What is Ian Jeffrey Famous for? His Age, Height, Brother, Gay

Ian Jeffrey

The model and influencer Ian Jeffrey may have become famous thanks to his older brother – YouTuber and former makeup mogul James Charles – but he’s since forged a strong career for himself thanks to his innate skills.

Born on 17th December 2001, in Bethlehem, New York State, USA, Ian is currently signed to IMG Worldwide and has done campaigns for the likes of Alexander McQueen and Moschino. Not only that, but he’s displayed his talents in various catwalk shows, and graced the covers of GQ magazine and other important publications.

Ian is 6ft 2ins (189cm) tall and weighs 165lbs (75kgs).


Ian’s interest in fashion and photography has been evident for years; as far back as 2019, his artsy Instagram snaps were racking up hundreds of thousands of likes, and it didn’t take long for his unique style sense to evolve into Dusted Garments, a gender-neutral vintage clothing store.

As fans of James Charles will know, Ian featured in many of his brother’s videos back in 2018, such as “LITTLE BROTHER TRIES TO FOLLOW MY MAKEUP TUTORIAL” and “BROTHER & SISTER: GROWING UP TOGETHER”, which have accumulated a combined 42 million views at time of writing.

In fact, there was plenty of controversy regarding James and Ian’s videos at the time, as viewers pointed out that James would constantly embarrass Ian by referring to him as ‘sister’ despite Ian correcting him on camera and looking uncomfortable.

Although Ian and James are now estranged and haven’t spoken for years – which we’ll discuss later – they appeared to share a close bond back then, and even made a couple of podcast appearances together, which helped Ian become something of a YouTube sensation. Ian, however, was only using social media to earn enough money to pursue his real passion: a career in the fashion industry.

Ian always loved fashion growing up, as he would express his interests through his outfits. According to the model, his view on fashion changed when he watched designer Virgil Abloh’s first Louis Vuitton show in 2017 or 2018. ‘At that moment, I knew I wanted a taste,’ he told Numero mag.

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Throughout the years, his style has morphed from over-the-top brand logos and popular streetwear names, to vintage pieces and well-fitted essentials. One of many career highlights for Ian was the Gucci Love Parade, which he described as ‘an absolute dream come true’ thanks to the collection, cast, and familiar faces with whom he worked.

Before modelling, Ian was a keen basketball player, and he still likes to take routine trips to the gym and sauna to take care of himself. With such a fast-paced lifestyle, it’s little surprise that the fashion prodigy cherishes a good night’s rest and eats as healthily as possible.

Ian’s plans and goals for the future are ambitious but certainly achievable: firstly, he wants to expand his fanbase and continue to walk major shows, and he’s also looking to release his first cut and sew collection and lookbook via Dusted Garments. After years of hard work, the vintage store opened its first retail location in July 2023.

Personal Life

In late 2018, Ian began dating fellow social media sensation Loren Gray. Despite appearing to be a match made in heaven, the attractive couple broke up just months later on amiable terms. Prior to dating the singer, Ian was plagued by homosexuality rumors as netizens were convinced that he would be coming out of the closet soon; needless to say, the speculation ramped up tenfold when he and Loren announced their split.

Loren, who was the most-followed user on TikTok during its early days until Charli D’Amelio took her spot in March 2020, has said nothing but good things about Ian up until now, and previously reassured fans that she would always be there for the YouTuber as a friend. As for Ian, he has yet to make any public announcements regarding his sexual orientation, although many of his fans believe him to be gay or queer.


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The rising star isn’t afraid to push the envelope with his fashion choices and can often be seen wearing eyeliner, skirts, or chokers – which, of course, could also be a form of artistic expression. Perhaps the most telling sign is that since Loren, he has never been romantically linked to anyone else.

Back to the relationship between James and Ian, the disgraced beauty influencer was officially ‘cancelled’ in 2021 after being caught texting underage boys. The news made international headlines, and James went from being invited to the MET Gala to becoming something of a social pariah, as he admitted to engaging in inappropriate conversations with two 16-year-olds despite being in his early 20s.

James initially claimed that he had only texted one of the boys because he believed him to be 18 years old. As the story grew bigger and bigger, he uploaded a remorseful YouTube video in which heaccepted culpability for what he’d done, saying: ‘These conversations should have never happened.’

Despite promising to take a social media break and educate himself, it was too little, too late for James, after a string of scandals which include racism incidents and his infamous row with influencer Tati Westbrook, who explosively claimed in 2019 that James had been using his influence and money to manipulate people’s sexuality. (It’s important to note that James didn’t outright deny these allegations, which included him bragging that he wanted to turn straight men gay).

In 2023, James admitted that Ian hadn’t spoken to him since the underage sexting scandal. Although he didn’t go into much detail, he added: ‘With this situation, it was really scary because my coping mechanisms weren’t actually coping.’ Meanwhile, Cosmopolitan magazine reached out to Ian’s reps for comment, but received no answer.

There have also been disturbing allegations regarding Ian’s move back to New York City. In 2018, he briefly relocated to California, where James was living, but returned to the fashion capital months later. In the aftermath of the Tati Westbrook scandal, fellow makeup artist and influencer Jeffree Star described James as a ‘menace to society’, to which Ian came to his brother’s defense by Tweeting: ‘Why does everyone act so tough on the internet’.

Jeffree’s reply – ‘Why is your brother a predator?? Why’d you really move back to NYC? Exactly. Shut the f**k up’ – went viral despite being deleted shortly afterwards. Was Jeffree implying that James had acted inappropriately towards his own brother? At this point, we’ll never know.

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