What is Miya Houston Famous for? Her Age, Height, Husband, Bio

Miya Houston

The makeup artist and celebrity spouse Miya Houston (née Dickey) was born on 7th October 2000, and became a public figure thanks to her high-profile relationship with R&B singer-songwriter Marques Houston, who is now her husband and the father of her two children.

In a previous interview with Rolling Out magazine, Miya revealed that she grew up in San Bernardino, California, USA, and became a Jehovah’s Witness while living with her grandparents during her teenage years. Miya’s father wasn’t present, but she shares a close bond with her mother, who she once described as ‘my day one, my bestie, my venting buddy, my twin’.

Regarding Miya’s height and ethnicity, she’s 5ft 4ins (163cms) tall, and is of mixed-race with African roots.


At a Jehovah’s Witness convention in April 2018, Miya was introduced to Marques through his manager Chris Stokes, and Chris’s daughter Chrissy Morales. Despite the 19-year age difference between them – which would soon become a topic of controversy – Miya and Marques struck up an unlikely friendship as they bonded over their faith.

The day after Miya’s 18th birthday, she entered a romantic relationship with Marques. Although the A-lister and the makeup artist managed to keep their dealings private for a few months, when they became engaged in March 2019, netizens did some digging and discovered that Marques had met Miya when she was a minor.

As the concerns over their age gap turned into unpleasant grooming allegations, Marques defended his relationship with Miya, saying: ‘Miya and I didn’t start dating until she was an adult… Most importantly, we have Jehovah’s blessing.’

It took the couple just five months to become engaged, and they married in August 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only a small number of guests were present at the intimate ceremony, which took place in California. According to Marques, he ‘cried like a baby’ when he saw Miya walk down the aisle.

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The lovebirds kept their vows traditional, but added a special touch to the ceremony with a handshake that they had been practicing for months. At the reception, R&B singer Major performed Miya’s favorite song, “Why I Love You”, which was definitely the highlight of the couple’s big day.

In December 2021, Marques and Miya surprised the world upon announcing the birth of their first daughter, Zara Denise. Miya had chosen to keep her pregnancy journey private, but Marques was unable to remain silent for long after the birth, and described Zara as: ‘a blessing from Jehovah’, adding: ‘I love you Miya… to watch you carry our child was nothing short of a miracle!’.

The Houston family will be gaining a new addition over the next few months, as in September 2023 Marques and Miya shared that they’re expecting their second child. Miya revealed the good news with a beachside video in which her growing bump was clearly visible.


Due to her young age, it’s likely that Miya didn’t start working full-time until she began dating Marques. These days, however, she’s an established influencer with a wide fanbase – who’s also been a professional makeup artist since September 2022.

So far, Miya has lent her talents to the makeup departments of “Best Friend”, “The Stepmother”, and “The Stepmother 2”. She’s also done makeup for singer V. Bozeman, and actress and dancer Tanee McCall.

As mentioned, Miya met Chrissy Morales and Marques on the same day. Miya and Chrissy have since become inseparable, so much so that in May 2020 they launched a joint YouTube channel which has over 3,000 subscribers at time of writing. Their most-viewed uploads include snack reviews, vlogs, and Q&A sessions; however, the channel has been inactive since 2022.

Although a singing career isn’t on the cards for Miya anytime soon, she previously contributed vocals to a romantic duet with her husband, “Let It Go”, which featured on his “Me” album. On the same project, Marques included a song that he wrote when he began dating Miya, “Forever’s Not Long Enough”. The music video allowed viewers an intimate glimpse into the couple’s life, with footage from their wedding and engagement.

Marques Houston

Born on 4th August 1981, in Los Angeles, California, Marques Houston began acting at an early age, and soon branched out into other creative ventures such as a music career. At just 11 years old, he became a founding member of R&B group Immature, alongside Jerome Jones, Don Santos and manager Chris Stokes.

Immature changed its name to IMx in 1999 and pivoted towards acting with appearances in “Sister, Sister”, “A Different World”, and other shows. They also contributed music to the soundtracks of “House Party 3” and “House Party 4: Down to the Last Minute”. In 2003, however, Marques began pursuing a solo career with his debut album “MH”, which was followed by “Naked” in 2005. Other solo albums include “Veteran”, “Mr. Houston”, and “Famous”.

Although Marques is best-known for his music, he has also had a decades-long acting career with roles in “Good Burger”, “You Got Served”, and a number of popular shows and movies. In 2010, he began producing his own films, and is currently the CEO of film production company Footage Films. The singer’s former manager, Chris, is the chairman of the board, and directs most of the productions.

Abuse Allegations

It’s important to note that Chris – who also managed boy band B2K – has been accused of sexually abusing a number of underage musicians, with the alleged incidents dating back to the 1990s. In December 2007, his cousin and B2K member DeMario Thornton accused Chris of sexually assaulting him while managing the group. At the time, DeMario would’ve been just 11 years old.

Although Chris denied the accusations, singer Quindon Tarver – who was discovered by Chris in 1994 and signed to his TUG label – also alleged that he’d been sexually abused by his former manager from ages 12 to 16. Once again, Chris denied any wrongdoing, and claimed that DeMario and Quindon were looking for attention.

The story took a shocking turn, as Quindon also accused Marques of sexually abusing him in 1996 along with Chris. When Quindon began confiding in close friends about the alleged abuse, word got back to his management, and he was dropped from TUG in 1997. Similarly, DeMario accused Marques of raping him at the same house where Quindon allegedly suffered his first assault.

Over the years, DeMario has maintained his version of events. In 2010, he posted a series of alarming videos in which he called Chris and Marques pedophiles. Marques reacted by getting a restraining order against DeMario, and although this all took place over more than a decade ago, the sordid details went viral yet again when Marques and Miya were revealed to be in a relationship. Meanwhile, Quindon passed away in a car accident in April 2021.

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