What is Pupinia Stewart Doing now? What is her Real Name?

Born Emma Carey under the sign of Libra on 16 October 1998, in Northampton, UK, Pupinia Stewart is a 25-year-old Caucasian YouTuber and social media star. She is most famous around the planet thanks to the videos she’s posted on her main platform over the years, in which she ironically portrays a not-so-intelligent female, often with crude remarks and insensitive or downright delusional opinions. She has enjoyed some success since the start of her entertainment career in October 2012.

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Early life & education: A well-kept secret

Pupinia was raised apparently an only child, initially in her birthplace by her mother and father of unknown names and professions. The family moved to the US at some point in Stewart’s early teenage years, which is where she would eventually form her accent and innate understanding of US culture that ultimately brought her fame. Unlike the unabashedly unapologetic persona she came to represent online, Pupinia was quite shy at school, and often chose not to engage in group activities, owing to her general introversion that persisted until early adolescence.

She attended a local high school, matriculating in 2016. She was at that point already somewhat noticed on the internet, and it’s unclear whether she ever opted to pursue a college education.

Career: A misunderstood genius

Pupinia made her debut on YouTube by launching her personal channel on 10 October 2012. There’s little information available about her earliest content, as those videos have either been deleted or set to private at some point. It’s speculated that her initial uploads revolved around Roblox Let’s Play videos, given her former username as Robloxobbystar. In August 2014 she transitioned into creating satirical content on various random topics – a style that remains consistent with her present-day public persona.

During this period, she notably discussed PewDiePie and several other celebrities, including even David Bowie. To substantially boost her audience, Pupinia asserted herself as the girlfriend of YouTuber Dillon the Hacker, who was a much more prominent figure at the time, creating content with quite similar ‘troll-ish’ undertone. Many of the audience were against Dillon’s actions, and Pupinia seemingly wanted some of the heat as well, though found little success.

Pupinia continued producing her satirical content, yet didn’t gain widespread recognition until the release of the video entitled “England is Confusing.” Although it achieved virality through Facebook, YouTube reactions, and numerous re-uploads on the site, it didn’t garner significant attention on her own channel. It’s also noteworthy that the footage was uploaded on the channel called Our Third Life, launched on 15 May 2013 by Pupinia. However, this is a collaboration effort between Stewart and her Australian friend Schmitty Winkleson. The content featured there became even more outrageous as time went by, with videos such as “The Earth Is Flat” and “I Hate Minions So Much” being some of the channel’s most viewed. Even though Schmitty has appeared in the videos quite a few times, it’s Pupinia who did the bulk of the work for Our Third Life.

Various content creators ran into Pupinia’s uploads in one way or another during her early days, most failing to realize that she was being sarcastic. Their shock at the content had her face spread like wildfire throughout the web, drawing in exponentially more viewers as time went by, even with hundreds of reuploads taking the numbers away from the source channels. On 27 November 2015 Pupinia published a video on her personal channel entitled “All About My Incest.” Naturally, she wasn’t actually talking about incest; instead, she purposely misunderstood the word ‘incense,’ and presented various fragrances as her ‘favorite incest’ types. It remains her personal channel’s most successful upload, with over 1.5 million views.

Finally, she received full credit for the video that time, as viewers thankfully mass-recognized it as a deliberate act, gaining exposure on platforms such as r/videos, Daily Mail, and 9GAG, leading her platform to experience a substantial surge in subscribers. The channel Our Third Life was also growing then, especially thanks to the video entitled “I Hate Minions so Much,” uploaded on 22 June 2015, with nearly 18 million views by December 2023. A major contributor to this upload’s appeal was Pupinia’s highly believable acting performance, with what looks like real crying and veritable stress pouring out of her over the existence of yellow plushies.

Both of the channels continued strongly for the next two years, but Our Third Life ultimately uploaded its last video on 17 October 2017, with no explanation as to what may have occurred between Pupinia and her friend Schmitty. Stewart herself kept uploading on her own channel, regardless of these changes, focusing most of her content on controversial topics, such as supporting then-US president Donald Trump, discussing modern feminism, touching on mental illness, and much more. Her intentionally obtuse persona had by that point reached even UK’s Mirror, cementing the YouTuber in the minds of the worldwide audience.

