What happened with Overtime Megan? Her Age, Height, Dating

Overtime Megan has risen to fame as a prominent influencer on the social media platform TikTok. Her intriguing content and engaging personality have earned her a massive following, but recent events have cast a shadow on her online presence. Due to the unauthorized release of private content, she temporarily deleted her accounts on every platform she had. Just when she was back in the game, she trended again and kept her fans worried as she was rushed to the emergency room.

Early years, education, family

Megan Eugenio, widely recognized as Overtime Megan, was born on 17 October 1999, in Peabody, Massachusetts USA. She was raised in a middle-class Catholic household, the daughter of Mark and Michelle L. Joyal Eugenio. Megan has three siblings, including an older sister named Amanda and two older brothers, Joshua and Marky. Tragically, Marky passed away at the age of 14 due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. At first, Megan has been relatively private about her family, b ut information gleaned from Facebook accounts suggests that her father was a member of a motorcycle organization known as Iron Order, primarily consisting of individuals from various law enforcement agencies. Later on, she took part in a podcast, and introduced herself to the public.

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During her formative years, her older sister gained notable attention when she participated in the now-defunct reality TV show “America’s Prom Queen” in 2008, which aired on the ABC network; Amanda was one of the runners-up in the competition. Megan also ended up being briefly in the limelight, as she joined the Miss Massachusetts Teen USA competition in 2016, achieving a place in the top 15. However, she mentioned that she was never popular in school, and never had the chance to be part of the ‘cool’ group. Due to bullying, she would occasionally sneak food into the library during lunchtime, and eat by herself.

Even when she was part of the cheerleading team, she felt as if people around her were constantly judging her. While most of her classmates were focused on proms, cars, and the typical teenage pursuits, she was always yearning to return home after class and devise a plan to escape from Peabody. It’s not that she despised her hometown, but she couldn’t envision herself working, getting married, and spending her old age there. She’d always wanted to explore other major cities, and that made her an outcast. She attended two high schools, one public and the other private, where most of her friends went. Yet, in the end, she only had one friend at her matriculation, completed at Bishop Fenwick High School, a private Catholic institution in Peabody.

Her pursuit of education continued, as she first attended Sacred Heart University in Connecticut but switched to Pace University in New York from where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication in May 2023.


About two months into the first semester in college, she met someone on Instagram who worked for Overtime, a sports media company that had successfully captured a substantial audience of sports enthusiasts aged 35 and under, since its inception in 2016. She was 18 years old at the time with no professional work experience of any kind, but she bravely asked her online friend if Overtime would hire her, and two weeks later, she received a call for an interview. She admitted to the manager that she didn’t know anything, but she was willing to learn and even start by just making their coffees. The manager said she didn’t need to do that, but they sure need some help in the office, and Megan embarked on her career journey by accepting an internship with Overtime, which experience proved to be pivotal in her career.

Within Overtime, Megan not only excelled but also had the opportunity to connect with numerous influential individuals, not just in the realm of sports but also within the entertainment and social media industries. Her association with the company facilitated her involvement in various activities, including traveling to different parts of the country to attend live National Basketball Association (NBA) games, and conduct interviews with athletes. Megan became a familiar face on red carpets, and as her following continued to grow over the years, her role shifted from being an interviewer to being the one invited to participate in podcasts hosted by fellow social media personalities. When people asked her why she worked in a sports organization, she confessed that she’d wanted to play basketball since fifth grade but was cut, which fueled her to be where she is now.

Overtime Megan’s social media metrics

Megan’s rise to prominence in the world of social media is marked by impressive metrics across various platforms, showcasing her dedication and creative prowess. Her journey underscores the transformative potential of social media, in which passion and hard work can catapult an individual from an intern to a celebrated public figure. Through her hard work and creativity, she quickly became one of their most cherished creators, amassing a substantial following of fans across TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram; here are her numbers:

TikTok followers

Like many young internet users, Megan ventured into multiple social media platforms, but it was on TikTok that she truly soared to stardom. With her penchant for creating short videos, TikTok quickly became her platform of choice. Her content, often infused with music and dance, resonated with users who enjoyed music and reveling in the party atmosphere, ultimately contributing to her popularity.

