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Oscar Morgan

“Gotham Knights” actor Oscar Morgan was born on 28th August 1999 and hails from London, England.

Hardly anything is known about Oscar’s early years or what he was doing prior to the fame, but we can safely assume that he got into acting at a young age, given that he booked his first TV role at just 18 years old.

When asked in a 2018 interview if he’d been inspired to become an actor by anyone in particular, Oscar said no. ‘I just kind of enjoy doing it. There are people who inspire me now, but didn’t inspire me into it.’ The ambitious Londoner also looks up to Hollywood legend Leonardo DiCaprio, and hopes to have a similar career trajectory, citing “Catch Me If You Can” as his favorite movie.

Apart from TV and movies, Oscar once toyed with the idea of forming a band with his close friend Pat. That particular project never came into fruition, but the “Gotham Knights” star has plenty of other goals, such as learning how to cook, and spending more time on his hobbies.

Regarding Oscar’s height and personal life, the actor is 5ft 10in (177cm) tall, and is believed to be single at the moment. In July 2019, he uploaded a photo of himself kissing then-boyfriend Misia Butler, his last known romantic partner to date.

As fans of the “Millie Inbetween” starlet may be aware, Oscar has a rare eye condition named heterochromia, which means that his irises are different colors.

Career: 2010s

TV audiences were briefly introduced to Oscar for the first time in 2017, when he played a messenger boy in an episode of “The Miniaturist”. Despite only having one scene and two lines, the actor’s performance was impressive enough to get him booked for other roles, such as an episodic appearance in the miniseries “Trauma” and his first recurring role in the kid’s show “Millie Inbetween”.

According to Oscar, a typical filming day on the set of “Trauma” lasted from 6 p.m. to midnight, although one funeral scene which was set in a church took almost all day to finish. As one of the youngest actors on set, the Londoner bonded with his fellow teenage co-stars, with whom he spent time playing games and chatting in between takes.

Oscar went through a grueling audition process to land the role of Leo in “Millie Inbetween”, which he initially pursued due to it being his little sister’s favorite show. ‘There was so much tension, but it was good,’ the actor said, explaining that the casting directors took their time in asking him to come in for the final audition.

Although it was challenging for the show’s cast members to continue to see each other when filming wrapped up, they remained in touch and would hang out whenever possible. Oscar was particularly close to his co-star Tallulah Greive, who played Lauren; meanwhile, the rest of the “Millie Inbetween” stars were scattered around Scotland, Belfast, Brighton, and other locations.

Following his stint on the kid’s show, Oscar effortlessly switched from one recurring role to another, as he joined the cast of “Danny”. His character, Warren, appeared in six episodes; the series itself was quietly cancelled during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, having aired its first season in mid-to-late 2019.

Career: 2020s

In 2021, Oscar returned to acting after almost two years with his portrayal of Leandre in “Peaceful”, an independent French movie starring Melissa George and Catherine Deneuve. It’s unclear how the “Gotham Knights” actor approached his role in the foreign-language movie or the circumstances surrounding the auditioning and filming process; nevertheless, the following year he guest-starred in an episode of “Death in Paradise”, and had a minor role in “Zero”.

2023 was the year of Oscar’s breakthrough, as he began working with the likes of Misha Collins and other CW veterans on “Gotham Knights”. This was, without a doubt, the actor’s most important project to date, as he depicted the main character Turner Hayes – who just happened to be the adoptive son of Bruce Wayne (alias Batman).


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In season one of the series, Turner was thrust into a murder mystery as he was framed for killing the famous Gotham City vigilante. For someone used to playing the goofy sidekick or unimposing best friend, the role was a huge and perhaps daunting change for Oscar: however, he saw it as a welcome opportunity to step out of his comfort zone.

According to the actor, the lengthy audition process was almost completely virtual, and involved recording lots of self-tapes before meeting the show’s executives, and doing a chemistry read with co-star Olivia Rose Keegan. At first, casting director David Rapaport had imagined Oscar’s character to be a ‘muscled jock’, an idea which Oscar and his manager weren’t too keen about; however, as months passed, the necessary changes were made to the character.

While preparing for the role, Oscar made sure to soak in as much “Batman” content as possible, such as the Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton films set in the fictional city of Gotham. As for the dynamics with the rest of the cast members, in an in-depth interview with Collider, the Londoner explained that he and his co-stars all lived in the same building and had months to hang out and get to know each other prior to filming. ‘We all get on really well. It’s crazy. It didn’t feel like work,’ he said.

Unfortunately for the “Gotham Knights” cast, the series was cancelled by CW after just one season despite decent ratings. Just a month before the news was made public in June 2023, the network’s entertainment president Brad Schwartz had said: ‘We love all those shows [“Homecoming”, “Superman & Lois: All American”, and “Gotham Knights”] and they all do very well for us in different ways.’ Nevertheless, only a handful of existing scripted series made the cut, due to a change of ownership and other internal factors.

Oscar has yet to announce any new projects for 2024, and his last role was a cameo in an episode of “The Crown”. Even so, the actor’s fans hope to see him back on screens in the next few months. For those curious to know Oscar’s net worth, estimates are that it’s approaching $1 million.

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