So, what does she do now?

Although she was never quite consistent with her uploads, Stewart began posting even less throughout the latter years of the 2010’s, which ended with her thus-far last video on April Fool’s Day of 2020, entitled “Animal Crossing Is for Babies.” Following this period of sparse online activity, Pupinia deleted most of the social media accounts associated with her online persona, and ceased to be actively engaged in the public eye on the accounts she hadn’t deleted, including at least two Facebook and two X accounts.

It would be difficult to even assume what Pupinia might be up to in late 2023, since there isn’t a single reliable source of such information. To all intents and purposes, most of her fans believe that she’s busy pursuing a career that she academically prepared for. It doesn’t seem likely that she would return to her YouTube days anytime soon, but it isn’t impossible either.

The truth behind Pupinia Stewart

Pupinia’s defining characteristic as a creator is just how easy it is for the viewers to get the wrong idea about her, since pretty much all of her content is based on the thoughts of this Stewart character she portrays. The girl is meant to be comically but also shockingly unaware of how things work in real life, as well as uneducated and misinformed to the point where it’s taxing to even listen to her.

Stewart’s trolling tactics also involve targeting specific online communities or popular internet symbols to draw reactions. For instance, she has expressed disdain for symbols like Pepe the Frog, or intentionally mispronounced ‘meme’ to engage with and provoke reactions from particular online communities, such as 4chan. Such acts are designed as bait for those belonging to these groups, playing into their expectations and stereotypes.

Moreover, the satirical nature of her content often leads to confusion among viewers, with some failing to recognize the parody and others applauding her cleverness. This ambiguity is a key element of her trolling, as it generates a range of reactions, from admiration to ridicule, thus fueling further discussion and debate about her videos. Stewart’s ability to stir up fake emotions, such as tears, and deliver jokes in a casual manner yet with absolute seriousness further enhances the trolling aspect of her content. This approach showcases her skills as a performer, able to maintain the persona of an uninformed individual convincingly enough to lead some viewers to believe in the authenticity of her character.

The impact of Stewart’s trolling is evident in the traffic her videos had received, especially from platforms like Facebook, where her channel had been a popular subject in groups discussing ‘cringe-worthy’ topics. Her uploads had also been a frequent feature on various sub-reddits dedicated to cringe content, though many users there recognize the satirical nature of her channel. There are ultimately three schools of thought on the matter – those who actually believe everything she said, those who praise her as a comedic genius of trolling, and those who understand the sarcasm, but don’t find it particularly amusing regardless.


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Love life: Does she have a boyfriend?

As is the case with everyything else regarding Pupinia’s private life, her romantic involvements are and will remain a mystery. There have been several rumors throughout her heyday, though the most significant is one that she started herself, having claimed to be the girlfriend of notorious YouTuber Dillon the Hacker. It was obvious to most that she only wanted part of the notoriety as a way to jumpstart her entertainment career, and nothing ever came of the statement.

Some have also theorized that she could’ve been dating a certain Steven, who collaborated on Our Third Life with her and Schmitty, but neither of the three ever confirmed anything of the sort. As far as public knowledge goes, Stewart hasn’t dated anyone.

What is Pupinia Stewart’s net worth?

Some of the most credible sources have estimated Pupinia Stewart’s total accumulated wealth at close to $100,000. The YouTuber could’ve made much more with the momentum gained across media outlets, but she ultimately kept to her extremely irregular upload schedule regardless of fame. This choice earned her the respect of numerous fans, as they see her having done something for the sake of it, and not profit.

Body measurements: What is her height?

Pupinia is 5ft 4ins (163cms) tall, weighs around 120lbs (55kgs), with vital statistics of 35-25-40, bra size 34B and shoe size 5.5. She has dark brown eyes and hair, with a somewhat pale complexion and a build described as average.

Social media presence

Although fans don’t believe Pupinia will return to her profiles, it’s noteworthy that she still has over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, and another near-360,000 on Our Third Life. Her main Facebook page has more than 11,000 followers, and her main Instagram account almost 8,000. Stewart also has an untold number of alternate social media accounts, especially on X, but none of which surpass even 1,000 followers.

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