What happened to Zak Bagans’ wife?

Ghost hunting might be an unusual thing to do for a living, but some who chose this path have found fame and success through it. One of the best examples of this is Zak Bagans, famous for his popular shows such as “Ghost Adventures” and “Deadly Possessions”, just to name a couple. He’s also the founder and owner of the Las Vegas-based The Haunted Museum, named ‘the number one haunted destination in America’ by USA Today.

While the life of a paranormal investigator is surely far from common, Zak’s romantic endeavors aren’t as commented about as the rest of his life. So who has he dated? And what about a supposed ‘wife’ of Zak whose fans on the internet have been talking about recently? Stay here to find out!

Who Is He Dating Now?

Zak Bagans has had an on-and-off relationship with former Playmate and model Madison for several years. The pair hit it off when she visited his Las Vegas Haunted Museum in early 2019, but according to TMZ, they’d already known each other for a long time,

It didn’t take long for the pair to start dating after that Las Vegas meeting, though they kept everything about their relationship away from the spotlight, until their fans picked up the signs based on the similitudes on their social media posts.

Things between Holly and Zak lasted for almost two years before they broke up in early 2021, for reasons related to his paranormal investigation activities, which had allegedly ‘rubbed off’ badly on Holly, as TMZ reported at the time. Though the pair didn’t reveal the reasons leading to their separation, and their social media posts together were rare, they supposedly remained friends as there was no drama involved in their separation.

Later in early 2023, it was reported that the pair had resumed their relationship again after staying in contact with each other for around two years. Just as in the old times, the couple has been rarely caught in pics together since their reconciliation, though, in April of that year, Holly shared an Instagram post showing Zak’s birthday cake, confirming their relationship.

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Who Did He Date Before?

Zak Bagans is known for keeping details about his romantic relationship on the low. That’s why the only publicly known girlfriend of his besides Holly Madison has been Christine Dolce, one of the world’s earliest social media stars.

Known as ‘Forbidden’ and the ‘Queen of MySpace’ thanks to her popularity on the now-disappeared social media, Christine was well known by internet users from the late 2000s and also modeled for Playboy. She and Zak were romantically linked for the first time in 2012, when Christine revealed on her Twitter, now X that she’d slept with him.

Pics of the pair weren’t rare to be found on the internet, but most details about their relationship have remained undisclosed to this day. They eventually parted ways years before she tragically died from liver issues in February 2017.

Has Zak Ever Been Married?

As far as it’s known, Zak Bagans has never been married. In January 2014, a fan on X jokingly asked Zak to marry her, to which he replied that he’d ‘never’ get married because of his fear of having an anxiety attack while at the altar.

Though that post was written in a joking tone, it has been one of the rare occasions in which Zak has addressed the topic of marriage. On 1 April of that year, Zak posted a pic of himself and his then ‘fiancée’ Ashley and thanked his followers for their ‘support’, referring to the news of his engagement.

Nevertheless, no further information about the woman he introduced as Ashley has been found ever since. The belief that his engagement post was an April Fools’ joke has been widely extended given the situation i.

What About Zak’s Fake Wives?

Followers of “Ghosts Adventures” on Reddit have commonly referred to certain fans of Zak as his ‘wives’, though the reasons are very unfortunate.

As it happens, Zak’s identity has been used by malicious people to create scam accounts on the internet. According to the Facebook group “A Zak Bagans Anti Scam Page”, hundreds of people have been messaged by fake accounts with Zak’s name, to deceptively elicit money by asking for gift cards and even bank transfers. As stated by the group and Zack himself, it’s recommended to ignore messages and posts from accounts going by his name.

The scams using Zak’s identity have not only been massive, but successful in many cases. A New Zealand woman was scammed in a complex intentional fraud scheme between 2019 and 2021, after being contacted by a man she believed to be Zak. She was fined $30,000 and was sentenced to two months of community detention for money laundering.

In many of the cases, the scammed fans are led to believe they have a long-distance relationship with the TV star. Most of the victims are middle-aged women, hence why they’ve been famously nicknamed Zak’s ‘wives’ by other fans of the ghost hunter on sites such as Reddit.

All in all, these situations have been very unfortunate for Zak Bagans and his fans, but it’s also a reminder for everyone to be aware of the dangers of the internet.

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