Megan’s TikTok account – @overtimemegan – was established in 2019, and her inaugural video was posted on the 4th of August that year. It featured her showcasing two clothing styles. This video garnered an impressive 23,000 likes and approximately 500 comments, marking the beginning of her ascent to social media stardom. Over the years, her account’s popularity only increased; as of October 2023, she had accumulated nearly three million followers and amassed over 100 million likes, solidifying her status as a prominent influencer in the TikTok community.

Instagram influence

Beyond her accomplishments in video content creation, Overtime Megan showcased her social media influence on Instagram, on which she boasted approximately 500,000 followers. Her visually appealing aesthetics, including her well-toned physique, radiated through her posts, capturing the attention of both followers and brands alike. This, in turn, paved the way for numerous brand endorsements and opportunities in the world of fashion modeling.

Some of Megan’s notable collaborations and partnerships included the following: Accelerator, a Thermogenic-charged performance beverage drink. AT&T, a telecommunications giant with whom she engaged in a paid partnership, demonstrating her diverse appeal and ability to connect with a wide audience. MVO Clothing Gear, a brand that showcased her versatility as an influencer, bridging the gap between fashion and her social media presence.

These marketing collaborations not only expanded her reach and influence, but also contributed to her reputation as a well-rounded and influential social media personality.

YouTube presence

Megan expanded her online presence by launching her YouTube channel on 8 December 2021, aptly named “Overtime Megan”. However, her YouTube journey, while promising, didn’t achieve the same level of following as her other social media accounts. At the time, she had garnered over 8,000 subscribers and had uploaded 150 videos, collectively amassing more than half a million views.

Interestingly, a significant portion of Megan’s YouTube content, around 130 videos, fell under the category of YouTube Shorts, shorter video clips. Although Megan’s YouTube subscriber count may have been relatively modest, her content still managed to resonate with viewers, and generate a substantial number of views.

Fans and well-wishers encouraged her to diversify her content strategy by creating more full-length videos, with the aim of further expanding her YouTube following. Among her uploads on YouTube were her podcast videos, entitled “Fresh Daily Meggs,” offering a new dimension to her online presence and showcasing her diverse talents and interests.

Overtime Megan leaked videos and photos

Megan faced a formidable challenge when her private photos and videos were illicitly released after an infiltration of her Snapchat account. The unsettling discovery occurred when discussions on Reddit, a popular online forum, drew attention to the explicit content circulating across various social media platforms.

The breach and its impact

During a guest appearance on the podcast, “One Night With Steiny,” Megan disclosed that her ordeal began in August 2022, when she fell victim to a hacking incident. The perpetrators not only breached her digital storage, but also gained access to her Snapchat conversations with both her former and current boyfriends. They went a step further by re-adding her ex-boyfriend to her Snapchat following list. Initially, Megan underestimated the severity of the situation, assuming it would have minimal consequences.

However, in April 2023, the situation took a distressing turn when her intimate videotapes and photos with her former partners found their way onto video-sharing platforms. The timeline of events remains unclear – whether the private media was mishandled or if those responsible boasted about it to others. This breach left Megan contemplating quitting social media entirely, leading her to delete her accounts or make them private in April 2023, as an immediate response to the ordeal.

Support from friends and loved ones

The breach not only violated her privacy but also exposed the vulnerability famous individuals such as Overtime Megan face in protecting their personal lives in the digital age. Fortunately, Megan received unwavering support from her loved ones, particularly her family, and the people she worked with. Colleagues at Overtime reassured her that while the incident was unfortunate, such occurrences have become more commonplace, widespread compared to a decade ago. This encouragement prompted her to maintain a positive outlook.

Her journey back to social media

Megan embarked on a personal journey of introspection, determined not to succumb to the intentions of those who sought to undermine her. The support of other women who had faced similar challenges motivated her not to give up. She felt empowered, understanding that by demonstrating resilience and returning to her online presence, she could inspire others to do the same.

In Megan’s own words, her life remained largely unchanged except for the comment sections on her social media accounts, which had become livelier than before. In October 2023, she made a triumphant return to social media, resuming her online activities as if nothing had happened, determined to move forward.

