What is Jaidyn Alexis Famous for? Her Age, Height, Dating, Bio

Who is Jaidyn Alexis?

American social media star, YouTuber, singer and entrepreneur Jaidyn Alexis, was born under the zodiac sign Libra on 2 October 1998, in Los Angeles, California USA. She’s perhaps known best for her presence on the internet, including her YouTube channel “Jaydin Alexxis”, which she launched on 12 November 2021 and which is today subscribed to by close to 4,000 people; Jaidyn’s uploaded only three videos, and all of these together have amassed nearly 70,000 views. Most of her YouTube content features her spending time with her two children, answering some of her fans’ most frequently asked questions, and playing the game ‘truth or sip’.

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Jaidyn’s also known for being the girlfriend of famous American rapper Johnathan Jamall Porter, aka Blueface; he’s been active in the music industry since October 2018, and signed a contract with Cash Money West in the following month. Blueface’s most successful song “Thotiana” was released in 2019 and peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart; he’s released only one album, “Find the Beat” on 13 March 2020.

Education and early life

Jaidyn was raised in Los Angeles by her parents who want to be left out of media, thus not many details about them have been disclosed; it’s widely believed that Jaidyn’s mother’s a seamstress and her father a high school janitor, but this is yet to be confirmed by her. Because she’s yet to talk about having siblings, Jaidyn’s believed to be an only child.

She attended a local high school in Los Angeles, and was interested in several activities during her teenage years, as she took dance lessons, practiced singing and appeared in a couple of school plays; it was also while attending high school that Jaidyn met and began dating Blueface.

She matriculated in 2017, and then focused on raising her and Blueface’s children rather than to enroll at college.

Most viewed YouTube videos

Despite having posted only three videos onto her YouTube channel, Jaidyn’s still highly popular on the network, as various other users have uploaded videos of her; most of these are about her everyday life, whether she’s spending time with her children, travelling with Blueface or doing her make-up, while others are her original music videos. We’ll be writing about Jaidyn’s three most watched videos amongst these as they’ve contributed to her overall popularity.

Her #1 video “#Blueface Girl Chrisean Rock Used To Be a D1 Athlete” was posted by MadChill TV on 12 August 2022 and has since been watched over 11 million times, while it numbers nearly 800,000 likes; it features Blueface’s former girlfriend Chrisean competing in an athletic competition, with Jaidyn also being mentioned in the video.

Jaidyn’s second most viewed video “JaidynAlexis – Barbie [Official Music Video]” was posted by Blueface Bleedem on 2 October 2023, and has since been watched over 8.4 million times; it’s Jaidyn’s original song.

Her #3 video “Blueface Kicked His Baby Momma Out On Mother’s Day” was posted by Celebrity Quotes on 19 October 2021, and has since been watched over 4.2 million times, while it’s amassed nearly 150,000 likes; it features Blueface kicking Jaidyn out of his house.

Presence on social media networks

Jaidyn’s active on various social media networks, and these are today her main source of income.

Close to 800,000 people are following her on Instagram today, and she’s posted 23 pictures and videos; most of Jaidyn’s Instagram content features her showing off her attractive body, especially her large breasts, spending time with her children and travelling around the USA.

Jaidyn’s tweeted over 8,400 times since June 2012, and has amassed over 310,000 followers on Twitter; most of her content serves to promote her music.

She’s highly popular on TikTok as she’s today followed by close to 500,000 people on the network, while all her videos together number over 5.3 million likes; most feature her spending time with her children, lip syncing and singing.

Jaidyn’s also quite popular on Facebook and her page is today followed by close to 70,000 people; her most recent update was on 27 November 2023 and most of her content features her singing and travelling with Blueface.

Love life and relationships

Jaidyn’s more or less secretive when it comes to speaking about her love life and we know of no other men whom she’s been with besides Blueface.

She gave birth to their son Javaughn not long after she matriculated from a local high school, and their daughter Journey followed a year later; it’s known that Blueface also has a daughter with American rapper and TV personality Chrisean Eugenia Malone, having cheated on Jaidyn with her. Blueface has also cheated on Jaidyn with other women, but the two have still chosen to remain together.

Jaidyn’s in a relationship with Blueface as of November 2023, hasn’t married and has two children with  him

Interesting facts and hobbies

Jaidyn enjoys leading a lavish lifestyle as she can often be seen travelling together with Blueface in a private jet, staying at the most expensive hotels and wearing only designer clothes.

Some of her fans believe that she’s enhanced her breasts, but this is yet to be confirmed by Jaidyn.

She’s a fan of tattoos and has many – her right arm’s nearly entirely inked.

Jaidyn’s still today passionate about dancing, and often practices it as she has to dance in her music videos.

She works out at the gym several times every week, as she’s trying to lose the weight that she gained during her pregnancies.

Jaidyn refers to herself as ‘first lady of milf music’.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s one of Jaidyn’s favorite actresses, and a couple of her favorite films are “Menace II Society”, “Set It Off” and “A Low Down Dirty Shame”.

Age, height and net worth

Jaidyn’s age is 25. She’s 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, weighs around 140lbs (64kgs) and has brown hair and eyes.

Jaidyn’s net worth’s been estimated at over $100,000, as of November 2023, and her boyfriend Blueface’s at over $4 million.

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