What is Anna Shumate famous for? Her Age, Height, Naked Truth

Although influencer culture is not everyone’s cup of tea, the truth is that becoming social-media-famous is not only very common nowadays, but it can also turn into a full-time career for many. In the case of TikTok star Anna Shumate, her online popularity came in the most unexpected and unplanned of ways, yet she’s done an excellent job at taking advantage of her fame to make a business out of it.

With content which goes from comedy sketches to lip-synch and dance routines, Anna’s massive popularity has extended beyond TikTok, gaining her millions of followers on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, and many other platforms.

So who is Anna Shumate and how did she become so famous? Keep reading to find out!

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Who Is Anna Shumate?

Anna Shumate was born on 6 November 2002, in Grosse Ile Township, Michigan USA. She has two brothers named Brandon and Tommy, but not much else is known about her family except that her father calls her ‘angel face’. Her mother has appeared in a couple of her videos, but her name remains unknown.

Anna developed a passion for soccer from an early age, playing the sport from when she was as young as two years old to the time she finished Grosse Ile High School, playing for its female soccer team, sporting the number two jersey in her position as a midfielder and forward. She was ranked the 55th-best female player in Michigan during her senior year. Anna’s favorite team is the Barcelona Football Club.

Anna matriculated from high school in 2020, passing then to enroll in college to study Communication. However, Anna’s stay in college was very short-lived, as she moved away from Michigan to establish herself in Los Angeles. As she said in an interview with HollyWire, she’s not worried about leaving college, and considers she can always return to it sometime in the future.


Although Anna Shumate never planned to become a worldwide-known social media star, everything turned out better than she ever expected. Anna’s intention when she joined TikTok in 2019 was just to share funny videos with her friends, who had also recently joined the short-video app at the time.

Little did Anna know that her friends’ jokes would turn into something big, but her videos soon started gaining thousands of views overnight. As she told Contrast Magazine, it was ‘intriguing’ for her to see many people enjoying her content, especially given how she was just acting, as she always did in her videos.

The sudden growth on social media pushed Anna to reconsider the intention behind her content, becoming more serious about what she posted, as the idea of making videos and other online content for a living was very tempting. In the end, Anna’s TikToks turned viral, and it didn’t take her long to gain millions on the platform, opening new doors for her to expand her content to YouTube and Instagram, amongst other social media.

While Anna is mostly known by her name nowadays, her earliest fans used to recognize her as Anna Banana. That nickname comes from a joke one of her friends from her soccer team made, calling her ‘boonana’ as if it was ‘banana’. The name stuck and soon her friends were calling her Boon and Anna.

Her Career Now

Since Anna Shumate’s debut on social media in 2019, she’s been gaining a massive following on several platforms. These days, her TikTok is close to hitting the 12.5 million followers mark, on top of having over 900 million likes of her videos.

Though TikTok remains Anna’s most popular social media, she’s very successful on Instagram too, having 1.8 million followers to date, while her Snapchat has over 2.9 million followers. Anna is also doing great on Twitch, on which she occasionally live streams gaming videos, and has gained 50,000 followers, and on X, where she’s close to the 100,000 followers mark. One of her most popular accounts is her YouTube channel, which to date has over 350,000 subscribers.


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Regarding her online content, in 2023 Anna told Contrast Magazine that she uses several platforms to show different sides of herself, though her ‘spam’ accounts on TikTok and Snapchat are the ones which show her truest personality.


Besides gaining millions of followers, Anna Shumate has done a great job at using her popularity to make connections and gain sponsorships.

For one, in late 2020 Anna was signed under the management agency Top Talent, which eventually gained her a spot in the Los Angeles-based Top Talent House, where she got to create content with other influencers on the rise such as Eva Cudmore, Katie Pego, and Rachel Brockman. That content house was short-lived due to several accusations against its owners, eventually leaving Anna to join Not A Content House, which lasted until early 2021 when several members left due to scandals involving its management.

While being a part of content houses didn’t work out for Anna in the long run, her following massively increased during her time there. On top of that, Anna’s career has moved beyond creating content, as in 2023 she attended a New York Fashion Week show for a COACH, a brand with which she has been working for a while on social media.

Anna also has a philanthropic side, as she has been supporting organizations such as the Children’s Health Fund and the Trevor Project, the latter which has been close to her since her high school years.

Personal Life

Anna Shumate is part of the LGBTQ+ community and considers herself ‘queer’. As she revealed in an interview with Contrast Magazine in 2023, Anna isn’t interested in fully defining her sexual orientation and affirms that she’s ‘still learning about herself every day’ and that her sexuality is a ‘continuous journey’ of self-discovery.

With that being said, Anna has been romantically linked to fellow TikTok star Tommy Unold, with whom she kissed during a live stream in November 2021. Nonetheless, the pair didn’t confirm the nature of their relationship.

Later in 2023, Anna and TikToker Soph Mosca started dating.

Appearance & Net Worth

Anna Shumate is a Caucasian woman with blonde hair and green eyes. Often praised for her good looks, Anna doesn’t shy away from showing her toned physique and stylish clothing choices on Instagram and other social media. She’s 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, and though her current weight is unknown, her old soccer profile claims that she weighed 110lbs (49kgs) at 18 years old.

Anna has an estimated net worth of $500,000, resulting from her endeavors as a social media star and the sponsorships he has gained through it, though her fortune will surely increase a lot more in the future as she continues to gain more fans.

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