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Back in September 2021, a TikTok user by the name of TizzyEnt went viral by making national headlines after exposing a fake vaccine card scam. Since then, TizzyEnt – real name Michael McWhorter – has gone from 2.5 million followers to six million, and with over 220 million likes on TikTok alone, is an internet celebrity in his own right.

Michael was born on 11th June 1976, in the USA and describes himself as a writer, director, and editor. He’s often dubbed ‘the king of accountability’, which is, perhaps, a double-edged sword: after all, when most of your content is based on calling people out and inadvertently getting them cancelled, you will naturally be held to the same high standards.


After exposing the huge vaccination scam in September 2021, Michael pretty much took over the internet. The expose began on Instagram when he saw a woman advertise ‘real Covid vaccination cards’ with ‘real serial numbers’ which could be mailed anywhere in America for just $200.

When the woman in question – who went by the handle AntiVaxMomma – posted that she was looking to expand her team, Michael sent her a message pretending to be a Walgreens employee. Somehow, AntiVaxMomma trusted Michael enough to let him know that she was paying a healthcare worker $10,000 a week to generate lot numbers by entering unvaccinated individual’s names into the vaccination database.

Michael went to the FBI with his findings, but they were already aware of the scam, and soon arrested AntiVaxMomma – real name Jasmine Clifford – and her sidekick, Nadayza Barkley, who had been entering unvaccinated people into the New York State Immunization Information System database. 13 people were also charged after buying the fake vaccine cards.

Although many netizens felt that Michael had done a public service in bringing awareness to the scam, others didn’t understand why he would make a TikTok series out of his findings if the FBI was already on Jasmine and Nadayza’s trail. In any case, Michael continued to call out and expose people, mostly for homophobic or racist Tweets or comments that they had made in the past. His fanbase celebrated every ‘cancelation’ that was brought on by these videos, and began ganging up on and even harassing those who spoke out against the popular TikToker.

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In January 2022, a change.org petition was created asking for Michael and three other TikTokers (auntkaren0, rx0rcist, and Modern_Warrior) to be removed from the app. By then, many were growing tired of Michael’s antics, as he and the aforementioned content creators had gone from merely calling people out to encouraging their followers to harass them – or worse.

‘They are well known for bullying, doxing, harassment, and taking their disagreement beyond the social media platform into real peoples lives by encouraging raiding their employers reviews, sending emails and calling their employees to get them fired or reprimanded,’ the petition stated.

The petition added that Michael and the three other TikTokers in question would often target other users who had different political opinions or disagreed with their videos. Michael, for example, had began openly encouraging his followers to ‘raid’ smaller creators’ comment sections and report their content. He also began harassing a 12-year-old girl online, and when she made her profile private, told his followers to raid her 14-year-old boyfriend’s account.

According to the petition’s creator, one of Michael’s associates had gone so far with the bullying and harassment that the targeted user had attempted suicide and was in hospital. Meanwhile, another associate had contacted child protective services on a parent, and bombarded a small business owner with negative reviews, which led to him having a nervous breakdown.


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Unfortunately, nothing came from the petition, which failed to reach its goal of 1,500 signatures. However, more and more TikTok creators began pushing back against Michael and the other three users, who were nicknamed #WokeCaponeCrimeFamily. Denise Bradley, who goes by auntkaren0, was lambasted for accusing a boy of calling her a racial slur and later accidentally revealing that it was false. Meanwhile, Savannah Sparks (rx0rcist) came under fire for bragging about getting people fired from their jobs by contacting their employers.

Michael’s controversies were, of course, discussed on other platforms outside of TikTok. In July 2023, YouTuber Radiant Britt uploaded “THE CONTROVERSIES OF TIZZYENT”, which has been viewed thousands of times. Britt did a deep dive on Michael, and found that he previously threatened a male McDonalds employee for listening to music without his headphones and took a photo of an unsuspecting stranger in public and uploaded it onto his blog; around the same time, it was also revealed that he’d once told a woman that he hoped she’d become a domestic violence victim.

Although Britt’s video didn’t make enough noise to affect Michael, he took a brief social media hiatus after thousands of discontented TikTok users began accusing him of being a racist and pedophile. One Twitter user also dug up Michael’s old Tweets, which included jokes about violence against the homeless, misogyny, and even sexual violence.

Michael addressed the pedophile claims by explaining that when he had around 100,000 TikTok followers, he began receiving negative comments from a 10-year-old girl who called him a pedophile and other insults. When Michael reached out to her, she apparently replied with more hate comments, and he retaliated by posting a video about her and her boyfriend.

Netizens weren’t exactly satisfied with his explanation, as they found it strange that a man in his 40s would stoop down to the level of a 10-year-old girl, and take the time to post about her. Michael apologized for the incident and claimed that he’d learned from his mistakes.

Perhaps aware of his waning popularity, the content creator began using his influence and platform to do good. On his Instagram account, the American has uploaded dozens of videos in which he tries to help reunite people with their missing loved ones. For the most part, he’s also stopped trying to dox or raid people who disagree with his political views or other opinions.

Michael is estimated to be of average height. His net worth is estimated to be close to $500,000, thanks to his TikTok videos.

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