What is Jane Widdop Doing for a Living? Her Age, Height, Spouse

Jane Widdop is a young American actor, who is probably best known for their involvement with the TV series’ “Yellowjackets” and “The Kicks.” They identify as non-binary and have put they/them pronouns on their Instagram account.

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Early life, family, education

Jane Widdop was born on 23 April 2002, in Tennessee, USA, which makes them 21 years old today. They spent most of their early childhood in Tennessee with their parents and brother Henry. Jane’s father, Bill Widdop, works as a veterinarian; their mother’s name is Cheyenne Gaither Widdop.

Growing up, Jane loved watching TV series and movies, and displayed a strong passion for acting. Jane’s passion was sparked by their brother, who was frequently involved in school plays. The two siblings attended the same high school, but there is no information about their college educations.

Around 2010, they began their first ventures into acting with various national commercials. Most notably, Jane worked with companies such as Sunny Delight, Toyota, Chik-fil-a, and Reynolds Wrap, and ultimately found themselves being featured in Hyundai and Ford commercials at a Super Bowl.


Jane’s career in acting started with their appearance in the Jessica Harp’s music video “A Woman Needs” in 2010, in which Jane plays the role of a child, who moves into a new house with their siblings. The following year, they featured in the mystery drama film “Sound of My Voice,” as Abby’s screen double. That same year, Jane also appeared with a minor character role in an episode of the TV series “2 Broke Girls.”

After a break of two years, Jane was featured in an episode of the TV series “Murder in the First,” in 2015, playing the role of Steffi McCormack. The crime drama series was created by Steven Bochco and Eric Lodal, and centers around a single murder case from start to finish.

In 2016, Jane had two significant roles with the TV series “The Kicks” and “Making Moves.” They appeared in six episodes of “The Kicks,” in which they played the character Lily Padgett. On the other hand, they were featured in five episodes of “Making Moves,” with the character Kit.

In 2020, Jane took the role of Angie Morgan in yet another crime movie “Angie: Lost Girls.” Directed by Julia Verdin, the movie centers around a young girl, Angela, who escapes a sex trafficking ring, but struggles to pull herself together from the trauma. Angela is forced to overcome her trauma and assist the local police department to arrest her kidnappers, who still hold some of her friends. Jane’s incredible performance in the film won them an award for Best Actress at the 2020 Moving Parts Film Festival.

However, Jane’s most significant performance is widely regarded to be her portrayal of Laura Lee in the horror mystery series “Yellowjackets,” which premiered in 2021. The series tells the story of a talented female high school soccer team who end up as the sole survivors of a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness. Jane’s stellar performance in the show propelled them into the spotlight, and brought many fans to their side. The series, created by Ashely Lyle and Bart Nickerson, became widely popular and critically acclaimed. The mysterious nature of the show has produced numerous fan theories, which demonstrated the passion of the viewers. The show won numerous awards, most notably including the Best Television Series award at the Women Film Critics Circle Awards (WFCC) in 2022, and the Best Horror Series award at the Critics Choice Super Awards in 2022. The show also received over 100 nominations for various achievements in the film industry.

Following Jane’s role in the “Yellowjackets,” they were cast for the role of Emily Mills, in the Apple TV crime drama “Truth Be Told,” which premiered in 2023. The show, created by Nichelle D. Tramble, follows a true crime podcaster,  Poppy Scoville-Parnell, portrayed by Octavia Spencer, as she attempts to figure out the truth behind the death of a family patriarch. Jane featured in three episodes of the show, but they nonetheless left a lasting impression on the fans of the show.

Jane’s most recent role was that of Winnie Carruthers in the crime drama movie “It’s a Wonderful Knife,” which premiered in October 2023. The movie is a spin on the 1946 Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” where instead of the main protagonist learning about their previous good deeds, they discover how many deaths they had prevented in their hometown called Angel Falls. The movie, directed by Tyler Macintyre, received mostly positive reviews, and even earned an award for “Best Film To Watch With A Crowd” at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

Social media presence

Jane Widdop has a very vibrant social media presence on Instagram, on which their account has over 30,000 followers and features over 500 posts. In their bio, Jane says they are an “actor, astrology nerd, plant parent, writer,” neatly summarizing her personality.

Jane’s posts mostly feature activities with their friends, ranging from days at the beach to candid selfies at bars and restaurants. On the other hand, Jane also posts photos related to their career, including photos from sets, and various promotional materials. More recently, Jane took part in the SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike and posted a photo from a protest. Jane captioned the post with the statement that actors and writers “DESERVE FAIR WAGES.”

Jane has also posted photos from her numerous travels, including places such as Canada, Paris, and Palestine.


Jane Widdop stands at a height of 5ft 6ins (1.67m) and weighs around 120lbs (55kgs). Jane has short blonde hair and light blue eyes, and has several tattoos on her body, including an astronaut on her right shoulder ,and a tiny pair of wings on the back of her neck. She hasn’t revealed what the tattoos represent and their significance.

Jane is frequently seen veering flower dresses on her Instagram profile, along with bikinis and similar beachwear. They are also a big fan of denim clothes, frequently wearing denim jackets, shorts, and trousers. They are also frequently seen in comfortable sweaters and branded music group T-shirts such as The Rolling Stones.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Jane Widdop’s net worth has been estimated at around $5 million. Their financial wealth is correlated to their numerous acting performances, as well as modelling contracts, and commercials.

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