What is Jack Doherty Doing for a Living? His Age, Net Worth

Jack Doherty is a well-known American social media personality, recognized for his daring stunts and pranks showcased primarily on his YouTube channel. In his pursuit of attracting more views and engagement, he consistently pushes the boundaries, so occasionally engaging in controversial actions. Such activities led to instances in which his neighbors felt compelled to involve the police, due to alleged disturbances caused by his actions. Despite these incidents, he has emerged as one of the most successful YouTubers, amassing a substantial following numbering in the millions.

Early Life and Family

Jack Colin Doherty was born on 8 October 2003, to parents Anna and Mark Doherty. His father is the owner of both a roofing company and a real estate company. Jack, along with his older brother Michael, was raised in a middle-class home in Long Island, New York. While some reports mention Jack’s older sister, Joanna, she values her privacy to such an extent that she’s never appeared on his social media pages. Despite this, Jack has featured Joanna’s daughter, Sophia, in some of his videos.

It was revealed that Jack has been diagnosed with chronic Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which played a significant role in his frequent school-related issues, as he often struggled to focus on tasks, and would interrupt his teachers during class.


Jack completed his high school education at North Shore High School in Glendale, New York. Although his parents initially encouraged him to pursue a college degree, Jack made the decision to focus on his burgeoning career as a social media influencer, especially after he earned a million dollars between 15 to 16 years old. As a result, he chose not to enroll in any university, and dedicated his efforts to furthering his career in content creation.

Rise in Social Media

Much like other teenagers, Jack needed permission from his parents to explore the realm of social media and when they gave it, Jack ventured into various platforms. At the age of 13, he’d become involved in the video-sharing site YouTube, establishing his own self-titled channel.

First Steps – from 100 to 100,000 subscribers

In July 2016, Jack took his first steps into the world of content creation by uploading his inaugural video, showcasing his successful row of marker flips. This initial upload quickly garnered over 100 subscribers, marking the promising start of his online journey. Jack’s subscriber count continued to grow rapidly, reaching 5,000 followers within six months, an achievement he celebrated with enthusiasm. During this period, the competitive landscape was less intense, and Jack’s ability to identify ideas with viral potential contributed to his rising popularity.

A year after his inaugural video, Jack received the coveted silver play button for surpassing 100,000 subscribers, and as his videos gained more views and likes, his following expanded further. At that juncture, his content primarily revolved around pranks, mStill, arker and bottle flipping, and social experiments that resonated with the dreams of many kids. Jack emphasized the importance of maintaining communication with his parents and seeking their permission before executing his next social media ideas.

Hitting the one million mark

On New Year’s Eve in 2018, Jack’s parents, along with his brother Michael and his Aunt, eagerly anticipated a significant milestone – the attainment of one million subscribers on Jack’s YouTube channel. Throughout the day, they closely watched an online counter reflecting his subscriber count, hoping to witness the achievement before the year’s end. While expressing hope for reaching the milestone on New Year’s, Jack was initially skeptical. His father remarked on his son’s usual confidence, noting that Jack appeared a bit nervous at that particular moment.

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The anticipation stemmed from Jack’s aspirations coming to fruition. In 2017, he’d hoped to accumulate around 10,000 subscribers and achieve a million views – not only were both wishes granted, but one of his videos even surpassed expectations, amassing 17 million views. Gratitude filled Jack’s family as they recognized the blessings bestowed upon him. Jack’s father acknowledged the significant effort his son had put into realizing his dreams, emphasizing the hard work that contributed to his success.

Bought a house in New York at the age of 15

What truly set Jack apart from other teen social media influencers was his remarkable achievement. Drawing on his father’s expertise in real estate, Jack accomplished the extraordinary feat of purchasing a house in Long Island, New York, at the age of 15. It left everyone in awe, given that such an acquisition typically proved challenging for individuals much older. His remarkable accomplishment unfolded in a relatively short period, requiring approximately two years.

During this time, the bulk of Jack’s earnings stemmed from his successful career as a YouTuber. In a notable guest appearance in one of Jake and Logan Paul’s live podcasts, the discussion turned to Jack’s income from the social media platform. When questioned about the specific amount, he opted not to disclose it outright. Instead, he engaged the audience by encouraging them to suggest an amount, pledging to confirm whether it was higher or lower. Much to the audience’s astonishment, when someone proposed $850,000, the 15-year-old influencer coyly responded with a simple admission: ‘a little higher than that.’

