felt scorned by their break-up and orchestrated the leak of explicit photos, but neither Galvancillo nor his team officially accused her.

Physical characteristics

Galvancillo has black hair and dark brown eyes, is 5ft 9ins (1.75m) tall, and weighs about 148lbs (67kgs). He has a skinny build, often wears a triangle goatee beard style, and used to sport green-colored streaks in his hair. Galvancillo has several tattoos, but the three most visible ones include an Aztec calendar design on the top of his right hand, a portrait of Jesus on his right forearm, and the shape of the Texas state on his left biceps. He also has lettering on his upper chest, partially visible when he wears clothing with a low-cut neckline.

Net worth

Galvancillo has an estimated net worth of $500,000, earning most of his money through his music, live performances, and YouTube channel. According to Galvancillo’s channel analytics on SocialBlade, he earns up to $3,000 monthly, and has made about $36,000 in the past year. He plans to increase his wealth by selling merchandise through the MerchBar.com website and customizing more vehicles. Moreover, because some people assume that he’s earned his fortune illegally, Galvancillo sometimes wears a custom hat design that reads, ‘I don’t $ell drug$.’

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