Rushed to the nearest Emergency Room

In the early days of October 2023, Overtime Megan shared a startling update with her dedicated fanbase. She revealed that she had been rushed to the E.R. of the nearest hospital due to an unforeseen mishap. During an evening out in Toronto, while dining and enjoying herself, she inadvertently drank from a glass that was broken, leading to a potentially perilous situation.

Megan expressed her profound gratitude for the swift response of the E.R. medical team – after a comprehensive check-up and examination, the doctors reassured her that she was in stable condition and would ultimately be alright.

Personal Life

Overtime Megan’s personal life has often been a topic of fascination among her followers, who frequently scrutinize the photos shared on her social media platforms. Speculation and rumors have linked her to various personalities online, resulting in an ongoing saga of conjecture and curiosity.

In October 2022, it was reported that Megan was in a relationship with Canadian professional hockey player Cole Schwindt. Some even claimed that he featured in her leaked media, intensifying the intrigue surrounding their connection. However, in April 2023, fans suggested a new romantic involvement, as they speculated that she was dating Oklahoma Thunder NBA player Josh Giddey.

At one point, she was even rumored to be associated with National Football League (NFL) player Antonio Brown, although some insisted it was nothing more than a platonic relationship. The blurred lines of social media often make it challenging to discern what is genuine and what might be a well-crafted image. Until Megan officially confirms her relationship status, fans are encouraged to approach such speculations with a pinch of skepticism, mindful of the fine line between reality and the digital world.

Interesting Facts

Overtime Megan’s multifaceted personality reveals intriguing quirks and anecdotes that have piqued the curiosity of her fans. Here are some fascinating facts about her:

  • OCD Inclinations: Megan harbors a pronounced case of OCD – obsessive-compulsive disorder. She diligently employs Lysol spray and wipes to disinfect her gadgets, water bottles, and anything she frequently handles. This meticulous practice extends to her accommodations in hotels, where she takes it upon herself to disinfect surfaces, bedding, and every object that comes into contact with her belongings. Her attention to cleanliness significantly intensified during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Megan’s apartment undergoes a rigorous deep cleaning session every Tuesday, which includes tasks such as washing bath mats, scrubbing shower areas, vacuuming floors, and sanitizing the refrigerator. She even goes to great lengths to ensure that her hair doesn’t touch the seats in cars, airplanes, or any form of public transportation.
  • Cheerleading Mishap: During her high school years, Megan experienced a challenging mishap when she was actively involved in cheerleading. Her zealous pursuit of backhand springs led to a back injury, requiring her to wear a hard back brace around the clock, with the exception of showers. In a somewhat whimsical twist, she chose a brace adorned with the Manhattan skyline design. The boys in her driving education class humorously referred to her as “Robocop.” In retrospect, Megan herself couldn’t quite explain her choice of design, but it might have had something to do with her sister living in New York, where her occasional visits were a source of inspiration.
  • Curly Hair Tale: Megan’s hair naturally boasts a cascade of curls, but an incident from her childhood stands out. At the age of 10, she displayed a bratty attitude one morning when her older sister, who’s 11 years her senior, didn’t have time to straighten her hair before heading out. Megan insisted on having her curls transformed into straight locks before going to school. In a display of sibling mischief, Megan threw a bowl of soggy Cheerios with milk at her sister, who was preparing to leave for work. This incident marked a memorable lesson for Megan, and her curly hair remained untouched for some time, either until her sister’s frustration abated, or until she learned to straighten her hair herself.


Standing at a height of 5ft 2ins (157cms), Overtime Megan exudes confidence and charm. Her slender physique, weighing around 116lbs (53kgs), boasts a slim waist and graceful curvy hips, and is rumored to have vital statistics of 34-26-34, a testament to her dedication to a healthy lifestyle and her commitment to fitness. Her most distinctive feature is her cascade of curly black hair, which she preferred to be colored with brown-blonde highlights and styled in various creative ways, from ponytails and braids to elegant buns and sleek, straight strands.

Net worth

Although precise figures regarding Overtime Megan’s income from social media platforms – including brand partnerships, sponsored posts, and advertising revenues – remain undisclosed, reputable online sources estimate her net worth to be approximatel $2 million as of October 2023. This offers a glimpse into her financial success in the realm of social media. It’s worth noting that this estimate includes her earnings from her role at Overtime.

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