Jack’s Social Media Metrics by 2023

Following his high school graduation, Jack devoted himself entirely to building a career in social media. Recognizing the importance of consistency in establishing a substantial online presence, he meticulously curated his content. Here are his social media metrics as of December 2023:

YouTube Dominance

Jack ascended to YouTube stardom through his daring stunts and creative videos, solidifying his position as one of the youngest self-made multi-millionaires in the social media realm by December 2023. His channel amassed nearly 13 million subscribers, and garnered over four  billion views from the 1,500 videos he uploaded. Jack’s strategic vision for personal growth and inspiration led him to continuously evolve his content. He shifted to creating YouTube shorts instead of full-length videos, which proved advantageous as his audience demographic exhibited a preference for shorter content.

His most acclaimed video, entitled “I Flipped All Of These,” accumulated over 29 million views since January 2017. The compilation showcased Jack’s successful flips with various items, including markers, bottles, crayons, and batteries. Within his extensive library, 165 videos surpassed a million views, with 50 of them surpassing the two-million mark. Jack remains committed to his growth trajectory, aiming to inspire others to pursue their goals unhindered by obstacles.

TikTok Impact

While Jack is primarily recognized as a YouTuber, he’s also thrived on other social media platforms, notably TikTok. His distinctive content, coupled with a consistent stream of short videos, garnered him over nine million followers and a little over 250 million likes on the platform. Jack’s relentless effort in creating engaging videos has significantly contributed to his social media status as an influencer, ensuring his continued relevance as one of the most prominent online personalities over the years.

Instagram Influence

Jack is on the verge of reaching the one million milestone on Instagram, and with another 150,000 followers, he would join the exclusive club of social media stars boasting a million followers on all three popular platforms, including YouTube and TikTok. Beyond serving as a marketing platform for his merchandise, collaborations, and videos, Instagram provides an ideal space for Jack to offer a glimpse into his personal life. This platform is where he shares significant events from his upbringing, such as birthdays, graduations, holidays, and other family celebrations.

Aside from those three platforms, Jack also utilizes Kik, Telegram, Discord, and Snapchat. He has become internet-savvy, navigating through various online channels to maximize his earning potential.


After realizing how much money content creators make each month on the OnlyFans page, Jack also opened an account. People wondered why he would resort to creating content on the controversial platform since it was mostly known for sex-related content. When he was asked about it, he said that he’s not a porn star so he doesn’t do those things. Apparently, what he did was manage OnlyFans models and housed them in his own home where they create content for the platform. He provided a safe environment for these girls while filming, and uploaded the videos on his page.


As Jack’s social media presence expanded, controversies began to surround him. Some fans believed that he underwent significant changes as he transitioned into adulthood, altering his attitude toward content creation. Inspired by YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul, whom he admired, Jack started focusing on staying relevant through questionable and controversial methods.

Getting kicked out of popular shopping stores like Walmart and Target

In pursuit of more views on his social media accounts, Jack displayed disruptive behavior inside Walmart and Target. While these antics excited some fans, reflected in his consistent view counts, they also drew negative feedback, with many finding his actions rude and annoying. Despite being acknowledged as planned stunts and not for real, it still didn’t sit well with a lot of people – some argued that his controversial behavior intensified when he moved to Los Angeles.

Altercations with Other Social Media Personalities

Jack has been involved in several reported altercations with other social media stars. Some were planned events for online content, while others, like his beef with popular Fortnite streamer Ninja and YouTuber Fousey, were genuine.

In a video entitled “EXPOSING NINJA!” uploaded on 30 March 2018, Jack disclosed an interaction with Ninja. Jack donated $1000 to Ninja to troll him, which sparked a dispute. Ninja refunded the donations, leading to a fallout between the two. The beef gained traction online, resulting in dislikes for Jack and support for Ninja.

Another controversial altercation with a popular social media personality occurred during a livestream in August 2023. Jack was physically assaulted in his own home by YouTuber Fousey, whose real name is Yousef Saleh Erakat. Fousey was subsequently arrested, and later revealed to be mentally unhinged, receiving treatment at a mental institution. Criticism was directed at Jack for seemingly allowing the abuse to happen, potentially for the sake of views, even though security and the police intervened. Despite receiving negative comments on his behavior, it seemed inconsequential to Jack, particularly since the video featuring the drama with Fousey amassed over three million views.

Under FBI Investigation

Jack and his friend Zack hacked into online classes, disrupting a public school’s education system in Madison. In a video uploaded in April 2020, Jack was visited by two FBI agents, and later his father received a call from the police. Despite the issuance of an arrest warrant, Jack, still a minor, voluntarily surrendered to the police with his father. Critics were astonished that Jack, while somewhat scared, appeared more concerned about capturing the drama on camera. He continued vlogging each step of the way, documenting different stages of the Zoombombing case. Additionally, he faced criticism for asserting injustice, considering that their actions were relatively minor compared to other “Zoom Bombers” who went unpunished.

It appears that even with the legal implications resulting from his actions, Jack was undeterred. Some observers noted that emerging unscathed from the situation seemingly encouraged him to continue pushing boundaries without considering the potential harm he may have inflicted on others – directly or indirectly.

Trolled a neighbor, leading to a stint with Dr. Phil

Whether due to his content or mischievous personality, Jack stirred resentment among some neighbors, particularly one whom he consistently trolled. The conflict began when he and his friend rode their dirt bikes on private property near a church, prompting a police response. Despite the warning, Jack continued his antics, even trolling a woman who confronted him. This led to him riding his motorbike to her home and occasionally engaging in pranks like “ding dong ditch.”

The situation escalated when the woman discovered that she was the focal point of Jack’s “Karen videos.” Although he blurred her face, she insisted that Jack remove the videos, as she hadn’t given permission to be filmed. This conflict reached its peak when they appeared in an episode of the TV series “Dr. Phil.” However, Jack’s combative attitude led to his removal from the show, and he showed no remorse for his actions. Dr. Phil pointed out, ‘When you start targeting one person repeatedly, it shows me that you’re being a bully.’ Unfazed, Jack proudly declared that being kicked out didn’t bother him, asserting that he only participated for publicity.

The turmoil finally ceased when Jack moved out of the family home, distancing himself from the neighborhood and bringing an end to the contentious situation.

Evicted by his landlord

Jack relocated to Beverly Hills, accompanied by some of his most loyal friends. However, his penchant for filming people without their consent persisted, leading to conflicts with a neighboring husband and wife. Despite previous confrontations, Jack continued to record individuals, including the son of his landlord.

Confronted multiple times, Jack faced an ultimatum from his landlord—remove the videos or face eviction. Despite claiming to have completed his lease, which was why he decided to leave his rented place, the refusal to take down the videos undermined this assertion. As the videos still exist in his YouTube library, he was actually evicted from his temporary home.

Interesting facts about Jack Doherty

Investment decisions

As a minor amassing substantial income, Jack heeded his parents’ advice to invest wisely rather than indulge in impractical expenses. Recognizing the unpredictable nature of a social media career, Jack’s father recommended real estate investments. Despite forgoing a college degree, Jack proudly revealed that he’s invested in over 25 properties across various states, including apartment complexes, with values that have already doubled or tripled.

Jack’s dazzling watch collection

Jack boasts an impressive watch collection too, that would captivate any enthusiast. Among his timepieces is a bust-down Rolex, that is, a pre-owned model disassembled and adorned with diamonds, no longer worn as he feels it doesn’t align with his current personality. Additionally, Jack owns a Rolex GMT Master, known as the Batman Watch, a Rolex Bezel Diamond (one of his favorites), and a blue-faced Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. His watch acquisitions didn’t end there; at the age of 19, he treated himself to a Richard Mille watch, valued at $250,000.

Jack’s Garage Extravaganza

His garage houses an impressive array of supercars, including a Lamborghini, a Tesla, a McLaren valued at $205,000, and a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van valued at $130,000. He said that never in his wildest dreams would purchase these supercars in cash. However, he received a few tickets for the sound emitting from his McLaren, as the law prohibits too much unnecessary noise on the road.

Personal Life

Jack’s current romantic partner is McKinley Richardson, a fellow social media personality. Despite the affection, Jack faced trolling from skeptics who suggested McKinley might be with him solely for clout. Embracing controversy, Jack has both his current girlfriend and ex-girlfriend cohabiting with him. His former sweetheart, Samantha Frank, shares the living space, and their relationship remains amicable. They were childhood friends who decided to remain friends after the break-up. This unique living arrangement serves business purposes, considering Sam is also a social media influencer.


Jack maintains a physique weighing around 128lbs (58kgs) and stands 5ft 7ins (174cms) tall. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

Net Worth

As of December 2023, Jack Doherty’s financial standing is estimated at close to $4 million. This valuation is subject to fluctuations based on the market value of his extensive real estate properties, highlighting the dynamic nature of his net worth.

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